Chit Chat #46 'Abyss of Time'

by 19.10.20


The first Epica single 'Abyss of Time' is now officially released!!!!

I recorded my vocals for the new album in a different studio back in April. Due to Covid, Mark and I had to search for alternative options. He chose his clothing closet, because of the great acoustics and I found a studio close to my home. Joost was there on the iPad in my vocal booth to listen to the recordings and give directions.  It was the first time for me in my career that I went to work in the morning and came back home in the afternoon. 

If you want to see more you can have a look at our Studio Vlog

It is a wonderful feeling that everybody can listen to our new music. I have been humming the melodies for so long.  How do you like the song and the video that we recorded with Grupa 13?

For me, the album has gotten an even deeper meaning than it already has now that we are living in uncertain times. One thing is certain; the healing power of music. What would we be without music and art in general? 

Stay safe everybody!



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