Dyson Supersonic

by 13.2.21


What do you do when you are in another Lock Down and can't go to the hairdresser?
Yes, that is right! Be your own hairdresser! I love to get ready in the morning to start my day with fresh hair. What I don't like so much is blowdrying my hair. I am also an 'airdry' person. I am just too impatient, I dislike the feeling of wet hair. Blow drying my hair always took up so much time....

Since a couple of weeks, I have been testing the Dyson Supersonic Blowdryer. I posted a video review on my IGTV: Supersonic Simons

My whole hair routine has been fastforwarded. It is so much more fun to dry and style my hair with the various styling attachments. I can now explore the curly girl method (without airdrying). 
The diffuser attachment is so easy to work with. No more fumbling around trying the attach it to the hairdryer. The magnets work great, they are strong enough to hold the pieces into place, but at the same time it is easy to de-attach them and switch between different attachements.

The Supersonic is different to other hairdryers in many different ways. The digital motor is located in the handle. The gravity of the blowdryer is different. You will get used to that really fast.

The intelligent heat control takes care of your hair, you can dry your hair fast with no extreme heat
It is incredible how strong this hair dryer is. I joked in my video that you can blow away your boyfriend when he is annoying haha. It really is capable of doing that. 

It has 4 heat levels, 3 air flow settings and a cold shot button. The warmest heat setting is still nowhere as hot as generic blow dryers, which means less damage to your hair!

On top of all that, it is the most silent hair dryer that I ever used! Vincent loves it too, because it is so silent. When I am drying his hair, we can still talk to each other. Besides that he loves the beautiful high tech design. Of course, the eye wants something too, it is part of the whole experience.

How I use it

Dry my hair  The highest heat setting with the gentle air dry attachment (you can see it in the video) or the smoothing nozzle.

Wavy Hair The lowest heat setting with the diffuser attachment. I use a curl defining cream and gently crunch my hair from the ends to the root of my hair.

Salon Blowout The highest heat setting with the styling attachment and a round brush. It has a smaller opening compared to the the smoothing attachment, which makes the airflow much stronger and concentrated. I use a smoothing creme for this look to help me achieve 

Most of my hairdresser friends love the Supersonic as well. Now I can get similar results at home. 
It is different when you have to do your own hair, but I tell you that practice makes perfect and getting that perfect blow dry is addictive! 

I am ready for my next Blowout at 'Salon Simons'.
You can get your Supersonic here

Supersonic Simone wishes you all a great hair day! 

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