Chit Chat #51 Furry Friend

by 13.2.21

After losing two cats, I became very cautious about becoming too attached to a new furry friend. Loki was our neighbor's cat but he loved to visit us almost every day. It was the perfect solution for us. No strings attached, just casual visits from our feline friend.

No matter how hard I tried to not get too attached and reminded myself how painful it is to lose a furry friend, I became very attached to him. He became a part of our family. Vincent also grew very fond of him, especially during the pandemic. They played a lot together with the rope that you see in the photo, or Vincent's bathing robe tie haha. He also loved to go crazy with hair ties as well. 

Last week we found out that Loki was going to move away to a new house and it was at that very moment that when they took him away, that I ran into them. I was shocked and didn't really get to say goodbye or prepare for the fact that he was going to leave. Maybe it was for the better? Like ripping off a bandaid at the count of 2 instead of 3?

I love this picture that I took of him and I hope that he will be happy at his new place. 

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