Chit Chat #56 The Island Mainau

by 8.7.21

Tourist Simone strikes again! This time it is the beautiful island Mainau at the Bodensee.
It is no secret that my family and I LOVE the Bodensee (Lake of Constance). Whenever we have friends and family visiting, we take them to see the Bodensee. It is a given.
You will probably see many more Bodensee posts in the time to come. 

Our last trip was to the beautiful flower island, Mainau. The trip started of with a bit of a scare...
The first stop that we planned, was at the monastery Birnau. We were only there for about 5 minutes, until we found out that Oliver had a nasty tick bite.... So our next stop was to find a pharmacy for tick tweezers.... on a Sunday. Do you think we found one?

You guessed right, we were unsuccessful. Oli had to play doctor on himself. He brutally removed the little f*cker with his bare hands. If you have ever had a tick, or your pet, you know the hustle. I never had one so far... Knock on wood.

He probably got the tick during a family hike in the fields we had the day before, even though he was the only one that was properly dressed for a hike in the fields filled with ticks. 
Whenever you go out in the fields (high grass), always wear long trousers, closed shoes and socks. Make sure that you don't have any exposed skin. 
We live in a red zone, and have a much higher risk to get in contact with these little monsters.

After we took care of our hangriness, we proceeded to board a ship from Meersburg to the Mainau island. We were so lucky with the weather! So far it has been a weird summer. Whenever the sun shines, the days feel so carefree and light. Just like when we were children. The sun is magical.

About 10.000 steps later, it was time to board the ship again to return to the mainland. 
As I walked down the bridge and took out my tickets for our way back, one of the three tickets flew into the water..... I took a photo of it, so that I could show it to the captain and that I didn't make up the lamest excuse ever for not having a ticket. He must have heard that story many times before.... I was preparing myself to buy an extra ticket.

But then..... a lovely man in a kayak came right towards us. There were no other people in the water, with the exception of our ship and the man in the kayak. I tried to tell him that I dropped my ticket, and at first he didn't seem interested or couldn't understand what I was saying. 

He was coming right towards where my ticket was floating. He then took his paddle, picked up my ticket and handed it over to me. I was so grateful and astonished that our paths crossed just at the right time. That was like one in a million....

We arrived home around midnight and found out that Oli had another tick haha.... The tick circle was complete...

Do any of you have been bitten by a tick? 

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