Smells like Smoonstyle #14 Eau de Zwitsal

by 22.7.21

If you could bottle up the sweet scent of the tiny dimples in their cheeks, their chubby hands and feet: then you would get 'Eau de Zwitsal'. Zwitsal is a familiar baby brand in the Netherlands. All Dutchies will instantly know how this smells like. 

Zwitsal was founded in 1928 by a Dutch pharmacist student that took an internship at a Swiss pharmacy.
His first product was 'Zwitserse Balsam', that was mainly used for babies. After taking notice of that, he expended his line with baby powder, oil and more.

You could say that a lot of generations were bathed with products from Zwitsal, myself included. 
This scent represents my early childhood. Whenever I smell this perfume, it zaps me back to the time when I was a little child. 

When I was a teenager, I had a holiday job at the maternity ward in the hospital. The whole ward smelled like Zwitsal. It is a soft, soapy, powdery scent that I continued to use for myself as well, because I love the scent so much. Whenever I had to clean my makeup brushes, I would use Zwitsal Baby Shampoo. 

The excitement was real when I found out that there was a perfume from Zwitsal! A friend of mine gifted me the perfume. 

It is pure childhood in a bottle.

Do you know the brand Zwitsal?


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