Beautiful Artwork

by 26.12.10

When I checked my mail this morning, I saw this beautiful artwork that was send to me from Patrycja Szczerbaniewicz. I had to share it with you!

I love it when fans are creative and create Epica Artwork. This is a really nice Christmas present!

For those who want to use this image for further purposes, please send a mail to: Patrycja Szczerbaniewicz to ask for her permission.

Hope you like it!


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  1. Wow *0* This is epic.A really nice Christmas gift.

  2. I love the color and the hair, but you look a bit angry ;-) nice art!

  3. Es muy bueno. Patrycja hizo un gran trabajo :)

  4. Big, big WOW!!! I admire people who can do such piece of art!!!

  5. Very beautiful♥

  6. excellent picture, very beautiful!!
    I would love to give you something like that someday

    Greetings, Chile!!

  7. wowww!! so beautiful!!!

  8. Amazing! Really impresive! nice work!

  9. This is cool, and she also did your nose exactly as it is haha :P

  10. She's Polish, just like me :) Poland loves Simone & Epica! Great work.

  11. Hey, this is lovely drawing! Great job!

  12. Oh my goddess, have to find her at deviantART, I bet she's a pro at digital art ~ it's a masterpiece *-*

    The face couldn't deceive anyone, it's not perfect but it's also only you and no one else x)
    I only point my finger to the shape the hair takes, it could be more fluid and natural.

    Nevertheless, it's beauty*


    Do you still have it, Simone? I hope you do hehe :))
    Nice to see people creating art of Epica - they deserved it!

  14. SOOO Beatiful!!! ^_*
    is Amazing !´´!

  15. I love the sharp look in your eye.

    Very gorgeous!

  16. Great job!
    A big kiss from Italy.


  17. me encanta, es muy realista!!! Tiene mucho talento el que hizo este dibujo de Simone Simmons

  18. Anonymous5.1.11

    Greetings Simone.Me'd like you some wallpapers I made some time ago these are the links:
    Bye Simone, kisses ;)

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    So everything changes for us. Our whole vision on life is changing because we are what we think.

    Most of the music and lyrics of the album are composed by Mark and Simone, and represents the best, hard, most mature, versatile and epic album ever.
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  20. Dear Simone and everyone here,

    I hope your holiday was as great as the last Epica concert in Hungary :) I was there, 'cause my parents know that I'm in love with this band. So I got 3 CDs for Christmas ('The Divine Conspiracy', 'The Classical Conspiracy' and 'Design Your Universe'), and I have to take to the school a CD with me, it's like a homework. But I can't decide... which song should I show to my teacher? Unfortunately, it may not be too long :( Could you help me, please?

    By the way, this artwork is really nice. I also tried to draw Simone twice, but my drawings are quite frightening :D

    (Ehm, sorry for the mistakes, I hope you know what I meant...)

  21. ooohhh..I knew it!!!! Polish fans are the best on the whole WorlD!!! great, awesome, beautiful...but the "original" is definitely better :)