Glued To LA

by 9.12.10

Hi guys!

On the 6th of December, we arrived in LA. I was really looking forward to is, because I love the city and the weather. I was really excited that we had an offday in LA to relax a bit and explore.

Some of us rented a car to drive around LA to see the Hollywood hills, Santa Monica beach etc. I woke up too late to enjoy the nice weather. Even though the weather is like summer, it still gets dark around 17.00.

Here are some pictures of the LA day :)
A nice shopping mall with Christmas decoration. They had a Sephora.... Of course I had to go and take a look... :)
Me being part of the Christmas decoration
We ran into Spiderman!

Breakfast, at 5pm... I love a good omelette so we went to: I love it that you can get breakfast all day in the US! Thumbs up! Me loves eggs :)

I ordered a Veggie omelette and a low fat yoghurt smoothie, which was basically ice cream and full with thousands of calories. Besides that, it was so frozen that I couldn't drink it :) The omelette was good!

Here you have Micky and Minnie Mouse :)
I had a really nice time in LA. I guess you are wondering why I named my blog 'Glued to LA'. Well, during our show, I got stuck in a chewing gum which someone put there. Every step I took was funny, because I had to pull my leg all the time to get moving.

Luckily Willem had a tool to scrape it off so I could move freely on stage. I would have liked to stay a bit longer in LA to explore more of the city, but we will be back.


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  1. loved! someday I wanna go to LA too :)
    in LA city where dreams are made of!


  2. nice pictures greetings kisses ..

  3. Simone became an L.A. Woman! :)
    I love L.A. too! There's a certain magic in the air... who knows, maybe someday our paths will lead us to LA on the same time lol!

  4. Hi, Simone! (:
    Awww.. I LOVE Mickey and Minnie mouse!! <33
    It's a beautiful place.

    I loved this pics! And Marry X-Mas for you, sweety!

    kisses from a brazilian fan!!


  5. woo.. very nice pictures.. Mickey and Spider man lol

    Kisses and hugs from outher brazilian fan!!

    I love u Simone.. ur song, Consign To Oblivion my favorite cd.. musics talk about all what I feel.. Anyway.. I love u

  6. I love the pic with the chritsmas trees *__*
    I want to know your hair products?? pleaseeee!!
    take care

    Princess corner.-

  7. Thnx For Sharing Simone! Loved The Pics Specially The Mickey One, So Cute! so you didnt drink your smothie i bet you gave it to spiderman! omg he is a little chubby to be spiderman! lol xD

    California girls We're undeniable Fine, fresh, fierce We got it on lock West coast represent Now put your hands up Oooooh Oh Oooooh(8)

    have a nice day Simone! ^^

  8. wow!! nice pictures!! nice blog, and a very nice adventure in LA!! btw, loved the bubble gum part lol!! it's kinda curious when it happens...
    have a nice day/night California Girl!! LOL!!

  9. Nice pictures Simone- as usual :) I laughed at the chewing gum and you story :D I hate them on shoes- every other move is so sticky and sometimes you don't even know you got one and then at home you have a present which is hardly to be removed from shoe :-/

    Greetings from Slovak Republic!!! M

  10. Chewing's good untill someone wants to make "jokes" with it.I personaly hate this kind of "jokes". x)
    Anyways,nice photos :) In the one with Spiderman you look so sweet ^^

  11. Lucky spiderman and Micky mouse :)

    It seems like all the bad/weird/funny things happens to you, but I guess it's a part of what makes touring so special and fun!

  12. Ownnnn
    Mickey Mouse *-----------------*

    Love you, Simone :)

  13. Simons in the darkness world!

  14. Brrr, it's kinda gross when people leave their old chewinggums on the floor.

    You are so pretty in the photos =)
    I really like how you combine colours.
    What is your blusher called? I'm looking for one like that, not too pink and not too brown.


  15. What an interesting building! Unfortunately, I'm not sure if the Egyptian(?) style matched the Christmas decor. ;)

  16. Great show in L.A. Thanks for taking the time to take a picture with me in front of the key club. Hope you guys come back soon!

  17. Gum on the stage?! That's pretty gross.

    I like how everywhere you go, you seem to find the best food!

  18. Glued to Epica... you're so tender Simone!
    I'm amazed you like eggs :O wow ... Love you!

  19. Simone i want you be part of my christmas decoration!

  20. Ahhhh! Mel's dinner is so good! The curly fries are insane!! And apple pie. mmmmmm...Next time you come to LA, you should try this place called "Swingers"...yeah, that sounds odd. They have a "stuffed grilled cheese" with guacamole or avocado. Sounds amazing.

    So good to see you guys a few days ago at the Key Club! Simply amazing. And you're so classy. :)

  21. Simone, you and I have similar tastes. I LOVE the vintage bag! I'm jealous. That particular style and time period are my favorite. I've been looking for a bag like that for a long time! What a great find. Suits you perfectly, too. Have fun.

  22. glad u enjoyed Souythern California, wish i could have gone to see Epica on the 7th =/ Don't be long in returning d(^-^)b

  23. As usual; you can't exist without your funny accidents! :P Is there a vid for it?

  24. my best friend and i made a pact of going to L.A together someday is the city of our dreams :)