I Do...... Like Cupcakes

by 17.12.10

Hi guys,

Do you remember the cupcake picture from New York? It looks like I was enjoying it, but the first photo that was taken looks like this:

Red Velvet is not my thing as you might see.

A couple of days ago, I picked up some cupcakes from the Walmart bakery and they were delicious! Be warned, you will walk around with a smurf tongue for the rest of the day after eating these!

Second warning; you can't eat more than three, otherwise you'll walk around feeling like you have a stone in your stomach. Nevertheless, I think they are great!

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  1. sweet? fattening hot dog is good! You are perfect. love u

  2. Hahaha, I loved your face on this pic!
    Looks like a little kid that doesn't want to eat! xD

  3. hahaha!
    I love your photo in NY
    And I Love the Cupcakes too!
    It's so Delicius!
    (seems not everywhere xD)

    Gretings from Chile


  4. What about good old chocolate on a cupcake? Better safe than sorry! Although, I too enjoy your face in the picture, you should have uploaded the smurf tongued too! XD Hello from snowy (believe it or not1 ) Greece. Say hello to the guys....

  5. Hard to believe that those cupcakes can make you feel like you have a stone in your stomach.They looks delicious.
    But...be safe than sorry.Stomach problems...are not good.(I know that any kind of health problems are not good)x)

    Greetings from the snowy Romania.

  6. If Wal-Mart knew they could have you as an "endorser" - you could get paid lots of money (probably paid in cupcakes as well) ;)

  7. Never tasted something like that, but it seems not so delicious. I just don't like butter cakes :) Greetings from Bulgaria!

  8. Haha vind je dat lekker? Mijn tanden doen al zeer als ik er naar kijk xD. Vooral die blauwe somehow :P.

  9. I ate some of those Walmart Cupcakes just the other day. They are good, but the are very sweet. As for red velvet, I personally think that the best red velvet cake is made in the South - even if New York does have a long tradition of making it.

  10. Funny face expression XD

    I bake cupcakes all the time, it's my expertise, I'll bring you some the next time you'll come to Israel :P

  11. really funny guy does some simone kkkkkkkkk I love it, a question, Simone comes to Brazil? kisses.

  12. Own *_*
    So cute, Sisi !! S2s2

  13. Dear Simons, directly from Brazil come to praise your blog full of content and very glamorous for their beauty as natural. Thousand kisses Janna making of makeup


  14. oh..cupcakes are very delicious...in this picture you're funny like the cupcake is not so good..kkk.. you're so beautiful.. kiss and success!!!

    God bless you!

  15. ou Si you always put me in a good mood (=

    Love xx

  16. I am fan of cupcakes :) yesterday with my friends bought a big box ejejejeje

    take care

    Princess corner.-

  17. haha i loved the first picture......
    the cupcake looks good.... but it wasn't right????

    but the others..... they look soooooo delicious..... even if then i have stomach problems.... i woukd eat a lot of them.....!!

    greetings from Chile!!!!!
    with love..... Ana

  18. Too much icing on those cupcakes for me!

    As for red velvet, I love it! There's a place here where you can get red velvet frozen yogurt. Very tasty, but I guess you wouldn't like it. =P

  19. Anonymous17.12.10

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  20. Is this ... food... for human beings ?_?

  21. funny face!! jajajajja
    do not eat much sweet, has many calories! XD
    cute as always, Simone!!

    Greetings from Chile

  22. ... ohgod. WalMart cupcakes, you poor thing.

    There's a bakery near me that specializes in cupcakes and desserts called Oh La La. They have one flavor in summer that they call a cherry margarita. It tastes a bit like a margarita, and has a sour cherry filling. They add just a bit of salt to really spike the sweet flavor.

    It's so delicious.

    During fall and winter, they do holiday flavors like eggnog, apple spice or pumpkin.

  23. What beatiful are you Simone, i had in my mind all you do in the concert en buenos aires when i meet you. You hipnotize me all concert, i can't stop looking you, your beauty, your talent, your voice, thanks you for singing in a metal band, my favorite band!! :)

    Kisses, god luck, be happy and live forever!!!! I Love you Simone!!!

  24. yum althought they look like they might stain your teeth thats happened to me before but it was totally worth it :)