Grilling Away

by 4.8.11

Hello to all the blog babies,

This summer has had beautiful and more autumn-like days.

Today however, was a lovely day were all of us needed a little more deodorant than usual. In case you are wondering; my deodorant is a deo roller from Dusch Das in the scent; Golden Cashmere. It does the job pretty well.

One of my favorite smells of summer is definitely BBQ. I never eat a lot of meat, but I eat a lot of the side dishes. My favorite is garlic yoghurt with baguette. Can survive on that alone. Unfortunately, my job would be in danger if I would reek of garlic all the time.

For the last two BBQ parties I've added:

  • Tangerines
  • Cucumber
  • Paprika
  • Sylter salad dressing

The usual tomato mozzarella basil with black pepper

Meet Captain Schwarzkopf. He is the cat of our neighbors, but also a friend of ours. He pays daily visits to our house.

When Oliver and I first took a look at our new home, he came and welcomed us. Felt a bit like a scene out of 'Coraline'. We are very happy that due to our profession we can still enjoy having an animal around every once in a while. I love animals, but can't really take care of them because we are on the road half of the year. This is the perfect solution.

Garlic Kisses,
Ps. Due to privacy reasons I changed his name :) Cat's preferences ;)

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  1. Looks delicious! :)

  2. so sweet and beautiful as ever!
    very anxious hope the new album! :)
    I love you!♥

  3. Simone or the salad?

  4. I hear the new album! I'll love it!

  5. I wonder why you are so beautiful? :)

  6. Ahh.. it's a beautiful cat.. I adore them.. :D
    I miss days like those... Here is too cloudy and cold.. we're in the middle of the winter :( And everything is so gray... I hate it
    Hugs and kisses from Chile :D
    bye bye

  7. The salads look delicious! *yumyum*

    I'm also using the Golden Cashmere deodorant, it's really great!

  8. Anonymous4.8.11

    I am all over the tomatoes, but the salad looks fantastic!

  9. Nooooo! that cat is like my Simon Valentino

  10. Anonymous4.8.11

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. He is so beautiful! And the way he's laying next to you, he seems to be very fond of you! Two cuties together! Congrats for the new life and the new neighbour! =^;^=

  12. Right now I'm hungry.I can't see these pics, becouse I started to drool haha.

    wow the weather is so fresh there .The weather here in Mexico is a bit humid and sunny, you're right, this cute cat reminds me of coraline, he looks very at ease and happy with you=)

    Well thanks 4 the Garlic kisses lol

  13. I loved the 'garlic kisses'!!

  14. Goede avond Simone!

    Mozzarella mit Tomato ..ah so yammmi! ^^
    You had great and lovely day with the Cat and food.

    I have a question. You show us a great part of Youre life, but I think is missing something. Shoes! :)
    Can You show us some boots?

    Many Kisses for You Simone ;*

  15. Looks delicious, if you dont like to eat meat so much I suggest you to grill Halloumi cheese, its delicious when grilled or fried on a pan, Ive eaten it this whole summer with fruity salads, so yummy and healthy.

  16. awww cute cat, i also like them, but i´m more dog person... the salad its like capresse salad, i love that :D hey from where is your dress?? looks nice.

  17. Indeed it's the caprese salad :)
    In Italy we usually eat it in the summer time. Also, the Caprese Pizza, it's totally delicious. You have to try ;)
    Or you could try big tomatoes filled with rice ^^
    By the way, I love love love your hair colour!

  18. Hier een heel fijne deo-tip! Heb die vorig jaar ontdekt, en ik stink werkelijk NOOIT meer, zelfs gisteren niet na een hele dag rondrennen in een pretpark met 27 graden! Gewoon 's ochtends ff opdoen, en goed voor de hele dag!

  19. That Tangerine and cucumber salad looks AMAZING!!! Any chance of know whats in the dressing?

  20. That looks delicious!
    Being a vegetarian makes BBQ quite interesting for me - usually I have to bring my own vegetarian food to grill. But there´s nothing better than a vegetarian grilled burger consisting of cheese, salad, tomatoes, pepper and a tiny bit of chili sauce :)
    It´s great to see you enjoying your summer!

    And I love the cat - but be careful not to open doors with brick walls behind them.

  21. Such a beautiful big cat! I asbsolutely ADORE kitties. :)
    The food looks yummy and your blouse/dress is cute.

  22. Does the cat have long hair? I've always wanted one like that >.<!

    Gezz, I should start eating that kind of salad... I dont usually do 'cause i'm not a fan of vegetables but that one has a nice look :)_

  23. Anonymous6.8.11

    I love this and love you!! Du bist very awesome and schön!!! :))

  24. Anonymous6.8.11

    We'll meet on Murcia next week!