Summer Blues

by 7.8.11

Hi Ho,

Oliver and me had to do some shopping for the house yesterday.

I was walking around in an old H&M dress, but didn't want to change in to something else. That's why I decided to add some things instead:

  • Jacket and dress are from H&M
  • Necklace from Bijoux Brigitte
  • Nailpolish Espirit 101 Lavendar
  • Eyes; MAC Gold Mode pigment
  • MAC Stereo Rose on the cheeks
  • Lips MAC Freckletone
  • Sunglasses Ray Ban
  • Hand bag: Essentuals Casual

My hand bag is so old, it even has some chewing gum in it, but I won't throw it away. It holds my purse, phones, keys, make up and keys. It has the perfect size for a day of shopping. No shoulder or neck pain in the evening.

I wish you all a lovely Sunday filled with Sundays :) (ice cream)


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  1. You are always beautiful... but it's cold here in Brazil, I can't eat ice cream :(

  2. Oh gosh ! U is very very very beatiful Sisi ! I love u so much ! Really ! :D This is a nice blog :)

  3. Hi, Simone.
    On your site "" there was a problem with the images.
    Tell it to your webmaster. This should be corrected.

    PS: Thanks for what you do.
    P.P.S.: You're great! :-)

  4. The blue looks good on you ^^ I love the accesories from Bijoux brigitte

  5. Hi, Simone I loved your pix, and the Hand bag too. Its so cute.
    So take a look in my blog, I hope you like my purses.

  6. I loved the necklace !

  7. You seem to have a similar taste in hand bags as I do, simple and leather. The dress is gorgeous.

  8. Bella :) cute look for a lazy sunday

  9. u look perfect with that convinación. I love your hand bag is very practical and cute , gives you a retro touch is perfect (:

    Awesome pics ñ___ñ

    Ps. I love ice scream yummmi , I can't live without it lol

    Een mooie dag verder Simonita ^^

  10. no no no! It's amazing how beautiful you are!

  11. Like your accessories :)

  12. Hello my dear *u* , you look awesome with your blue dress from MAC , and your hand bag with the gum XD , it´s a detail :) . I hope to enjoy your summer , here in south america is winter! , and it´s very cold , so enjoy some ice cream for me n.n

    Kisses from Chile! ♥

    Bye~bye *3*

  13. Very Beautiful Simone =) I loved the way that you used these complements.
    I have a Question for you.
    Wich camera are you using?
    I don't know if it's the same than mine. Anyway, I loved your camera bag, that's why I asked =).


  14. Hallo Simone!
    You look goddness like always ;)
    Do You have blond hair?
    Anyway You still look awesome and amazing ^^
    keep going!

    -to Luu Cruz:
    Simone wrote it down wich camera She using. It's a Nikon D300S and a compact Canon Powershot S95.

  15. Hiya Simone!

    You look purely amazing!

    I saw you first time at Tuska Open Air and it was the best moment in my life <3

    Epica had a signing session at half past seven in the evening, huh? Before the show I made a little gift to you but I had no time to meet you there and give it to you :'(

    Do you have any fan mail address for autograph requests etc?

    Kiss from Finland :)

  16. Love your handbag! Its color fits your hair color pretty well! Vintage like:) Love the whole post, it's so summer relaxing.
    Oh, btw the dress is amazing! I'm in love with the color.
    If you have some time, check out my blog posts.
    P.S. Enjoy your time with Oliver, and have happy and sunny holidays:D
    Hugs and Kisses

  17. Somebody in your family must have had beautiful eyes:)

  18. Love the Jacket and bag combo! Simply gorgeous

  19. Oh, i love the dress. : )

    Sucks that its not available any more..

    : )


  20. Simple and beautiful! loved baby!