Son of a Tooth Brush

by 23.8.11

Hi Blog babes,

Oliver and me have reached Orlando safely on the 21st of August. We decided to go a to the US a couple of days before the tour, so we could go to Universal Studios.

For our first flight we had to be at the airport at 8 am. That meant almost no sleep, because the night before the flight your mind is processing what you need to take with you and what you think you might forget. I normally never sleep well on a plane, but since I have one of these CLOUDZ neck pillows, I sleep like a baby.

Many hours later we arrived in Orlando. We were waiting for the shuttle to come pick us up and were trying not to pass out in the heat. It's around 32 degrees Celsius over here and very humid. It feels like you're hitting a wall when you get out of air conditioned buildings. For me it feels like your walking from the fridge to the oven, like a deep frozen pizza to a ready to eat pizza.

All the hotels you could possibly think of had regular shuttles, except for ours. Turned out that you had to make a call to get a shuttle. Luckily there was a very nice English gentlemen that borrowed me his phone.

I was so ready for a shower, teethe cleaning session and a bed. At home I use an electric tooth brush, but I left it there since I can't really charge it here and it's quite heavy. Oliver got me a tooth brush from the hotel and that's where the horror began.

At the end of my cleaning session with a horrible weak tooth brush, I felt an awful pain in my throat. I thought I hurt a nerve by my too enthusiastic cleaning habits. Every time I moved my tongue side ways or forward, I felt an agonizing pain. It was a pain I never felt before and was very worried. I looked for minutes in my mouth to find something. If I poked myself, I should be bleeding, but there was no blood.

I decided to go to bed with a throat pastille and was hoping for waking up the next morning pain free. Little did I know that I was up for another night of no sleep.

On the next morning I took my Nokia, turned on the flash and gave myself an appointment with 'Throat-Nose- and Ear' Doctor Simons. After some poking around I saw that in the side of my 'back throat' there was a tooth brush hair stuck in there. That son of a cheap hotel tooth brush was poking me all night long.

When I tried to get it out, it jumped in my throat. It's not a pleasant feeling knowing that you have plastic in your body, but I was relieved that it was no longer hurting me. What a relief it was to get it out!

I am hereby sentencing this tooth brush to Dental Prison for life!

Kisses from a soar mouth,

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  1. oh poor Simone! Hotel stuff is always like that. It happened to me with a soap which gave me an allergic reaction when I was in Germany last year. OMG, i was really frightened. My skin became red/purple and I had to go out all the 3 days later. Aaaaah!

  2. Oui, c'est la vie!

  3. Anonymous23.8.11

    Tell Oliver not to take anything else from hotels :P search for a tooth brush in a shop nearby, they're cheap but not painful XD

  4. That's terrible! You should complain! The toothbrush is not fit for purpose :-(

  5. Aww! Although you travel for work, traveling should be fun and pleasant, instead you're feeling pain and unpleasant heat!
    But a 32 degrees temperature is quite normal to me, to tell you the truth. hehe
    Wish you have a nice trip from now on. :)

  6. i'm very sorry for you, please take care (and i hope that you could come soon to Mexico again) greetings

  7. Sounds so annoying and painful >< it could hurt your throat and voice even more, and these are your most important tools...

    As someone said earlier, you can buy a cheap and better toothbrush in a shop nearby.

    Have a great time with Oliver on stage and off stage!

  8. You can also buy a rechargeable toothbrush from Oral-B with small charger because you have never suffered from that it charge also at lower voltage just takes a little longer hope that the trip's fun is finally here enjoy the parks

  9. aww poor Simonsita , I hope you're better, I imagine it was hell being in that situation (:
    Thanks for sharing your anecdote with us is really nice .. Have a good time in Orlando kisses :)

  10. ps : I agree with you , 32 degrees is the hell . I would die haha ... (:

  11. always something going on with your teeth or something ... be because you are so perfect and nothing else! I hope you keep well, a kiss from Uruguay! I love you! ♥

  12. always something going on with your teeth or something ... be because you are so perfect and nothing else! I hope you keep well, a kiss from Uruguay! I love you!

  13. I love reading your crazy stories! You keep well my queen of metal! :)

  14. I love reading your crazy stories! You keep well my queen of metal! :)

  15. I love reading your crazy stories! You keep well my queen of metal♥! :)

  16. OMG! That is awful! Let's hope that is the worst of your vacation. Have fun and stay safe! :)

  17. Oh, no! Your poor throat! I hope that you're feeling better soon! I also hope that it cools down in Houston before the tour makes it here. It's been 37C and up for weeks with no rain. Eek.

    Keep safe! I hope you enjoy your mini-holiday before the tour starts!

  18. It has happened to me more than one time xD
    I can tell, it is not very funny...

  19. You who are up there, which made ​​the comment unnecessary, really think so, because it says here? If you think this blog is not Simone Simons, then, should not read and comment.

    If you think is fake, it's your problem.

    Do not waste your time being nasty... Especially in a place where fans are.Respect Simone Simons.The wonder women and great artist that she is.Respect her fans.Respect yourself and have the good sense not to comment since we do not believe what you read.

    As a fan I felt affected by the comment.

  20. Well, as regards tooth troubles, I can absolutely comprehend you. u.u
    Kisses :*

  21. Anonymous24.8.11

    We are only humans, our physicality is pleasant but sometimes very frustrating , similar stories happen to ordinary people every day, to V.I.P.'s , like you are, as well .
    People think that a life of music stars is only successes, they don't know how hard work it is.

  22. You're an excellent writer! Fantastic way with words, especially considering English isn't your first language.

    Have fun in Orlando =)

  23. I am so sorry to hear about that :( but luckily you had those intruders out for good. Hope you have a great time in Orlando, I spent two weeks there, from Aug 2 to Aug 17 and it was wonderful (hot and humid, but wonderful).

    Have a great time!

  24. epica :

  25. What a day huh ...
    I am very happy that everything went well at the end!
    I am also very strict about cleaning my teeth, but there was never anything like this, but one day to brush your teeth hurt hurts the roof of the mouth and it hurt very, very ... oh!
    What simone choke, oh and then you are well and that's good!
    Do not worry ok!
    Kisses and even more beautiful!