Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter - Loved Up -

by 17.3.14

First there was Clinique that launched the Chubby Sticks. Soon all the other brands followed.

There are tints, lipsticks, lip butters, lip balms, every lip product in chubby stick shapes, you name it. My first Astor Lipbutter was 005 Pretty Poppy, a lovely orange coral. For some reason it emphasized the dry patches on my lips and I always needed to give my lips a good scrubbing before using it. Lazy as I am, it ended up in my drawer. 

Limited editions always get to me. The second lip butter was 020 Flirt Natural, a my lips but better color. The texture was better than Pretty Poppy and I was positively surprised. 

Soon my eyes wandered to the other colors in their normal range and before I knew it, Loved Up ended in my basket and I did not regret it. It is a soft nude with pinky undertones and a nice metallic sheen that won't make you look like Miss Doubtfire. 

They are moisturizing, comfortable and super glossy. Exactly what they write on the packaging.
The shape is like a lipstick, so the application is really easy. Only little downside is that the description wears off super fast. They could also just be in a lipstick packaging, but the hype is what catches the eyes and makes you buy them. ;)

The price is around €5 which is great! 

Do any of you own any lip butters, and what are your favorite brands? 

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  1. I have this butter in Burnt Rose (cold shade of pink with a little bit of silver shimmer) - and I love it! Moisturising and color in one lipstick (well, butterstick?). Good solution, if you have lips, like mine - always dry and fragile.

  2. Hi Simone!
    Yaay, 2 posts on the same day :) thank you!
    I do not have any lip butter, only lipsticks and lip gloss, mostly from Couleur Caramel, it's an organic french brand.
    As always, you're beautiful. Will you post some tutorials from the looks you made for The Quantum Enigma photoshoot/videos?
    I've listened to the essence of silence, and watch the 2-parts documentary, i love it, can't wait to get the CD and listen to it 24/7! Hope to see you on stage soon.
    I go to the Hellfest festival in France this summer, i'd have loved to see Epica there....
    Hope I didn't make too much mistakes, if so, forgive me.

  3. I'm obsessed with "my lips but better" colors. It's just so practical but still fun to use, who could say "no" to them!?
    It surely suits you a lot, looks very delicate but the sheen of it catches the eye indeed :)
    I'd love to see the packaging of it too!

  4. Beautiful color, Simone. Suits you very well.

    I also like the Astor Lipbutters, I own Pretty Poppy and Hug Me. I would love to try the NYX ones but have not decided yet what color I should choose :)

  5. The Revlon's Lip Stain Just Bitten Kissable (what a long name) come in a chubby stick form and are great! Longlasting and moisturizing, great color selection, have you tried them Simone? I also love the ones from an organic brand called 100% Pure since I can be really sensitive to normal lip products, those are also long lasting and really good for my lips, sadly, the are not many colors to choose from.

  6. Hermosa Simone :)

  7. I love all of Burt's Bees lip products, the balms and the lip butters with a hint of color - which is actually a lot of color in some shades. I'm also a bit lazy, so I do prefer products that leave my lips feeling and looking smooth without having to scrub them before. :}