Clean and Simple

by 29.3.14

After all those colorful make up looks for the Epica video and promo tour, I was up for a natural look that is created within 5 minutes and makes me think that I've slept more than just 5 hours.

I have been rocking this look all week with Burts Bees Rose tinted lip balm. Today I wanted a more peachy lip and searched through my collection.

The Look
  • Foundation - Manhattan's Endless Stay Make Up in Porcelain. This is my favorite foundation at the moment, it stays on all day, has a medium to full coverage and is super affordable. 
  • Concealer - Estee Lauder Double Wear Camouflage (foundation and concealer in one, I just use it as an concealer) This is amazing! 
  • Blush - Illamaqua 'Lover'
  • Lips - MAC Dressmaker Dressmaker (LE)
  • Mascara - Maybelline 'the Rocket'
  • Eyebrows - Catrice 010 (discontinued)

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  1. My nephew is 19 days old, so I know what you're going through sleeping just a few hours per night. When I sleep here at my sister's I get to experience this too. I'm taking care of my skin more than ever and it is paying off.
    Hope that you, Vinnie and Oliver are doing fine.

  2. Nice choice! You look gorgeous! :)

  3. I will practice the makeup as I give birth to a second child, and something I think I will not sleep much ;)

  4. Hello Simone,
    very beautiful, like always
    Love <3

  5. I know this post is for girls , about make up and stuff... but forgive me, I can not to not comment how wonderfull you look... is almost impossible to perfect the perfection... but you did... I have a word for feeling that we have when we look to you: instalove! (instantaneous love :) ) I know love is complex but we can summarize this by this word, for sure. Keep giving us this insta love, for many many years, forever.
    Oh your new lyric video shows your maturity, I love and I understood, the how difficult is to quiet the mind in meditation, or calm the urge to move and go astray in yoga. A masterpiece, thanks, amazing!! Love from Brazil (Porto Alegre), Carlos. \m/.

  6. You are very beautiful!
    Kisses from Brazil! ♥

  7. You look like an Elf with this hair ♥

  8. This kind of natural make up really suits you, it really emphasizes your facial features and you look cute ^^. Have you attended make up classes or something? Your looks are awesome. Wish I could learn by my self to create different looks, I always end up making a mess; I guess I need more practising haha.

  9. This is a certainly clean and wearable everyday look, I simply love these fresh and natural looks! your skin seems to be radiating from within.
    But I'd really love to see detailed posts about your make-up looks for the new video after it'll be released, maybe with some tutorials and products list. From what I've seen in your instagram account, all of the looks you created are awesome!!

  10. Anonymous31.3.14

    ialways will think that a simple make up is much better that a lot of make up, a simple make up show how we really are, there's nothing to hide.
    you look beautiful, and please don't took attencion form some disrespectful people, you are a great artist and just a person like we are.

    love you.

  11. stunning as always

  12. I really like your natural look :)