by 9.3.14

Long time no see!

Things have been so crazy lately. Epica is in full promo mode and little Vinnie is taking up all of my time. I can't believe he is already 5 months old. At this moment he has 6 teeth and loves to bite me. Even though I repeatedly tell him that mommy is no food, he disagrees.

The Quantum Enigma release is coming closer. Today we rehearsed some acoustic tracks and tomorrow Mark and I will fly to London for two days of promo. Really love London and hope that I can also do some shopping and eat my Ginger Chicken Udon at Wagamama.

Are there any beauty must haves that I have to get while being in London? I already have my list. Curious about the Charlotte Tillbury line. Let's see if I even have time to quickly sneak out.

Beauty posts are coming your way. Maybe you'd like to see a UK haul?

Picture by Tim Tronckoe, edited by Mama Simons :)

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  1. Anonymous9.3.14

    You look amazing Simone!!

  2. If you are happy, I'm happy. <3 Beautiful pic! *-*

  3. You look beautiful! :) Time goes so fast, Vinnie has almost 6 months. Wow! ;) I'm so excited about The Quantum Enigma. Have fun in London!

  4. So happy that you've posted something today and to read that more are coming. You are soooo pretty :)
    Sorry but can t help you with your London shopping list as I am from France. But a Uk haul is a good idea !
    Enjoy your time in London, hope you Will have beautiful weather !

  5. Hi Simon! It's always good to see new posts on blog. I admire the work of Tim Tronckoe, beautiful photo as always. Also, I have to congrats the band! The photos of The Quantum Enigma are amazing, great job!
    And I can't waiting to see on the blog new posts about the album and London. I had enjoying very much the last posts about UK on this blog and I hope that this year have more about this incredible city.
    Have good travel and have more patience with Vinnie HAHA I know that is hard when a baby bites you every time but this phase is such beutiful and past so fast, enjoying it as much you can.

    Kisses from Brazil!

  6. I was really missing a new post! We understand your lack of time. I would like to know what lipstick you used this photoshoot. He is a gorgeous red matte?! Have fun promoting The Quantum Enigma! I'm delighted with the documentary so far.

  7. UK haul would be much appreciated! TQE sounds very promising from what I've heard in the documentary.
    I hope you and Mark have a nice time ib London, and Wagamama is in my "to visit" list now.

  8. I'm bear and I love Simone :)

  9. Hi Simone!
    I am so excited with the new cd! Yesterday I saw the second part of the documentary and has made me more anxious! It is sublime! I hope to see you soon with the band in Buenos Aires!
    Well I leave my side of fan desperate, and continued with my fashion blogger side x)
    Every day you are more beautiful! :) that exciting to travel to London, it is one of my places favorite in the world. The fashion is incredible, and would give anything to enter the study of McQueen or Gareth Pugh ♥ I want to see that haul! Sorry for my English, I definitely have to practice it!


  10. How????????How can your baby with 5 months have a 6 teeths?????? I'm impressed....here in Brazil the babies are this amount of teeths close of the one year old :D
    I'm so happy and excited with the new album of Epica, I love you so much, and I hope the band come soon to Brazil!!


  11. You made my day with this post :D have a lot of fun in London , the picture is awesome you should do more photography ^_~ specially with the little vinni I'm so curios , I really want to see him well maybe one day , so have a nice week Mama Simons <3 :D Love Miriam Denisse ^^

  12. Anonymous10.3.14

    So happy to see a new blog post! Have fun in London - yes, I would love to see a haul!


  13. Tanya Burr just released her new lip gloss and nail polish line. It's sold at Feel Unique, Superdrug, Cloud 10 Beauty & Pom. Have fun! :)


  14. I want the new epica cd, have a nice travel and you look beautiful
    love the new layout and icons, looks more blog jeje.
    I want to go to UK T_T, anyway i want a uk haul

    xo Ruzu

  15. I can't wait to be able to listen "The Quantum Enigma".
    You're stunning!

  16. Hi Simone,
    I'm really enjoying the documentaries you and the boys are putting up. It looks as though it was a fairly large production what with the mini orchestra and choir etc :-) I can't wait to hear the result!
    The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is a good one. I'm already on my second tube and will have to purchase a third very soon. Also, L'Oreal's LumiMagique Primer was another great buy. No shimmer at all, just pure glow :-)

  17. I know I might be just one of the millions of fans to look at this blog, personally because of pure curiosity... I just didn't want to be one of that millions just passing by, leaving no trace on this wall of graffiti. So, here's my sigh, offering a dose of professional admiration and throwing with a smile that me and my buddies are trying to cover some music of yours. Never so shiny as the original though:) Anyways, you're cool, people. Breathe on.