Chit Chat #5 Smoon Slime

by 28.5.15

Long time no Chit Chat. It's about time! It will be a slimy one.

Today I had all to myself. The boys went to have a little holiday with the family and I stayed behind because of the upcoming Epica shows that would overlap. I would loved to have joined, but I was also in desperate need of a full day of rest because the last couple of months my health hasn't been at it's best. Cold after cold after cold and then the flu. I lost count of the amount of tissue boxes that I slaughtered. Aspirin Complex was my best friend. Never been ill this often in my life!

One of the worst things about being ill is that I can't smell and taste food. As you all know, I love to cook, I still did whilst being sick, but I could only taste so little of it. I made extra green smoothies because I didn't taste any. Poopy diapers I was spared, at least one good thing.  No one likes to be sick, but foodies like me are extra sad. Enough with the complaining!

Epica will finally return to North America. We will tour with Eluveitie and The Agonist during September and October. Super stoked about it! 

Today I recreated a gorgeous celebrity look that I have been eyeing for a while. The post to the look will be up next week! Can you guess the celebrity?

Gotta pack my bags for the shows this upcoming weekend and finish the day with a nice movie. Any suggestions what I can watch on Netflix? Oliver and me are currently watching 'Penny Dreadful'. I have to restrain myself from continuing watching without Oliver. Totally hooked! I can totally recommend it to you. Check it out!

Today I made my first batch of caramel. Thanks to Dulce Delight, who is one of my favs on YouTube. It was a delicious mess that was a lot of fun! Will 'work it off' during the upcoming Epica shows. You know I like me some sweets. 


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