ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette

by 22.5.15

From all the Zoeva palettes that I own, the Cocoa Blend is my absolute favorite. Such a beauty! A pretty box of chocolate eyeshadows. The packaging is really elegant very much down my chocolate addiction lane. I only know one girl in my circle that doesn't like chocolate because she is allergic to it. Besides her, who doesn't love chocolate? 

All the colors are velvety smooth, they very from metallic to matt. All except for one have great pigmentation. Have a closer look at the swatches and the three looks I've created. The third was on my friend Caroline: Make Up for Darker Skin Tones. There you can see that this eyeshadow palette is a great match for all skin tones. I did have to deepen her crease with a darker eyeshadow. On her eyes I've used Warm Notes, Subtle Blend and Pure Ganache.

Bitter Start - Sweeter End - Warm Notes - Subtle Blend - Beans are White
Full Ganache - Substitute for Love - Freshly Toasted - Infusion - Delicate Acidity

My first look consists out of Pure Ganache on the Lid and Substitute for Love in the crease and a bit of Sweeter End on the center of the lid. It is a super easy golden look that goes very well with blue eyes. Lips are MUA nr. 11.

For the second look I've used Bitter Start as a base, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted and Beans are white as a smoked out liner. Lips are Givenchy Rouge Interdit 14 Fruity Orange.

Bitter Start - Sweeter End - Warm Notes - Subtle Blend - Beans are White
Full Ganache - Substitute for Love - Freshly Toasted - Infusion - Delicate Acidity

The sweet PR team from Zoeva always adds a special touch. Can you guess how long this lasted? I am the chocolate monster!

The ZOEVA Cocoa Blend Palette will be available from the 1st of June and you can get it at Zoeva Shop for €17,50.


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  1. Jessie Line22.5.15

    chocolate 💜 i'm really addicted to chocolate (and epica :) ) and i really love this colors :-)
    fits you really good :-)

  2. Céline Waucheul22.5.15

    Hi Simone !
    I don't like chocolate, because I don't like sugar. Almost all chocolates are candied... So I eat only dark chocolate !
    However, colors of eyeshadows are amazing ! =)

  3. Nimedhel22.5.15


  4. Татьяна Осмоловская22.5.15

    Simona, very beautiful)!

  5. I'm in love with Zoeva products. It is a brand that always attracts me.From products to packaging it is always beautiful!

    I hope you can answer a question :) I was wondering if you liked the two shirts from my brand WE ARE INFINITE, that I gave you on your last visit to Argentina in March (These designs were inspired by you). In the bag there was also a notebook and a letter.


  6. I'm in love with Zoeva products. It is a brand that always attracts me.From products to packaging it is always beautiful!

    I hope you can answer a question :) I was wondering if you liked the two shirts from my brand WE ARE INFINITE, that I gave you on your last visit to Argentina in March (These designs were inspired by you). In the bag there was also a notebook and a letter.


  7. Ana Dobrota24.5.15

    Love your Blog-Colour-Scheme change :))

  8. Nefeli Greece24.5.15

    I love the eyeshadows! They look great on you!

  9. Julia Stopczyk28.5.15

    Being sick is horrible thing. :( I hope you're feeling better now! Love the look, can't wait too see new post!
    Have fun on upcoming gigs, especially in Poland! :D

  10. Fabiana Tabone28.5.15

    Penny Dreadful is great!!!

  11. Greta Biedermann28.5.15

    May you feel better and get your senses of taste and smell back! Summer is never a fun time to be sick in any case.

    Netflix- there are a couple really good BBC adaptations of classic British novels. I really liked North and South, Daniel Deronda, and The Paradise.

    I'm terribly excited for your North American tour! It's been too long since I've seen you all, and I've been hoping to see Eluveitie for years!

    Best xxoo

  12. marie.28.5.15

    Monie, you can recreate a Lana del Rey look? I love her style. You look gorgeous, stay healthy girl! <3

  13. Marina Bellacicco28.5.15

    Penny Dreadful is AMAZING! Finally someone who appreciates it :D
    Can't wait to see you in Milan again :D

  14. Chris Redfield28.5.15

    Beautiful <3
    Get well soon ... regards from Chile.

  15. Svetlana Lovcovs28.5.15

    You should watch the returned. AMAZING!

    Lovely make up,! Stay healthy <3

  16. Lisanne Herder28.5.15

    Lieve Simone.

    Watch orphan Black. Je gaat dat fantastisch vinden.

  17. Elie Mouawad28.5.15

    I watch Penny Dreadful also. If I have to recommend something on netflix it would be "Daredevil" 9.2/10 rating, or House of Cards (Althought that's 3 seasons now)

  18. The Killing is a really good show!

  19. James28.5.15

    Penny Dreadful is great atmospheric storytelling.
    Just saw Inglorious Bastards on netflix streaming. Great performances wrapped around Tarantino's very in your face (caustic, shocking) direction/screenplay. Requires a specific mood to watch though. May have to get clean afterwards.

    Hope Epica makes it to San Francisco this tour (unlike the last one cancelled by the other band one). We'll bring you some Napa wines to the meetNGreet.

  20. Claudia InWonderland28.5.15

    It's so nice to hear from you :)
    I heard about Penny Dreadful, but I didn't know exactly what it was about. I checked and it seems cool, I will watch the pilot as soon as I'm done with the other thousand tv shows.

    Shameless (US) it's great, also Fargo and True Detective or anything british like Downton Abbey (my obsession), Dr Who and Sherlock. Usually when I don't know what to watch I end whatching one of my favourite sitcom-either Friends or How I met Your Mother-.

    Take care <3

  21. Kathleen Godoy28.5.15

    This make up remembers me a lot one that Lana Del Rey used many times at the Born To Die tour, I'm right? Very exciting to see the post about this \o/

  22. Ivo Costeira28.5.15

    Another Penny Dreadful fan :3
    You should try Orange is the New Black, it's awesome. If you like drama and comedy, you should definitely watch it.

    About your heath a multivitamin and mineral supplement might help boosting your immune system :).

    One more thing, I loved to see you and the band in Oporto, Portugal last November. It was an astonishing show :D.

    Take care ^^

  23. Beterschap Simone!
    Penny Dreadful ken ik niet, maar het lijkt mij interessant.

  24. Lo Specchio di Galadriel28.5.15

    What about '' Midnight In Paris '' ? Do you know it? It's such a magic and poetic movie! Oh, and weird, but hey, it's by Woody Allen :D

  25. Beatriz Angelim29.5.15

    Nice to have news from you! I also had the day to myself (won a contest so I could be spoiled in a party by Weleda, one of my all time favorite organic cosmetic brand) here in Strasbourg! :) I have a tip for you, for better health: warm lemon water! Works wonders, I guarantee! You need to squeeze half lemon in a cup of warm water, and drink it first thing in the morning. Choose organic lemon, if you can! I'm sure you will stop being sick so often and it will give you a nice health boost! I hope you have an amazing trip and upcoming tour! Bisous

  26. Daniela V.29.5.15

    Hi Simone,

    Penny Dreadful is great. But, have you ever watched Vikings? It's absolutely amazing!

    Well, being sick really sucks, I know how you feel because I have been sick lately. Since last year my health is bad. It's horrible. So take care of yourself ;) .

    As a Tim Burton fan I definitely would recommend some of his movies, but I know you also enjoy his movies. A nice movie is Dracula Untold. It's really god. You should watch.


  27. Naomi Rigley29.5.15

    A great TV show to check out - if you haven't already - is The 100. Incredibly hooked on it and looking forward to season 3 when it airs later this year :)

  28. notyourbusiness29.5.15

    YES!!! I'm so happy you're finally coming back to North America in the fall! I've been waiting to see Epica live for a fourth time. So excited! Glad you're feeling better too, being sick sucks!

  29. Katrena Fratric29.5.15

    Yay I'm so excites to see you in Toronto!! I bought my ticket and I'm ready! Also bought a new Epica shirt! I'm just so excited to finally see you guys and hopefully meet you!! 🙌💜

  30. Michelle Henriquez29.5.15

    Any hints as to which celebrity look you recreated?

  31. Michelle Henriquez29.5.15

    Also really stoked that you are touring with The Agonist! Two of my favourite bands together ahhh, now I want to go to America. Also, I hope you get well soon and stay healthy. I'm pretty sure your immune system is updated for now.

  32. Monica Winter29.5.15

    You look like Jennifer Lawrence to me, but I could be wrong. Who is it?

  33. Eric Pacheco29.5.15

    The Imitation Game!

  34. Oriana29.5.15

    I really loved Penny Dreadful and I'm looking forward to the new series!
    I counsel you to also see The Knick ..I think you might like it :)

  35. Geovanna Morales29.5.15

    México again! Series that im hooked with are Orange is the New Black, Hannibal, House of Cards! You look beautiful!!

  36. Elisa Elena Carollo29.5.15

    I hope you feel better now! I've been ill twice in the last two months (and it usually happens very seldom to me), so I can understand your feeling. My best wishes for the upcoming Epica shows! You guys will be great as ever, I know :)

  37. Ola Meffray29.5.15

    Try Gotham, Spartacus or The Borgias. All of them brilliant. :)

  38. Татьяна Осмоловская29.5.15

    Hi Simona) Penny Dreadful is great serial.I hope that you will return to Yekaterinburg with the new program. Very much here we wait for you again, To a meeting, goodbye))

  39. bianca29.5.15

    you should watch "the blacklist",i love it :)

  40. Georgia A30.5.15

    Try to eat things that boost your immune system. I make pomegranate juice and it has helped me a lot. Make sure you get enough sleep , because that is an important factor and organise your diet. Fe, I eat vegetarian dishes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Meat on Tuesdays and Thursdays, fish on Saturday, pasta on a Sunday. This way I make sure I get what I need without overdoing it. Try putting a little garlic in your food. Not garlic powder, the real one. Garlic is great and , when used properly, it just gives a little flavour without smelling. Garlic is so great to the immune system. Everyone in my family went down with the flu this year, except for me. yey!

  41. Pedro Fernandes1.6.15

    Gotham and Daredevil. Daredevil is on Netflix. Great shows.

  42. Eva Sêco1.6.15

    I'm stuck with "Salem" now that I have to wait for "once upon a time".... And when I'm down I have to thank the easy laughs of " 2 broke girls ".... but I never ever forget about "Monty Python"! Obsession!

    Now... I've been like you this sspring... Colds after colds..
    But I have rheumatoid arthritis so my immune system is always down... But you don't test much, this year has been a roller coaster of shows for you and that affects your immune system too...

    I suggest a lot of ginger and pineapple!

    Ginger with honey and lemon tea is great for colds...

    I wish you all the best for you and your family and the boys! Kiss

  43. Eva Sêco1.6.15

    I thought the same....

  44. Michelle Baumer3.6.15

    Hi Simone! hats du vielleicht ein paar Pfelegtipps oder Lieblingsprodukte für langes, trockenes und strapaziertes Haar im Sommer? Da es jetzt wieder wärmer wird, brauche ich unbedingt etwas für meine Haare ^^
    Liebe Grüße aus Freiburg <3

  45. Joseph Rogers9.6.15

    I don't watch Netflix but if they have CSI Cyber you can't go wrong there. Cyber crimes are becoming, if not already the most common crimes in the world. And that show has me hooked! But I don't know if you like crime investigation shows or not. But it's the best suggestion I can give since it about the only thing I watch on TV nowadays.

    As for health, I know how you feel because I have had colds off and on for about a year now. Not to mention my kidney problems a few years ago and my disability because of Bipolar Disorder. All this at age 21, makes it hard but I still get on with life. Party every once in awhile having a few drinks now and then but I tell you my constant mood swings drive me up the wall! Lol

  46. Joseph Rogers9.6.15

    Holy crap do I ever ramble on. Anyway just wanted to add that I hope your health very soon and hope you have a great day, Simone.

  47. Sigrid25.6.15

    Try House of Cards!

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