Cabo Coral - Bobbi Brown

by 5.4.17

My favorite blush color would be anything in the warm, peachy coral family. It compliments my blue eyes, hair color, and fits my warm-toned complexion.

The way I have been applying blush for a long time is that I first put on a creme blush and top it off with a powder blush. It will not budge and stays on all day. Blush is a makeup product that fades the quickest.

My collection of creme blushes consist of all sorts of brands. Stila, Kryolan, Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, and some that I have forgotten (that is a sign I need to de-clutter). My favorite so far, is an ancient Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge.

Bobbi Brown has released the best coral peach, peachy coral, you get the gist. It is called, Cabo Coral. Unfortunately discontinued, damn it! This has traveled the world with me for many years. I actually hit pan, but melted it down so that it would be easier for me to get the product out. It definitely looks gross, but it still works like a charm. It has been loved hard.

So on the hunt I went to find a back up (found one!) and also possible dupes. I've found a close dupe that is luckily not limited edition (in this case, just the packaging). It is Rich Coral, a creme color base from MAC. It is slightly less peach and more coral, but swatched on my arm, they look identical.

Bobbi Brown renewed her Pot Rouge packaging and now has less product... She has one color that is in the same color family as Cabo Coral. Fresh Melon is a lighter, more subdued version of Cabo Coral. Great for the really pale ladies out there. For me a tad bit too light.

Another thing that I wanted to tell you, and was actually the reason for this post, is a website called Glambot, where you can buy and sell used makeup. I love Cabo Coral so much that I didn't care to buy a used one.

It really is a great website to find those hidden treasures. The make up is still in great condition. I could tell that my blush was maybe only swatched and then melted a bit so you wouldn't see the finger print. If you are on the hunt for a rare beauty item, try surfing on Glambot. You might get lucky like me.

Left one looks 'vintage'
Left: Fresh Melon by Bobbi Brown
Lower: Cabo Coral, Upper: Fresh Melon
Lower: Cabo Coral, Upper: Rich Coral

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  1. I hate limited edition chocolate bar:p
    And I think that make up looks so natural an fresh. Love it.

  2. Hi Smoon!
    I don't comment too often on your blog but I follow you on instagram and fb :)
    Just to comment I love natural looks since I dont do make up very often
    Love from Mexico city and waiting for the show in may :)

  3. My blush just fade away so fast i think im gonna start using the creamy ones.