Golden Hour Osaka Part 1

by 26.4.17

Japan has been a country that we've all been waiting for a long time to travel to. After 15 years, we finally managed to set up an exciting mini tour of three shows: Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo. We added Taiwan and also another new country, South Korea.

Our travel schedule and my jet lag didn't allow a lot sightseeing. The only day off that we had was the day after our arrival in Osaka. Arien, Isaac, Coen, and our tour manager went out for a walk in the city and enjoyed the sights of Osaka. The photographer's heart in me was overjoyed that it happened to be during the golden hour, perfect for taking pictures! In the evening, we went to a lovely sushi restaurant where we had some of the best sushi ever.

Here is Part I, enjoy!

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  1. Ganz tolle Bilder/Eindrücke ❤️ Ich bin begeistert und ein bisschen verzaubert 🌈Love it! 💋

  2. Anonymous26.4.17

    I love Japan. Thanks for the beautiful pics.

  3. Anonymous27.4.17

    Amazing country!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!!! Have a great time there!!

  4. I hope that you could take pictures here on Honduras ������

  5. So cool Simone, Japan seems to be so interesting to know, lovely pictures!
    I'd also love to see pictures from you of my beautiful Colombia, thanks for sharing your experiences.