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by 24.11.19

Time to talk about Men's Health - Movember

The Movember foundation was founded in 2003. What started as an idea to grow a moustache during the month November with 30 moustaches turned into 5 million moustaches and so much more.
I can't grow a moustache, although I really did try;) What I can do is tell you about this great cause and by doing so, I hope to be able to contribute to raise awareness about men's health worldwide.

November is the month when the Movember Foundation is raising awareness about men's health. There are many different ways how you can join the community and get the conversation started on men's health.

The biggest health issues men deal with are: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide. Men are dying too young and I think that it is time to break the stigma around mental illness.
Why is there a stigma? Why do men always need to be strong and masculine? Men and women are build from the same flesh and blood and can experience the same wide range of emotions.

Guys are meant to be strong and not show too much emotion. Men don't cry.
That is all bullshit if you ask me.

The majority of men don't talk about how they feel, because they fear of being judged and being perceived as weak.
Let me tell you, if you seek help, you are anything but weak! You are incredibly strong and courageous for opening up.

Women that suffer from depression are more likely to ask for help. Depression amongst men unfortunately often ends in suicide. That is why the numbers of depression amongst men are not accurate, because they don't seek help and start therapy.

We need to ask and tell each other more often how we are feeling. Don't just assume that everything is ok. Ask again how someone is feeling and offer support. It can mean the world to them.
Some people are really good at putting on a mask, so that they can hide the fact that they are going through a rough patch or even having suicidal thoughts.
Reach out and help each other. Listen to what the other has to say. You might save someones or your own life by doing this.

So what can we do to support Movember? You can visit their website and donate if you can, spread awareness and open your eyes to your friends and family around you.

On top of that, L'Oréal Menexpert is donating €1 per sold Beard Oil to the Movember Foundation.


xo Simone

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