Chit Chat #34 '(C)opacabana Part II'

by 14.11.19

One of my favourite cocktails is the Brazilian caipirinha. Unfortunately, I didn't get to drink one due to being ill. Mark and I both got food poisoning after the show in Sao Paulo, so no partying for us.

We felt so bad on the day of the show in Rio, that we weren't sure if we could even do the show.
When we arrived in Rio, we went straight to bed to rest until we had the VIP sessions. Such bad timing, finally at the beautiful Copacabana, and then having to lie sick in bed. The awesome audience in Rio really gave me the energy that I needed to do the show.

The morning after our show we felt much better. After a small breakfast, Laurali and I went to the beach with Isaac, who kindly agreed to take some pictures as well and here they are.
It was not so easy taking photos without having any other people in the shot. My favourite is the one where the grandpa is photobombing me.

For next time I should practice how to jump even higher, like Isaac. He's a pro at jumping high. But then again he is not wearing a dress and can do a different pose hahah!

My dress is from H&M (couple years old). Sunglasses from Calvin Klein.

Mark just after a nice swim in the sea.
Photobombed by a tanned grandpa ;) 
Isaac's pro tip how to get the shot: you first run towards the camera and then jump. I know now for next time

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