Velvet Morning - Lisa Eldridge

by 1.11.19

Photo @zonophoto

Lisa Eldridge actually doesn't need any introduction on my blog, which is mostly about beauty related topics. If you love make up, you most likely know Lisa. She is a dream make up artist to the biggest Hollywood stars and now has her own line of beautiful and unique lipsticks, 'True Velvets'.

I will be honest with you guys. My lipstick collection hasn't grown that much over the last two years.
The colors I reach for the most are nudes or orange based reds. There are just not many new lipsticks that intrigue me. The True Velvets from Lisa did awake my interest and I was too late to purchase a gorgeous orange red lipstick called 'Velvet Morning'. When I heard that they were back in stock, I set my alarm in my calendar so I wouldn't miss out again.

My fellow photographer friend Zoë Noble and I had a photoshoot in her lovely studio back in August to capture the beauty of Lisa's masterpiece. We met up the day before our shoot for the first time to have some coffee and talk photography before I had to run to got a friends wedding.

I discovered Zoë though Youtube, as I was struggling to master the techniques of Photoshop. She has some marvellous tutorials on there and a very soothing voice to listen to. I highly recommend her. She has such passion for what she does and that exudes in her work.  Just look at the photos that she took of me and the close up of the lipstick. It is meticulous. Besides all that she is a lovely lady who also has a weakness for glitter, just like me.

Back to the lipstick. Velvet Morning is one of the first ones that Lisa released. Such a classic red that suits warm skin tones. Since her first lipstick colors came out, she has released a summer collection of pinks and now even more neutrals. All the previous lipsticks are restocked as well.

The formula is out of this world! Lisa knows what she is doing. From the design of the packaging to the velvet texture of the bullet. The velvet texture on the outside of the lipstick bullet looks so real. There is literally no other lipstick like it. A matt that looks and feels so smooth on the lips. It wears for hours. The only down side if I have to name one, is the scent. It is hard to describe, but it reminded me a bit of medicine. Once applied, you don't smell it anymore.

When Zoë and I took these photos, the lipsticks were sold out again and I was wondering if I would promote these and then you guys couldn't get a hold of them. That would just be cruel, wouldn't it?

Now they are all restocked and if you are looking for a special lipstick, these are the ones! Shall I order more?

 Lisa's True Velvets Lipsticks

Special thanks to Zoë for creating such gorgeous photographs, the good times and coffee recommendations!

If you guys want to use these images on Instagram, be kind to the original artist and tag @zonophoto on social media.


Photo @zonophoto

Photo @zonophoto 

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