by 4.4.20

'Blue (s)Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in your heart
Without a love of my own'

The world of make up has no rules. You can create whatever look you want to wear. I love make up for many reasons. The first is to enhance your natural features and to make you feel and look like the best version of yourself.
Secondly it is a creative outlet for me. It always has been. I love to play with make up, it has been a part of my job ever since I became a singer. I enjoy the process of applying make up, to be in my own world right before a show starts. You could say it is some sort of ritual for me.

During our quarantine I decided to declutter all the things that I own. No more excuses. In between tours I just threw my make up in my drawers and things just kept piling up. There was no organisation what so ever. To start my decluttering project with my make up collection was quite the challenge, but it felt great once I was (almost) done. I still need to put the dots on the i's so to speak ;)

As I was decluttering, I found some real gems that I wanted to create looks with. I also found dried up liquid lipsticks, that went straight to the bin haha! Like a true Marie Kondo, I gathered all my empty boxes and started to use them to store my make up in a more organised way. In the past I would have just thrown those boxes away, or use them as packaging for whenever I needed to send out a package.

Have you guys started decluttering yet? Do you also find it soothing?

For my bright blue look I the following products

Estee Lauder  Double Wear Maximum Cover '1N3 Creamy Vanilla'
Stila Cosmetics Convertible Color 'Camelia'
Charlotte Tilbury 'Beauty Wand 'Spotlight'

MAC Cosmetics Lipmix 'Cyan'
Linda Hallberg Cosmetics 'Infinity Glass' *
Hudabeauty Lash Glue 'Dark Tone'
Lashes from Japan (don't know the brand, but I took photos of it)

Lisa Eldrige Velvet Muse Lipstick 'Velvet Fawn'
MAC Cosmetics 'Half 'n Half'

*Pr Sample

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