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by 5.4.20

All good things come in threes. If they are three minis it is even better and cuter! I am a sucker for miniature make up. I often end up not using them because I just want to look at them. I know, it is silly!

These cuties were my birthday present that I got for myself. Before our show in New York, I paid a quick visit to the local Sephora. I had my eyes on the Pat McGrath Matte Trance lipsticks for a while and wanted to see them in real life before purchasing them. I swatched all the lipsticks and eyeshadows that caught my eye and decided to get the mini trio, because I found it was the best bang for my buck so to speak. The chances that I empty a red lipsticks are close to zero, so I best get miniatures. One lipstick  costs around €41,00. This set was around $30 if I remember it correctly.

Three gorgeous red shades that instantly brighten my face and make Oliver run away really fast. He is not a fan of red lipstick, but I am. That is why I will continue to wear it haha.

Super comfortable on the lips, great pigmentation, long lasting and scent free. I prefer my lipsticks to be scent free, because I am very sensitive to smell.

Which color is your favourite? Do you own any Pat McGrath make up products?

Aren't these the prettiest lipsticks ever?

Always good to check the ingredients.

Obsessed!, Elson, Full Panic

From top to bottom: Obsessed!, Elson, Full Panic

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