Healthy Banana Bread

by 9.4.20

Banana Bread for us is not a quarantine food, but something we enjoy all year around. It is the perfect way to use those over ripe bananas that are not looking to tasty anymore. You can also use them in a smoothie or chop them up and freeze them. Great to make nice cream as well. Today they are going to be used for Banana Bread. Yummy!

The first banana bread recipe that I posted on my blog is over 6 years ago. I have tried different versions of this classic and I must say that I found the perfect recipe that I altered a bit to my liking and also to what I have in my pantry. These days you have to freestyle a bit, because flour is hard to come by.
If you can't find whole wheat flour, you can also process oats in a blender. Works well and is super healthy and delicious.

The recipe that I used is from Cookie and Kate. I just love eating banana bread for breakfast. To completely honest to you, it is actually like a breakfast starter or a first breakfast. We are a family of Hobbits and love to have a second breakfast.

The only things that I changed were the amount of honey (Vincent and I don't like honey) and I added a quarter cup of yoghurt. Things that I have been enjoying lately is filming baking videos on Instagram.
I grabbed my tripod and camera and filmed this recipe for you:

Bananananana Bread

What is your favourite Banana Bread recipe?

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