Smells Like Smoonstyle #13 - NOMADE by CHLOÉ

by 23.9.20


Meet NOMADE from Chloé.

'A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place'.

A new perfume has made its way into my collection. When a friend of mine came to visit me, I immediately noticed her perfume and of course complimented her on her lovely scent.

Besides the mesmerising scent, the name of the perfume appealed to me. In a way I feel a bit like a nomade, traveling with my band around the world, living everywhere and nowhere. I felt that there was a deep connection somehow.

First step for me was to not immediately purchase the perfume. Always try it on your skin first.
I went to the store to test the perfume, to see if it would fit me and how it would develop on my skin during the day. 

There are three versions of Nomade, an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and  Nomade Absolu Eau de Parfum. I tried all three and found the Eau de Parfum to fit me the best. 

I purchased the perfume online in the smallest size, 20ml for about €20,00 
This is safe way to try new perfumes and don't break the bank. If you still love it after a while, you can always buy a bigger bottle ;)  NOMADE 20ml

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    • Oakmoss 

    My plan was to take photos of 'Nomade' during my holidays at the Bodensee, but I completely forgot about it. I was busy enjoying my holiday ;)

    Last weekend we enjoyed a sunny day in the city center of Stuttgart and I took the perfume with me to take photos of it at the fountain at the Schlossplatz. When I was done, I enjoyed the sunset while the little water droplets from the fountain were landing on my back. It was a beautiful day! I love Stuttgart!

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