Chit Chat #44 Simone' Summer Fashion Fail

by 21.9.20


Monday is here and I am on a roll! Lot's of exciting things to do this week! I will tell you more about all of that as soon as possible.

Now it is time to talk about my fashion fail that kind of in a way spoiled a photoshoot. For my giveaway month I wanted to make some lovely photos to show you the mini bag from Camys Concept.

I thought long about which dress would look great with the bag and I decided to go with the white dress from Asos. The only problem is that it is a bit see through, the back is quite low and the front is shaped like a halter top. Which bra to wear?

Those stick on bras are ok, but not for hot sweaty days. Strapless bras are my way to go normally, but the one that I chose to wear was showing all the time during the whole shoot.... Total fashion fail. I don't want to spend hours editing the hell out of all the photos, I have other things to do this week ;)

You can see my bra on the last photo, a very sexy grandma bra that normally looks good with other outfits.

Next time, different bra :)

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