Smoonstyle September Giveaway #1

by 9.9.20

During my holiday we paid a visit to Marino to see his new salon, do a quick portrait shoot and get our hair trimmed. His three dogs Floortje, Elsa and Elly welcomed us with open paws. Floortje sat on my lap while I had my hair done and Vincent fell in love with Elsa.

Marino and I have know each other for many years. The first time we worked together was for a calendar shoot in 2008 if my memory serves me well. He has cut my hair numerous times and also styled it for live shows and photo shoots. I can't wait for you all to see the new Epica photos ;)

Meet Marino Lambrix

Oliver loves the Grave before Shave beard balms. They smell lovely too!

Oli with freshly cut hair. 

Oli is exhausted and needs his beauty sleep before getting his hair cut. He prefers to sleep next to the doggies.

My turn! Me and my messy, unwashed with split ends that are about to be chopped off. So exciting!

 You can see that my hair was growing into a point. This time I wanted to have my hair cut more straight. This was the ends will also appear fuller. He cut only minimal layers in my hair and he trimmed my face framing layers a bit.

Time to say goodbye to the split ends :)

Before my appointment I talked to Marino to maybe cut curtain bangs.... I decided not to because I am a lazy bum when it comes to styling my hair. I always tuck the front of my hair behind my ears anyway. I hate it when hair is in my face. Don't worry, you can trust Marino with your hair ;)

Here is the finished end result. So fresh, so clean! Marino chopped off the pointy part and smoothed out my hair with the Split Ender. Now you are asking yourself, what is a Split Ender? It is a really cool device to get rid of the split hair that are hiding in the full length of the hair, not just the ends. It may appear scary, but he knows how to use it and I trust him ;)

Give Away Time 

Would you like to have your hair cut and styled by Marino? Now is your chance!
Marino has reserved two appointments in his calendar for two of my loyal Smoonstyle followers. Isn't that the sweetest? 

I thought it would be nice if I offer something for the guys as well. Marino offers grooming sessions for the men. Don't be shy guys, this is your chance to win a cool give away :)

Marino's salon is located in Lummen, Belgium. If you are interested in entering this give away, keep in mind that you will have to travel to the salon. Travel expenses are not compensated.

All you need to do is leave a comment in the blog. One comment per person please :)

The winners will be announced on the 16th of September.

Good luck!


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