Chit Chat #48 This is Halloween 2020

by 2.11.20

Last week Oliver and I were wrapped up in his music studio, recording 'This is Halloween' from 'the Nightmare before Christmas' movie. Is there anybody out there that doesn't know this movie? Shame on you ;)
It is one of my favorite movies of all time. I've watched it a million times and will never get sick of it. It is perfect! Vincent loves it too! 

When I asked Oliver if he would be willing to cover 'This is Halloween' with me, he immediately went to his studio to start with the orchestral arrangements. I can tell you it was so much fun to record this song! I loved singing those character voices. 

Last year I received a wonderful present during our meet and greet. I got the whole 'Nightmare Before Christmas' metal figurines. I have displayed them in my living room and thought that it would be great to use them for the video as well. Thank you again to the girl that gifted them to me! 

Thank you all so much for the lovely reactions, I've read all of them. Who knows, maybe I will upload more on Youtube soon ;)


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