Charlotte Tilbury Haul

by 13.11.20


Oops, I did it again. I told myself to not buy anymore lipsticks until the end of this year.... Look what I have done! Charlotte Tilbury made me do it :)  

Stoned Rose next to Super Nude 

Stoned Rose - Super Nude

Super Nude swatched on the lips 

My holy grail product since many years is her 'Hollywoon Flawless Filter' in the shade number 4. I have gone through a couple of these bottles and recommend them to all of my friends that love glowy,  healthy looking skin. It is the perfect glow base for me to mix with my foundation and use as a liquid highlighter on top of my foundation. More photos of different shades: There She Glows

The only downside about this product is the packaging. It is too heavy and you can't get all of the product out of the bottle. It would be great if she could repackage it, or use a pump dispenser. Like this it is also more hygienic. 

Two other products that I purchased, are the 'Filmstar Bronze and Glow' in the new mini size, and a K.I.S.S.I.N.G  lipstick in the shade 'Super Nude'. 

The Bronze and Glow duo I have in the original size. It is a great product, but a bit on the pricy side (€65,00 22,50 g of product). The mini retails for €30,00 and you get only 7g of product. 
It is less value for money, but still I like it more for traveling (when I will travel again haha) because the packaging is smaller and light weight. The bigger sister is heavier because the packaging is made out of metal and the smaller is made out of plastic. You can always first buy the mini, and if you love it, you know you are ready to make a bigger investment and buy the original size. The original also comes in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark. 

I have already made a post of me applying the bronzer and highlighter. 
You can find it here: Bronze and Glow

Now, let's talk about the lipstick. It is amazing! I fell in love with it at it's first application. The Kissing formula is my favorite along with the Superstar Lips. It reminds me a bit of a more opaque and long lasting version of my all time favorite 'Whole lotta Honey' from CLINIQUE.

I have compared my other favorite CT lipstick, Stoned Rose, next Super Nude. Stoned Rose is more peachy and Super Nude is a nice deep nude with mauvy undertones. Normally, I don't wear mauvy lipsticks, but this just works really well with my skin tone. 
These lipsticks are expensive, but amazing quality and they last you a long time. Stoned Rose has also been a lipstick that I have been recommending to many of my friends and it somehow is a shade that suits all skin tones.  

Price €32,00

Overal I am really happy with my purchase. There are some real treasures in the Charlotte Tilbury line. 
Would you like me to do a 'Hits and Misses' brand overview? I have collected quite a lot of her products of through the years ;)

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