Chit Chat #49 Christmas 2020

by 4.1.21


Welcome to the first post of 2021! I thought it would be nice to do a little 'Christmas Recap' for you guys. Last Christmas was a bit different compared to the other years. We couldn't travel to the Netherlands to celebrate with my parents, unfortunately. We had a little Digital Christmas breakfast instead, which was very nice. 

The days leading to Christmas were a bit hectic because Oliver and I were working on a Christmas Medley for my Youtube Channel. We loved doing the 'This is Halloween' video and wanted to do something special for 2020. 

In case you haven't seen it: A Christmas Medley We took three Christmas classics and changed the lyrics to describe the year 2020. It is in German, but a lovely follower translated the lyrics in the comment section. However, in German, the rhymes work better ;) Oliver orchestrated and produced the whole song. It went live on Christmas Eve. 

A little disclaimer: No toilet paper was harmed in the process. They were real toilet paper rolls but didn't end in the trash but in the toilet. We didn't waste any product ;) I was quite tipsy at the end of the filming session... I didn't waste any of the wine that I used to film the wine scene ;)

Our Christmas Eve, we did a super quick photoshoot (photo number 3 in the post) and finished the Medley video. Vincent performed some songs on the piano and his cousins danced happily during the his concert.

 It was a very successful Christmas Eve. The kids loved their presents, but most of all loved spending time together. My outfit was a little black dress with poofy arms.  My make up was simple, yet very sparkly. I used a glitter eyeshadow from Stila Cosmetics called  'Bronzed Bell'. Quick and effective :)

On the first day of Christmas, we had a digital breakfast with my parents. Vincent unwrapped some more presents and my parents also had a present. A 2021 calendar with photos from Vincent. 

My outfit for the next two days was the very comfy Paul jumpsuit from Les Lunes that I bought during Black Friday week. With code simonesimons you can still get 44% discount.  I loved that it looked very put together, but felt like comfortable home wear, with lots of room for a food baby belly ;)

Loki didn't break down the Christmas tree, which was nice. I still have our Christmas tree standing in the living room. It is a small tree, but this year Vincent and I decorated it so nicely that it breaks my heart to break it down... I also got a cute camera ornament to hang in the tree :)

A present to myself was a photography book from Lindsay Adler, which I have been reading ever since I got it :)

How was your Christmas? Could you spend it with your family? Did you get dressed up? I know a lot of questions! Let me know in the comments.



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