Chit Chat #50 'Full siMoon Madness'

by 11.1.21


There is no established scientific link between the full moon and sleep patterns. How is it possible that I have difficulties sleeping during a full moon? I sleep with an eye mask, so I don't notice that it is brighter outside. The last time I couldn't fall asleep, it felt as if I had electricity coursing through my body. 

Maybe it is because we wrote a song called 'Cry of the Moon'? ;)

Do any of you have this as well? I know that I am not the only one. Some of my friends have the same and also couldn't fall asleep until after 3.00 AM...

The jacket that I am wearing is from Promod and is faux fur of course. Do you remember the shoot in the Nürnberger Forest many years ago? Still love this jacket. Real-life polar bear ;)

What do you do to fall asleep when you have difficulties falling asleep? 

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