Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wooden Watch - JORD

Being 'on time' isn't my strong suit, but I am working on it every day. Having a watch surely helps and besides knowing what time it is, you can always use it as a beautiful accessory that will fit any outfit you're going for that day.

My newest watch from JORD is a beautiful automatic timepiece made out of real wood. That is something you don't see everyday. Top it off with rose gold and I am sold! I love the combination of the warm brown koa wood and the rose gold. It fits together perfectly.

The watch I am wearing is the Cora 'Koa, rose gold'. I had my eyes on the turquoise Cora as well, but in the end I thought that the rose gold would fit my color scheme better. It almost has the same color as my hair.

Clockworks are very fascinating to watch. I love that there is a little window in the display. You can see the clock working. It is very calming and takes me back to the video of 'Quietus'.

Now I have to make sure to look at the time and not at the clockwork, or else I'll still be late. ;)

Thanks JORD for the unique watch!

Wooden Watches by JORD

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chit Chat #6 Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black is everywhere. Every time I am on Netflix it is popping up. I managed to postpone watching it until a few days ago. After finishing Penny Dreadful (waiting eagerly for season 3), it was time to find a new series to entertain the brain. 

I swear I thought that Katy Perry was playing the lead role. Sometimes I still do, even though I know that she is definitely not Katy. Where these two separated at birth perhaps?

The story in a nutshell is about Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is sentenced for a year in prison for a crime that she committed a decade ago. She smuggled some drug money for her girlfriend, Alex Vause, played by Laura Prepon.

The cast is very interesting and all of them are great actors. As the series unfold you get to see why the main characters are in prison. I won't spoil too much about the series because I want to avoid the risk that some of you are still new to it. 

The first episode was kind of a hard one to get through. Jason Biggs is a bit like Daniel Radcliffe. He can't shake off American Pie like Daniel always will remain Harry. For me he will always be 'Mister Super Glue'.

Now, after a couple of episodes, I can say that it has grown on me. My favorite characters are Alex and Sophia, two very different personalities but both very charming.

I've been to Alcatraz many years ago and was really taken by the ambiance, not that I want to live there, but I found its history and the thought of confinement compelling. 

Have any of you visited Alcatraz? A must see when you are in San Fransisco. It left a huge impression on me and Oliver as well.

Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in 'A-Go-Go'

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Champagne Pop - BECCA

Currently I am high on highlighters. I simply can't get enough of that glowy finish it gives the skin. NikkieTutorials got me hooked on Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone and soon I wanted to try out more from Becca.

After getting over the fact that I dropped Moonstone right after I received my parcel from Sephora, I started using it and loved it! I had to press it two times because once it breaks, it will always be fragile. Unfortunately I can't take it with me for traveling because it will just break and create a highlighted chaos. I'll pass.

My old time favorite highlighter from Dior, Amber Diamond, was discontinued. So my search for the perfect replacement had begun. 

Moonstone is described as a pale gold and that pretty much hits the spot. Champagne Pop is a white gold with pinky peach undertones. I would say it is a skin colored highlighter with a warm gold finish. The powder is a bit dusty after I swirled my brush in it. I like to apply it with a fan brush or the highlighter brush from Zoeva.

Overall, Champagne Pop is a very nice highlighter. It gives the skin a glorious glow and can be build up to a very intense look. The pigmentation is great, it is not glittery and sits nice on the skin. The longevity is great, it lasts all day on me and looks pretty on the eyelids too. I did wet my eyeshadow brush after I dipped in the highlighter. This is better to prevent the powder from forming a seal.

Compared to Moonstone, this looks more like a skin like highlighter. I feel like it has more dimension than Moonstone. Moonstone is quite light and may be even too dark for my slightly tanned skin.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of the packaging. It looks nice, but is is very heavy, hence not great for traveling. The lid is not flat which makes it difficult to stack on top or place amongst the other powders. The rubber will make it look dirty fast. It does come with a mirror, that is always a plus.

The price is on the higher side €38, but you get a lot of product and the packaging is very sturdy. All in all you pay for good quality.

Do any of you own a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector?

Champagne Pop, Moonstone
Champagne Pop, Moonstone
Swatched in direct sun light.
Applied to the skin.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Eye for Detail - Tal Peleg

I am very excited to write about a very talented and kind person. Her name is Tal Peleg, she is a visual artist from Israel, that is famous for her incredible eye-art. Who hasn’t seen those super detailed paintings that she created herself on her eyelids? The black cats, classic fairytales and colorful creations. They are all over the web.

As a make up lover and lover of art, I fell in love with her work. On top of that, she is also very kind. I’ve never met her face to face, but I sense this, even just through digital contact. 

Through our love for black cats, fairytales and make up with came in touch via Twitter and Instagram. I am always amazed by her work. She paints these pieces of art on herself. I already get an eye cramp by even thinking of it. What steady hands and strong eye muscles she must have! On top of that, a lot of patience, imagination and a great eye for detail.

This is not your average make up. These are make up paintings, little pieces of art displayed on the part of our body through which we perceive a big part of our lives. That is what makes it so intriguing. Like little memories, visions and thoughts which we see in our mind, come to life on the windows of our soul.  

When I told her that I wanted to write about her on SmoonStyle, she wanted to create an eye-art especially for this article. I was deeply touched. Here it is:

A tribute to Minou and Schwarzkopf.

Some words from Tal for you //

I’m Tal Peleg, a visual artist from Israel. Makeup is an amazing and expressive form of art. Eye-art is my way of mixing all of my passions together (painting and illustration, makeup and photography) by using the eye as my canvas in order to tell a story and express emotions.

I try to push the limits between makeup and illustration, and keep challenging myself with creative designs and miniature painting.

I create the eye-art on my own eye, and I use mostly eyeshadows, eyeliners and watercolors... and of course – magnifying mirror and super thin brushes!

Inspiration is everywhere – I look for the things that I find interesting in the world, and give it my own unique artistic interpretation using makeup. It can be emotions, fairytales, movies, animals (cat obsession!), favorite food, social matters and many more...

As an Epica fan since the very beginning, their music has been an inspiration for me. I’ve created many of my artworks listening to Epica. One of my works was inspired by the song, “Tides of Time”. This song made me think about my grandmother who suffers from dementia (fading and missing memory)... so I tried to translate the emotions I got from the song, and the dementia symptom, into abstract eye-art. I tried to make the eye look like it’s fading and dissolves, like time, memories and life when you’re old. Also, Simone has given me a great idea to create a Dali eye-art, and since surrealism is my favorite art movement it just had to happen! “Dreamscape”, Epica’s amazing song inspired by Dali and Kahlo was also inspiration for it.

Tides of Time.

Dreamscape, Kahlo and Dahli combined.
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” –Picasso

White, black and red cats. 
A tasty piece of art.
Phantom of the Opera.
This could easily be me. The princess on the pea.
Mermaid love forever!

Tal, thank you for the lovely Eye-Art that you've created for me and for your time!

There is more art from Tal that you can admire. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve added her links for you. Go check her out!

Tal on Instagram
Tal on Facebook
Tal on Twitter


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baked Beauty - Fruit Tart

This post is for those that follow me on Instagram and Twitter whom I bombard with very tasty pictures. Here is some more for you to enjoy. ;) 

This is my fruit tart, made with love and with the digital help of Dulce Delight. 

It took some time to make and is always gone before you blink your eyes. Good that I made a couple of pictures to still drool with you guys.

The video I used for making this delicious (I hear her say it with her voice, it's so cute!) fruit tart.

Thanks Raiza for sharing your delicious expertise and congrats on joining Food Tube!


Friday, July 10, 2015

DIY Face Masks

In my last skincare post I discussed my three favorite face masks that hydrate, purify and brighten. I also promised to show how to make simple versions of these masks at home, so if you want to have some DIY fun, keep reading! :)

P.S. – If you'd like to share your face mask creations on Instagram, tag your photos with #SmoonStyleDIY.


PURIFY: Activated Charcoal Mask

If your skin looks and feels out of balance, an activated charcoal mask will give a much needed reset. Activated Charcoal draws out impurities and when paired with Tea Tree Oil, gives pores a deep cleanse. As an extra layer of protection, Aloe Vera calms inflammation and helps skin heal. This recipe is from True North Inspire and an alternative to Origins Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask.

Results: My skin looked and felt amazing after using this mask – it was squeaky clean but balanced and with noticeable improvement in complexion. I highly recommend having this mask in your beauty arsenal!

Before you begin: Activated charcoal is messy, especially if you're opening capsules. Unless you have the time and patience, I'd strongly suggest buying powder-only. And as always, have clean hands when making face masks and avoid eye area during application.

  • 4-ounce Mason Jar
  • Activated Charcoal (35 capsules or 10 grams of powder)
  • ≈ 4 ounces Clear Aloe Vera Gel
  • Tea Tree Oil (8-10 drops)
Instructions: Measure a little less then 4 ounces of Clear Aloe Vera Gel and place into your Mason Jar. You want enough gel to fill the jar but have room at the top to place and close the lid. Next, incorporate the Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil – mix well and let sit for 10 minutes (this allows the mask to thicken). Once applied, leave the mask on for 10 minutes or until it has dried. Rinse with warm water and a damp face cloth.


This next recipe, from The Kitchen McCabe, is an alternative to Alba Botanica – Even Advanced™ Deep Sea Facial Mask and uses Eggs, Honey and Lemon Juice to perfectly brighten and lighten any complexion and create a more calm and even skin tone. As a plus, this nourishing mask also helps clear breakouts and tighten pores.

Results: I was surprised with how radiant my skin looked after use – this mask is amazing at brightening! Also, the pores around my T-zone were less noticeable, so I'll definitely continue to make and incorporate this recipe into my skincare routine.

  • 4-ounce Mason Jar
  • 2 Egg Whites
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey (100% pure or raw)
  • 1 tablespoon of Fresh Lemon Juice
Instructions: Measure and whisk all ingredients together in your Mason Jar until completely incorporated and the surface has a frothy appearance. Apply mask and leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Keep mask sealed and in the refrigerator – shelf life is 1 week (best to use fresh!).

HYDRATE: Avocado Mask

Avocado is excellent for your skin, whether applied topically or consumed. Rich in antioxidants vitamins A and E, avocado aids in hydration and helps repair damaged or dry skin. When paired with the intense moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of Yogurt, this DIY delight is perfect for post-beach day pampering or when your skin needs a little pick-me-up. This recipe was found at Sincerely, Kinsey and is an alternative to Origins Drink Up™ Intensive Overnight Mask.

Results: This recipe leaves your skin baby butt smooth (seriously) and has a cooling effect that is refreshing and lasts a while after rinsing. Make this mask right now, you won't regret it.

  • 4-ounce Mason Jar
  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 2 tablespoon of Honey (100% pure or raw)
  • 1/3 – 1/2 cup of Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt (organic, no additives)
  • 1 teaspoon of Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Mixing Bowl & Spoon
  • Hand Mixer
Instructions: Measure and place all ingredients in a Mixing Bowl and roughly incorporate with a Mixing Spoon. For a super smooth consistency, finish blending with a Hand Mixer. Finally, transfer mixture to Mason Jar, seal and keep refrigerated – shelf life is 1 week (best to use fresh!). When applying this mask, leave on for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Rebecca Brayman is a graphic designer and digital consultant with clientele ranging from renowned heavy metal bands (EPICA, Kamelot, Nightwish) to well-known female entrepreneurs and professionals. She is also passionate about skin care and believes that revealing and celebrating one's natural beauty inspires self-confidence and empowerment.
Website  |  Instagram  |  Twitter

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Summer Shades

My all time favorite accessory for summer are sunglasses! You might have guessed that already since I do kind of collect them. I use any occasion to wear them. I would wear them at night if I wouldn't be so blind when it gets dark outside.

One of my favorite brands is Ray Ban. They have a huge selection of shades. They fit all faces, amazing quality. You can't go wrong with Ray Bans. I gifted Oliver a nice pair for Christmas many years back and he tells me they were the perfect gift. Ray Ban is also very innovative, they come out with new cool frames and lens colors.

Two new sunglasses that caught my eye are the round folding and the wayfarer folding. It was love at first sight! What I especially love about them is that they can be folded into tiny packages and come with a cute little case. Perfect for small handbags. They even fit in the pocket of your shirt and blouse.

Round Folding Flash is made out of gold metal. It has beautiful embellishments that makes them look very luxurious. Despite the fact that you can fold them together, they are very sturdy.
The lens color is brown mirror pink. I love mirrored lenses. This color suits my complexion and hair color very well.

Folding Wayfarer has a matte black frame with green mirror fuchsia lenses. I love the matte look of the frame and the fuchsia mirror. It dressed up any outfit. Such a fun color. Lots of my friends asked me where to get these.

Both glasses are statement accessories that will dress up your look and keep your eyes nice and protected from UV while looking super cool!

When I was at Graspop, Belgium, I grabbed Tim to do some shoots with my new sunglasses. He is always up for a spontaneous photo shoot. Love how the pics turned out!

Ray Ban Round Folding

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer

I got my sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses. They have great customer service, super fast shipping and fair prices. With each purchase you save 5% that will be subtracted 4 weeks after your purchase on your following purchase.

Copyright @Timtronckoe
Thanks Tim!

Round Folding lips: Kryolan Lipstick Matt 'Venus'
Wayfarer Folding lips: MAC Cosmetics 'Candy Yum Yum'