Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chit Chat #15 Just relax

'What do to when are are stressed and your body can't relax?'

During stressful periods you can find yourself in a state of non relaxation. Your muscles are tensed and you need to remind yourself to relax them. 
This is definitely the case with me. Whenever I'm stressed, I pull up my shoulders and tense the muscles in my jawline. I carry my laptop, suitcases and my 16 kg boy around and that all together has not been good for my muscles either. 

Last week I suffered from painful knots between my shoulder blades. I've tried to massage them myself.... Normally I don't like to get massages because I've had some bad ones in the past. 
After telling Oliver about my tensed muscles, he surprised me by booking an appointment for a Thai massage. So sweet! 

This woman knew what she was doing. I've had a Thai massage before, but that was about 2 years ago. I have to admit that I am not very consistent with getting massages...
The masseuse found my problem area and worked with all her power to help me to release the knots. Such a tiny woman, but she could probably lift up a bus! She was taking it easy on me, but I was crying from the pain. She said that I need to be treated during a couple of sessions, because she can't massage too hard otherwise she would make it worse.

The next day I was really sore. She told me that that would happen. If someone would touch my back softly, I would squeak. 
Now I am doing better, but I know that I need to take a look in my calendar and schedule some more appointments. Hopefully they won't be so painful.

Another important item is sports. I've been slacking a bit, and ever since the pregnancy I need it more than ever before. The mothers out there can probably relate to this. 

What do you do to relax and take care of your body? A warm bath, meditation, chocolate? ;)



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nivea Seiden Mousse

The Nivea scent takes me back, way back. The perfume is filled with good memories. 
Oliver used to use their original creme for the face.
When I discovered that Nivea released shower mousse's, all three went right in to my shopping card. I didn't think twice for that price ;)

Shower foams are a great way to relax just that extra bit more when you are taking a shower. 
To me it is the most luxurious way to slap on the soap. The mousse never feels cold and is just so soft to the touch.

Compared to the Rituals version, these come out as a mousse right away. The Rituals are a gel that transforms into a foam and doesn't need a shake before use.

Overall, I really like the Nivea Mousse. The scent and the price are unbeatable. So far, the Kneipp and Rituals foams are a bit more moisturizing than the Nivea, but just the slightest.

Price: €2,50 for 200 ml


Shake the bottle before use and have yourself a 'moussy' moment. 

Three different scents and finishes

Looks so good I want to eat it. Do not eat it, it is not for cleaning your stomach ;)