Ft. Lauderdale

by 18.12.10

Hello Smoonsurfers!

During one of our last, warm and sunny days in Florida, I was walking around with my camera to document the surroundings. Here's a little photo journey of our day in Ft. Lauderdale;
Mark enjoying the sun with a book
I see a tree, I have to climb.. What do you think, can I join the circus?
You're new Christmas Card. Oh wait, we're missing something;
That's better!
Armando's shop is definitely worth checking out! He was the one who hooked us up with Sjakie's new toy :)

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  1. oh my God! that perfect photos! I love you more everything in this beautiful world. Epica is really my prefer band, I was in the show in Curitiba - Brazil and loved!! was the best... I ever go be wating for more show of Epica in Brazil! I promisse for me this... I LOVE ALL YOU FOREVER!!!

  2. at the first photo mark seems like he is naked :D
    Like your photos! :)

  3. Wow Florida is amazing! :) I have to move here, but I would miss snow and delays we got here :D

  4. aaaa! can't believe it's so sunny there:( Good you had a great time;)

  5. Woow, great pics!!! :)

  6. looooved this post...anyway i luv all of them :)
    theyre so funny

  7. Nothing is better than to read a book in a nice warm day.
    And the 2nd photo is epic!So funny x)

  8. smoons hello just want to say you're the most beautiful singer on this planet, and the best epic symphonic metal band ...
    I have many, many desire to arrive quickly to Colombia ...
    his music is a craft that takes us to the inner world of soul ...
    come early to enjoy the Christmas Colombian style.
    a kiss and you wait ...

  9. you are so funny!



  10. So beautiful.
    Hey Simone I think that you can enjoy the circus...hehehe(please don't do this)
    I'll like to receive a xmas card like this...

    Bia( Brazilian Fan)

  11. adorable climbing up the tree! ^^ Mark's really lovely!

  12. teehee love the pics!!! Looks so warm and fun! :)

  13. Great pics! It seems you have a nice time there! Enjoy it, because here in Europe is pretty cold, as you know :))) Although it must be cold and snowy when Christmas comes ;)

  14. I think you'd better stay by Epica instead of joinning a circus xD
    (Aw, it's even colder here at Europe after I looked at those sunny pics >.<)

  15. cool picks ;) , you look so happy *u*
    , I love the picture where you are on the tree xD

    greetings from Chile

    you are the best!

    Kisses :) ~~

  16. hahaha!

    You're so Funny!

    Great pics, especially the first one of Mark!

    Kisses from Chile :)


  17. If you were in the circus, would be the star, because you are very funny!!!

    ♥I love you simone clowns!!♥

    greetings from Chile!! ^_^

  18. LOL, nice pics! you seem to do a lot of fun :)

  19. Haa, I love the Simone-climbing-the-tree picture! And you're wearing your "tour boots", right?

    Nice to see it's sunny there too! Strange, yet nice. ^^
    Greetings from Brazil!