I see Essie

by 2.7.12

Hi Sweets,

The summer is some what here and that means that I can go crazy with colors and in particular nail polish. My perfect colors for the summer are greens, oranges, blues and warm pinks.

My first Essie nail polishes were Tart Deco and Mink Muffs, but I couldn't really work with them. Since Essie reformulated her nail polishes and made them more affordable, I got a couple of new shades. The brushes are much wider and so much nicer to work with. I really need a good brush to get a nice result.
Pretty Edgy.
Orange, It's Obvious.

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  1. Loved the orange one! Where can I get it? :)
    Greetings and viel Spass in Berlin! :)

  2. I've never bought essie before but the orange one looks very nice. Will check the stores soon :)

  3. I love these crazy colors :)

  4. I really like essie but green and orange are definitely not my colors ^^
    But I've got a caribbean-blue colour called "trophy wife", you should check it out ;)
    Greetings! :)

  5. The green one is really cool! :)

  6. Oh Essie is great! I´ve one in a very light lavender tone (to buy or not to buy) and I love it! maybe i wanna buy another one in a light or a very dark color :) Oh and they´ve very much of Essie in the KDWE :) maybe you´re come round there :P have a lot of fun in Berlin!!!! Unfortunately the weather report is not good these week :(

  7. Hello Dear Simone pretty ORANGE color ilove it :)kisses

  8. Hello my dear Simone sunshine, beautiful colors your lovely hands are I love them sexy he he, kisses for you and good day wish!

  9. I love when you talk about make up and style because you know that everyone is concerned about your unique beauty and tricks.

    But, can you please change the theme a little? How about your REAL cooking skills, poems, music, vocal skills touring or something like that?

    I think that a successful woman can do more than just make up.

    I really hope that you just take time to read this, I know you are a celebrity from out of space'.

  10. Hi Simon, here in Brazil has many types of nail polish, and has a green that I love, which is the pistachio of Impala.

    take a look


  11. Green might be too interesting to me but the orange one is look stunning.

  12. Good evening Simone.

    I'm so thrilled, i can't believe i can post a comment to you!
    I just found out about your blog thanks to an amazing youtube guru.
    I loooove Epica, you're beautiful beyond words.
    Please come to Switzerland soon, i'll do what is possible to be present at the concert in Rimini.
    Have a nice rest of the day.

  13. Could you tell us something about the ring of the first pic, please? Kisses from Rio de Janeiro!

    1. It is from House of Harlow by Nichole Richie.

  14. Der grüne Lack sieht wunderhübsch aus! Kann ich mir mit Deiner Haarfarbe super vorstellen. :)