Jolly Holidays!

by 25.12.12

Enjoy your time off with family and friends! Thank you for another great year with Epica and my little blog.

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  1. aww thanks to you Simone <3 we love u, Merry Christmas and Happy new year !

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :)

  3. Hi Smoon,
    ich wünsche Dir und Oliver ein paar erholsame Tage, damit ihr im neuen Jahr wieder richtig Gas geben könnt!

    Stay metal!

  4. Thanks Simone Merry Christmas and happy new year for you love, Jeni

  5. A great time of Christmas and New Year Eve for you too!

  6. Loving the Xmas/NY blog! xD Here's to 2013 Simone!

  7. Hoi Simone! Jij ook hele fijne kerstdagen. Ik hoop dat je een magische tijd hebt met je vrienden en familie en proost op een nieuw jaar vol EPICa ervaringen!
    Groetjes vanuit Nederland,


  8. Thanks... merry christmas & happy new year
    greetings from Colombia :D

  9. Marry xmas and a happy new year for you too!!!!
    Big kiss

  10. Thank you so much. Merry christmas & Happy new year 2013 for You ;)
    greetings from Poland

  11. Thank you Simone for sharing with us your days and bright our days with your voice!!
    Happy xmas to you, to Epica and all the ones you love!

  12. Is that a candle or a glass of Baileys that Miss Simons is holding? I can't tell.It's been a great year for Epica. Next year is looking amazing too. RETROSPECT! & at least three new countries to conquer.Who knows what else 2013 has in store for epica? Perhaps Epica will come back here? Perhaps a Retrospect dvd? Exciting times.

    Glad tidings to Epica,their crew,bus drivers etc. Happy tidings to anyone reading this.

    If Simone reads this I apologise.I was a little rude to you in Glasgow when I had my picture taken with you. I didn't mean it.I was just so nervous & had no idea what to say. I didn't think much of it at the time. On the train ride home I felt like a fool.I had one chance to speak to Simone & I came across as a sour-faced bastard.

  13. Lovely picture! Thank you for changing my whole life, i am very thankful with EPICA! i hope you are enjoying this short break and have fun with your loved ones! My best wishes for all the band, and Oliver as well! I hope to find more blog posts and videos soon ;) I LOVE YOU!

  14. Happy holidays! I've enjoyed your blog and Epica for such a long time now! I hope both will continue for a very very long time! :)

  15. Happy new year!!!!!!!! enjoy with your family and epica guys
    thnks sweety

    ✨。 ��。 ✨
    。 �� 。。
    ✨ ����。 。 ✨
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    。。����������。 ✨
    ✨XMAS!!!! ✨

  16. Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year!

  17. Hello sweetie thank you for your wishes, and you happy upcoming new year 2013 would be even better and was happier for you and Epica, hot kisses and warm welcome in 2013 to Polish to!!

  18. Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year 2013 kisses for you Simone!

  19. Anonymous27.12.12

    Merry Christmas and a lovely year for you and your dear ones,Simone!
    Thank you for great music and make-up tricks and tips in this blog!
    Since we are on the subject,I would like to ask you a favour,if it's not too much trouble. I'm starting a fashion blog,would you mind sharing it with your followers,if you please? :)
    Here's the link :
    Posts are in portuguese cause I'm brazilian,but I'm an english teacher,so I have absolutely no problem with translating things or talking to people in english,actually,I prefer!
    Big thaks in advance!
    Love and hugs,

    Bru :)

  20. Hello Simone,
    I hope you had had a Merry Christmas and i wish you a Happy New Year :)

  21. Happy new year! We love you in Uruguay, Smoonstyle is the best! thank you! ♥

  22. Nice Picture.
    I hope that you had pass an excellent xmas, and I wanna wish you a great and happy new year. I hope this new year come full of success and joy for you and Epica.