Temporary Design and more

by 31.12.12

Guten Abend meine Liebe,

SMOONSTYLE is being redesigned since a while now. To cross the long wait, I wanted to freshen up the blog a bit to enter 2013 with a new look.

The lovely header picture is also made by Pauline Darley. Here is a little teaser from our second photo shoot for KRYOLAN.

May you all enter the new year safe and sound! I am trying to keep all my fingers, cooking can be dangerous. I will document all the 5 courses and post them on smoonstyle.


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  1. What BEAUTIFUL pictures! We are hoping for more in 2013. And Simone, enjoy this new year with your family, you have health, peace and all the good things you deserve! Loved the new look!

  2. I wish you a happy new year & lots of love. <3

  3. Lovely pictures!! Keep cooking!

  4. Lindaaaaaa!
    Te amo
    Layanne/ Brasil - Belo Horizonte.

  5. I love it!!!! the styling is perfect!
    Happy New Year! ♥

    Kisses from Argentina!

  6. Happy New Year, dear! :)

  7. What beautiful pictures, they are stunning! Pauline's portfolio is really amazing. Happy new year Simone and everyone else! x

  8. Prachtig hoor Simone :)

    Happy New Year! <:o)

  9. I wish you a 2013 full of wonderful experiences. Even if a bit late, I would also like to wish you a happy 10th anniversary with Epica. I remember when I wasn't yet 15 when, in summer 2006, I heard for the first time Consign to Oblivion and some of my all-time favourite Epica songs (Solitary Ground, Dance of Fate, and Trois Vierges among the others). Epica songs and your voice have been a huge inspiration for me through the years.
    Have a nice evening with your loved ones :)

    PS: the new design and the pictures are fantastic!

  10. Happy New Year, it will be a good year

  11. OMG Simone! loved the pictures, you look so beautiful! And the new design is pretty nice :) What do you mean with 5 courses?

    1. I'm assuming Simone is cooking 5 courses for new years eve dinner.

  12. You look gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  13. Happy new year Simone kisses

  14. Anonymous1.1.13

    Simone, you truely are the most beautiful woman in the world, inside and out. I wish you the best for the new year and all that follow. Thank you for being my beacon of hope, you mean the world to me. Enjoy your time with your friends and family!

    Love, Brooke

  15. Happy New Year, Simone! :3


  16. I love these new photos! What kind of lipstick did you wear?

    Happy new year to you too! Can't wait for more Epica tour dates!

  17. These photos are gorgeous. There's a perfect amount of empty space around you to really make the eye focus on you. You look amazing!

    Have a happy and safe new year!

  18. Happy 2013! I love it, it's great! Kisses from Uruguay! ♥

  19. These pics are amazing, wish to see more of this photoshoot session :)

    Have a great year, Simone!

  20. I love the new design! <3
    Simone, i wish you a happy new year and a lot of succes with epica and with your blog, THAT IS ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING! I find it very nice of you to share your beauty secrets with us, and i have to admit that that tutorial with the KRYOLAN stage makeup really helped me alot in the learning process of winging my eyeliner! Thank you for that and keep going, because YOU ROCK!

  21. Simone you are very beautiful