Sally Hansen New Nail Colors 2013

by 13.12.12

Hi Sweets,

In January 2013, Sally Hansen is bringing out 13 lovely new colors. All of them will include a 7 in 1 formula that contain:

  • Base coat
  • Growth treatment
  • Strengthener
  • Top coat
  • Intensive color
  • Gel finish
  • Prevents chipping

I love the brush, it's nice and wide and applies like a dream. Perfect for me, the manicure expert... Here's the first one for you to see, a lovely grey shade.


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  1. I can't wait for your next creative video at your Simone Simons YouTube channel.

  2. Anonymous13.12.12

    Such a simple color, yet so beautiful.

  3. It would have been sad if you didn't post a new blog today!
    i loved the color, but surely that nailpolish is very expensive, everything you buy is expensive, but worth it

  4. Hi Simone, I have a question concerning nail polish, if I may ask...
    I deal with make-up and the company I work for requires me to have THEIR nail polish on, every day. Of course, after 3 months my nails are all broken and begin to flake. Obviously, before I apply nail polish, I always use the the strengthening base, but apparently is not enough.

    Do you have any advice for me, Simone? It seems that have always your nail polish on your nails, without damaging them at all ...


  5. Dear Smoon, what do you think about gel polish or artistic nails? :)Have you ever use these?

  6. Simone estava ansiosa para sua nova publicação, estava sumida... acompanho seu blog todos os dias e a cor do teu esmalte é muito lindo, o que mais gostei até hoje foi o dourado, dourados são incríveis. Beijos de uma fã de Brasília-Brasil! <3

  7. The color is so beautiful!! Perfect for the season

  8. Anonymous15.12.12

    Dear Simone, how many coats did you need to get such nice, rich,even color? Thanks!