by 4.12.12

Hello sweets,

I am proud to let you know that the renowned make up brand KRYOLAN is now my official make up sponsor for our 'Requiem for the Indifferent' tour.

I know Kryolan since many years, and have been using some of their products for EPICA shows in the past. They have amazing products and I can't wait to show you what I have been using during our recent live shows. You can expect video's where I am recreating my stage make up looks and lot's of beauty posts filled with my favorite KRYOLAN products.

Below are two pictures of a day time KRYOLAN look that I have been wearing a lot lately. The products are listed below.

 | Face |
  • Dermacolor Fluid Foundation in A3
  • Cream Blusher in 725A for contouring
  • Cream Blusher Coral 
  • Both blushes applied with a 9941 brush

| Eyes |
  • Eyeshadow Primer
  • Cream liner in Cacao
  • Satin Powder SP334 applied with a 9906 brush
  • Custom Made Eyeshadow Trio

| Lips |
  • LC004 lipstick (applied lightly)
  • High gloss Crystal Rose

I love this peachy day time look. It compliments blue eyes and warms up the face beautifully. Winter, spring summer or fall, I wear peachy shades all year long.

Do any of you like to wear peachy shades?


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  1. Wooow Epica sponsored by great make up! Fashion and metal together, I love this! Way to go Simone :)

  2. I do love to use peachy shades! specially during spring, but during winter as well! but you know what i love to use during winter? Red lipsticks, and everything matte (maybe except the lipstick) but the rest in matte... i think it just fits perfectly with winter! Don't you think so? :) beautiful pictures!

  3. Hi Simone, when I use this, my bleu eyes looks green. Love it also with little bit gold. Very natural! Grtz Deborah

  4. Well yes, i these colors are perfect for all the seasons :-)

  5. Hello Simone... Did you dyed your hair recently? This color looks wonderfull in you <3

  6. Since you change your hair color again, which eyebrow pencil do you use now?
    Really nice pictures, beautiful lady :)

  7. Nice sweater! H&M or which brand? :) too much questions, i know :s

  8. Slightly bummed out that your sponsored now, I have never tried the brand so I do not have a opinion on their products. But I feel like your opinion isn't your own opinion on the product now, it is you feeling like you have to say something nice about it because you get the products for free. I see beauty gurus on YT all the time do this, saying what they claim is their 'honest' opinion of a product a company has sent them for free and it just ends up being them going on about how wonderful the product is.

    I am just saying I hope you don't sell out like that, cause no brands makeup range is 100% perfect that you will only ever use their products.

    I do not mean to offend anyone, this is just my view on sponsored products.

    1. Hi Mandy,

      I will not only use Kryolan. It is meant for the live shows, I am free to use them off stage and will only use the products that I like and will only introduce my favorite items.
      If I don't like anything, I don't use it. It's as simple as that :)



    2. Question: Is this brand only available in Germany? Do they ship to other European countries?

    3. I am happy to hear that, as I really value your beauty product opinions. A few products you have used that I have tried and I am now TOTALLY in love with now! Especially the Organix shampoo/conditioner. And since I have such a similar skin type/tone to you I am very keen to try the Dior foundation; I have tried a couple of other high end brands just not happy with them =( and supermarket/pharmacy brands in Australia are very hard to find in the very pale tone. I am keen to try the Kryolan lipstick, so over primers and lipsticks that don't last more then 1 hour! Thanks for replying Simone - I didn't expect it.

      @Dóra you can buy the Kryolan products at any good theater/stage shop, some pharmacies stock them also a few beauty shops may as well. Just Google Kryolan [your city or nearest capital city] stocklist. You should find something =)

  9. cream make up less bad for the skin? what their
    favorite?, I'm just a little delicate skin, I hope its recommendation, even when taxing a video recipe, I'd like something sweet or a traditional dish in your country.

  10. Have you ever thought about trying out stiletto nails?

  11. OMG I love your hair !

  12. That's nice!!! I like the Kryolan products! :)

  13. Hello Simone,I think this make up looks awesome on you,but you always use a soft make up,I mean lately why?strong make up looks beautiful on you. greetins from Uuruguay

  14. a partnership incredible!
    You are very beautiful, Kisses.

  15. Awesome you got a sponsorship deal! Must be exciting for you.Kryolan are very lucky to have such a wonderfull person as a embasodor of their brand.In truth Simone,you don't even need make-up.Although I do think it enhances your features.I saw your video on youtube,the video when you had no make-up on in the begining for the €20 challenge,with those bright blue eyes & such a warming smile you are very blessed(I hope that does not sound creepy,I meant it with good intentions)
    I feel a bit out of place as a guy posting a comment on a make up post.I just thought you may be interested to hear the thoughts from someone who knows nothing of the world of beauty.

  16. Ik, en ik weet zeker dat vele anderen, graag make-up tutorials over zowel overdag en 's avonds looks - vooral omdat de winter het gebruik van zo veel brutaler en donkere kleuren en tinten uitnodigt. Moet zeggen dat wat mij opvalt het meest over deze foto's zijn uw haarkleur - zeker mijn favoriet sinds Epica begon!

  17. Ook als ik een aantal specifieke gebieden van make-up te suggereren tutor, hoe je een natuurlijke wenkbrauw vulmiddel look, en ook een natuurlijke blusher look te krijgen - met name voor lichte huid. Dank je wel!

  18. Je ziet er prachtig uit. En gefeliciteerd met je overeenkomst met kryolan!

  19. Actually I never tried peachy shades on myself, but I kinda like it on you, and as I have the same skin and eye color (I am brunette, but I believe your natural hair color is quite the same am mine) I think I'll give it a shot!

    Thanks for the tip!

  20. Firstly, I liked all of them including blondish but this colour is really AWESOME for you.

    That's a wise choice of the brand, even as a not-really-rich costumer I try to check products you use, because I like your taste. I can't even imagine some other fans with more money and interest in make up :D

    Of course I do love peach shades. :) I have orange/blond hair and green eyes. Peach works perfect with green too and I LOVE it. I had never heard of this brand until you mentioned it in your blog in another post but I'll try if I find. Do you know how can we buy online? :/

  21. Congratulations on the sponsoring! This is a great look. Really bright and cute. I think my skin is too pinky for peaches, but it looks great with your colors!

  22. Hello Simone,
    I'm really looking forward to the next videos you will promote. I love makeup despite being a boy. Would you like to give some tips for self-makeup?
    Do not know the Kryolan, I will look in the stores here in Brazil and see if I can find some product. Congratulations partnership, our favorite makeup artist :)

  23. I came back to here read any new comments & noticed all my spelling mistakes.There will probably be spelling mistakes on the comment I left on your post about Minou. I'm rather embarrassed actually. I'm dyslexic so I find it difficult to spell & punctuate correctly.My spell-checker had disabled it's self for some reason & I only managed to turn it back on a few minutes ago.

    A second congratulations Simone! I'm not just saying this to flatter,I really do think you are the most stylish woman in metal.No disrespect to the many other stylish ladies in metal either,just my opinion.
    How long does the sponsorship last for,just curious?

  24. Hi Simone! I want to ask you, which mascara are you using here? I really like how your eyelashes look!! I'll be very thankful if you can answer me :)

  25. i absolutely adore your darker hairs!!!

  26. Hi Simone! that's cool that you have kryolan as a make up sponsor!! =) I always like your make up even if I prefer when you use eyeshadows with light or naturals colours!! you're too beautiful and don't need so much make up ;) kisses from Italy and from our band that loves Epica so much! byyye

  27. Great look! I'm love with your hair color ♥ Kisses

  28. I love that peachy concept! it's the best color in the world in my opinion, and it also suits you very well ^^

  29. sos tan hermosa !!tu pelo tus ojos tu piel...aaaaa !!!!!!!!!!