3 Years SMOONSTYLE - Winners Announced -

by 4.9.13

On the 2nd of September SMOONSTYLE celebrated it's 3rd birthday! So far there are over 3,000 people subscribed to the blog and more than 4,500,000 views!

It has been great fun to work on the blog and I appreciate the support you guys have been given me. There are so many fellow metal heads that share all things beauty/fashion/food and more related things. The blog has gotten a huge redesign thanks to Rebecca Brayman.

Thank you guys so much!!!

I'd like to bake a cake and give you all a piece, but instead I have something else for you.

QVC BEAUTY has given me three 'Beauty Boxes' filled with goodies for a give away on SMOONSTYLE. One for each year that SMOONSTYLE exists.

Thanks QVC Beauty!

The rules:
  • The give away is world wide
  • You have to be a subscriber of SMOONSTYLE
  • Leave a comment below this post telling what you like most about the blog
  • Give away ends Friday the 6th of September
  • Good luck

The Winners chosen randomly:

For the winners: Please leave another comment under this post with your email address. I will not publish the comments, but contact you via email to handle the shipping.


On my nails I am wearing 'Leighton Denny' 'I love Juicy' nail polish. It is included in the Beauty Box.

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  1. I like the makeup tips / tutorials the best. They're useful for me as we share similar skin, eye and hair colour. :)

  2. Congratulations for the 3 years of work and dedication to SmoonStyle!! :)

    I really like of your Blog the recommendation of brands and products, not only for its price, also for their quality, and the makeup tips that you offer in combination with outfits, are really very useful! This Blog is very inspiring to me!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    XOXO Paula.

  3. The reviews of different beauty products are useful. Thanks to this blog, I've found Rituals, for example!

  4. Anonymous4.9.13

    Wow giveaway! In this three years of Smoonstyle I learn how you are special. Thank you for be an amazing singer and a lovely person. You are my inspiration. "Smoonstyle" is the base of my make up now . I really learn a lot of things with you. And this I'll leave for all my life. And this that what I like on the blog: your stories,the way that you transmits your creativity for us. Thank you so much for this!

  5. Hi Simone :) What I like most on this blog are beauty related posts, especially your newer posts "beauty bin"!

  6. Congratulations! Very hard to say what I like! Love her makeup tips! They help me a lot! That's it! ;)

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary! My oh my, how time does fly.

    Personally, I love the backstage adventures the most! But your beauty blogs are definitely a worthy second spot. I always enjoy your entries!


  8. Anonymous4.9.13

    I like the posts about makeup, are always inspiring, easy to make and great to use on a day-to-day!

  9. What I like more about this blog is that we get to see the other side of you Simone.Thanks to this blog, all of your fans get to see your interests other than EPICA and I think this site provides us girls with inspiration to take care of ourselves and be true to ourselves as well. Besides all that, all the posts and tips you post on here are very helpful and I've come to love many of the products you've talked about on this site :)

  10. Congratulations Simone! Seeing a woman doing the things that I like [metal, fashion, beauty, cooking, travelling...] and doing them in style. How should I say it? You are "metal chic". That is why I follow this blog.

  11. I've been a fan of Epica for more than 4 years.So when I found your blog since day 1(I sound like a total stalker) I would followed it.But I enjoied the content of this blog.Your make up looks,the tour pics.I just enjoy seeing you and your life.I hope you have a healthy baby!

  12. I like your blog because it's very personal and has interesting and useful posts about beauty. I'm happy that through this blog I can learn more about you not only as a singer but also as an ordinary person. Thank you for it and best wishes to you! Greetings from Hungary

  13. Happy Birthday to Smoonstyle! =)I wish you all the best for the future Simone, and I hope they will be many other posts on your blog... I check it everyday since its birth and I am never disappointed. Your entries are various and always interesting, the pictures wonderful and I love your writing.
    It's very nice of you to share your passions, pieces of your life(with or without Epica), your travels etc...
    With lots of French love! =)

  14. What I like most of the blog is that I can know what you like, all the makeup, places, etc. and feel that you are not that far in the World. Thank you!!

    Erika- Argentina

  15. What I love about Smoonstyle is that you can talk about everything (life/beauty/travels/tour/Epica ecc) and it still looks like one of the best websites ever! And it totally represents you!!

    Wish also the biggest of luck for your baby and for your healthy pregnancy :)
    Kisses xoxo

  16. Hi Simone!
    What I love most about this blog is that it makes you human. You're not just the far-away stage goddess. You're a regular gal who likes chocolate, cooking, makeup, cute clothes, and most wonderfully of all, you're a mom now! I also have used a lot of your makeup and style ideas because apart from being my favorite vocalist, we're also very similar complexion-wise. Whatever looks good on you has always looked great on me too when I tried it! Anyways, love to you and the little one, have a safe delivery and let Oliver spoil you afterwards! <3 You will need it!

  17. Hey Simone!

    3 years? REALLY? Seems like it was yesterday that you started it!
    I really like reading it because we, fans, can get closer to you, as a "nomal person". This is you outside the lead singer of Epica!

    Happy Birthady SmoonStyle!! \o/

  18. Hello Simone! It's difficult explain what I like most of this blog because I love it all! I find very interesting the posts about cosmetics and your photos about travels. I love the way that you tell us how to be beautiful and stunning!
    And I fell in love to Minou.
    Thank you to share all this things with us :)

    Sorry for my english, I'm from Spain!

  19. I love that somebody who loves heavy music loves makeup, just like myself. You put up great product reviews and swatches. I also really loved the makeup contest! Thanks for having the best blog out there. Take care :)

  20. What I like the most about this blog is watching all your favorite things, which show us that you are a human just like all of us & that you like the same things that a lot of us like. I also like the photos of every journey that you post, is really interesting watching all those places, and most of all if you haven't gone there yet (as me). I like how you give us some beauty tips that might help us with your beauty rutin (which most of people don't have & it's important to have most of all to take care of your skin face). But what I like the most about your blog is that you let us enter in some part in your life, which is something really cute, cause is like having you as a friend for a few minutes :)
    ...And yeah, all of those thiings are what I like the most about your blog :)

  21. The thing I like the most in your blog is that it's so inspiring in many ways :) you have a great taste in fashion and your make-up skills are extraordinary. I always get new ideas from your posts! - Maria

  22. Hi Simone!
    I follow your blog since the beginning and I love to read all you write in here. I'm a huge fan of Epica too. I admire you as a singer and also as a human being. The time I spend reading your blog is great. Not every artist does what You do. You share your thoughts, your likes and I know I realize I have so much in common with you. Of course I'm a Metalhead but I also LOVE Make Up (I'm a freelance Makeup Artist) and the feeling of sharing something so interesting with you is really awesome. Thanks for sharing your life with us and keep going with this!

    Cheers from Mexico :)

  23. Heeey!
    Happy blog-birthday! I'm your fan since I had 14 years old,and also I saw in Granada (oct. 2005) for me was my first concert and was AWESOME!! Epica is one of my favourite bands and reading your blog is like being "in contact" with you, knowing somting more about you and your likes :)

    Hope you'll spend more years bloging and sharing things with us!

    Natalia xo


  24. I love them simplicity of every post that you make! Everything is so elegant and not too 'in your face'. And you my dear are gorgeous!

  25. What I like the most on the blog is knowing that you as a person that I admire have a life full of normal things and share some of these moments with us. I follow your blog since the beginning and I didn't realized that it exists for three years now. From these three years of your blog I've learned a lot of things relateted to beuty, make up, food and I feel like visiting all those places that you write about. Keep going with it and have a good hour with your baby's arrival.

  26. Anonymous4.9.13

    Congrats Smoon!! what i like most of the blog is that u have teach us who to be healthy and beauty in a different way and u can be a metal head and love different things it's all a bout personality!!!

    I love u so much Smoon u are a big inspiration for me.

  27. Anonymous4.9.13

    Well happy anniversary! :'D
    I love your blog for three simple reasons:
    1. because i love see all fashion and make up that you use :)
    2. Because i really think that you are so elegant and funny.
    3. because i want to wish you a good life, happiness and a very healthy family.

  28. I love the travel section and the beauty section too!
    I really enjoy reading you, you're so funny! THis blog is a great way of knowing you in a more "personal" way.

    Congrats on the anniversary!


  29. As I told you during your last promo day with Epica in Paris, I love reading your blog because of the precision of your advices (list of products used for make-up for example) and the illustration with your pics. Thanks to you, I've discovered new products and I've bought some of them eyes closed ;+)

    Thank you and I wish you all the best with the BB :)

  30. What I like about your blog? It's easy! Your sensational make-up, style, and of course superb pictures.
    Often I look in here for a moment to look for some new inspiration of makeup.

    Of course, as we all wait for news of a little baby. Keep up warmly and take care of yourself :*

    Never in my life did not "won" but what the hell, it's not the most important. I hope that in the near future, I'll see you and the boys of the group at a concert in Poland ;)

    Take care now :*

  31. Congratulations on the 3 years of SmoonStyle!

    It has been a huge part of my week as I do beauty and fashion research myself in my spare time. I love that you not only promote products you like but also say what's not so great about some things. I enjoy reading your experience with different products and find it really useful when buying something for myself :). I also really enjoy your travel blogging as I never get the chance to travel, I only live abroad due to university studies. And yet I get to see the world from the same camera lens that I have, actually :) It's Canon 600D, isn't it? It's entertaining to read about what you saw and where you went when in a particular city :)

    I hope you continue blogging and making our days more cheerful :) Best of luck with your baby, by the way, cannot wait for the update :)

    Thank you !

  32. Bravo for this is beautiful 3 years!
    What I like most about your blog?? the choice is hard!
    I love you're product reviews, you're make up that I find very beautiful! (unfortunately I do not ais a large budget to spend on make up)
    I love the backstage adventures! And I loved your videos pity that you're stopped!
    I actually like almost all of your blog, it is clear, beautiful and enjoyable to read.
    Thank you for sharing with us a few of your beauty secrets!
    And thank you for this nice contest!
    Have a nice evening
    Ps: sorry, my English is bad ...

  33. Hello Simone!

    Already follow you there exactly 11 years since I met Epica.
    Not only the band, but I really appreciate your work and recognize your blog as a source of inspiration because joins all I really like > Movies, makeup, beauty, music, kitchen... !!!
    I really loved the makeup inspired by movies, also because I'm a fanatic for both.

    Always Expect the best in your life, and now to the baby. =)
    Thank you!


  34. Anonymous4.9.13

    Smoonstyle is my favorite blog, I really appreciate the makeup posts. And I love Minou too, cute cat! Black like mine :) Sometimes there are interesting posts about food but I can't try the recipes because I'm vegetarian. Anyway this blog is nice.

  35. hi simone, happy three years of surrendering your tips and help with things as basic as your BB but so important to a woman, I'm a mother and that despite the great work that means you should never be put aside how feminine and careful that must be a woman, and you help us with that. that's what I like about your blog, help in so many ways that we give to things simple but still very important, Many thanks and greetings from chile you both for all .. I'm sure you'll have a beautiful girl.
    PS: sorry for my english

  36. I really love seein' your pictures and the fact that you talk about everything :).

    Happy birthday to Smoonstyle and I wish you all the best!


  37. Hi Simone, I love so much your hair, and your makeups, you are my big inspiration for style, music and makeup, kisses *-*

  38. I love the beautiful pictures especially those with your make-up and fashion styles, they are really inspiring me for my own styles :)

    Lots of birthday wishes from Germany :)

  39. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for this contest and congratulations for the third Smoonstyle's birthday :).

    What I love the most about this blog is that you show to the world that you can be a metal singer (or a metalhead, etc) and love make-up and nail polish. And that is so great, because ... well i'm also a metalhead, and love make-up and I also have a beauty blog. I've been keeping my blog secret to my friends because, well, I dunno, i wasn't confortable with the idea of Seraf-the-goth-chick running a blog where she talks about how much she loves lipstick. And then, you open your blog and shows that it's perfectly fine to love metal and lipstick, and, well, I felt better.

    Yeah it sound pretty stupid I know, but, that's the truth.

    (And also, your pictures are really beautiful and I love this new design :) )

  40. Happy bday to the blog. What do I love from your blog? First, that is REAL...you write your daily stuff and try to give us a perspective in a subtle way. I like the cooking tips and style tips. I love it that you don't focus the page to yourself, but on everything that surrounds you, you give us YOUR perspective of life, not only on music, but on nature. And I love your cat ^^

  41. Hello Simone! Congratulations :) What i like the most in your blog? Keep in touch with you and know you better!

    Wish you all the best,


  42. Congratulations for the 3 years!!

  43. Hi, Smoon!

    What I like most about your blog is that although you are incredibly beautiful and known worldwide for your work with Epica, but you personally divides in a way very simple and affectionate the details of your personal life, travels, and your secrets of beauty that are so sought, thus you put yourself closer to your fans and this makes them feel close to you and also part of your day.

    Congratulations for the anniversary of blog! Bring on more than 30 years of Smoon Style! Cheers from Brazil!


  44. Hi, Simone.
    What I like the most about your blog are the makeup section (and also the "tastes" section)
    I hope you and your coming baby are well :)

    Greetings form Argentina.

  45. I share your site on my fb and on google+ I have a lot of metal friends which waiting for you here ;) And I hope they visit your site now :)

    Take care :)

  46. For the First i want to congratulate you for 3 years of blogging.
    What i love of SmoonStyle is that through your writing i can know you better, and i see that you're a very cool and nice person. Your posts are simple but i see the love you put in each of them. This site is my blogger inspiration. I don't write about make up, or fashion, but i write of the things that makes me happy, and SmoonStyle is about that, do what you love and share it with others.
    Thanks for 3 years of Great Experiences :)


    Kisses from Dominican Republic

  47. Happy birthday, Smoonstyle! ^^
    I like the make up themed posts, but I prefer your writings and pictures of Epica tour. Thank you for sharing your everyday life with us! :)

  48. Hello Simone! I'm always taking a look at your posts. It's nice when you post things about the tours and the band, and the tips about makeup are nice! More tutorials for stylish makes, specially about eyeshadows would be a blast for the girls!
    Take care and congrats for the baby! :)

  49. Sisi congratulations for these amazing 3 years. I love your blog for all the advices about make up, the brands we can use and style.

    Also is wonderful when someone like you shares about their life. You travel a lot and I love all the photos you take, it makes me know a little bit about beautiful things in this world. I'm from Venezuela and I would like travel around the world like you have.

    I love your beautiful family and I'm excited about the baby.

    Sorry about my poor English. Saludos. Alessandra

  50. I wish your blog a happy birthday:)
    What I like the most is the versatility of your blog. I really like your make-up related posts and of course the reviews of products you used.
    I always like to see your travel related posts and the photos you make are really good and always a pleasure to look at.

    I wish you a lot of happy blogging moments!:)

    Ps: the new look of the blog is really elegant. I like it a lot.
    All the best, Tina

  51. Hi Simone!
    The best thing of your blog it's how you writte all the posts because you related the tutorials easy and it's amazing how do you look on the photos. Thanks too for give us all the products of make up....for you now i'm in love for the MACs products.
    When i'm sad if you has publicated a post, you give me a good moments.
    Sorry for my english!!!! But thanks for all. And congratulations for you baby :)
    Muchos besos desde España!!!

  52. Anonymous4.9.13

    Congratulations! :)
    Your blog is a great inspiration for me. I really love your style and your advices are really helpful for me. Especially about make up. I'm waiting for new amazing posts! :)


  53. Hi lovely Simone!!
    You are an amazing woman, and I'm sure your family will be blessed :)

    Since I found out about the blog, a very long time ago, I've been following it like crazy. So many great tips, tutorials, artistc pictures! I admire you so much, and you gave me a totally different look for beauty! The right products to use, the combinations, everything you were posting changed the way I looked into make up!

    THe comment mustn't be long, so I'm closing by saying how greatful I am that my favourite metal diva, has such a great influence on me on another favourite piece of a woman's life: beauty!

    Bye bye from Greece, always the best!


  54. Hi Simone !
    Thank you for all, Smoonstyle is amazing ! It's so cool to feel close of our favorite singer throught this blog and the passion of beauty.
    I prefer the make up article where you show your make up style.
    Bye ♥

  55. Oh wow, 3 years already? Time sure flies!

    Well, I love how you're open and passionate about your interests. Being a female metalhead who quite enjoys make-up and fashion too, it's great knowing that you're the same way. It's so sad that some people shame you for enjoying things you have every right to enjoy, just because "it's not metal-y".
    I also really love your photography and it'd be really great if you decide to post some more photos! And your "beauty bin" posts are really great (and helpful) c:

    Take care and good luck with the little one!

  56. Smoonstyle it's really nice. I Love your makeup tips, and sometimes when I have a party o whatever event, use your tips!
    It very funny, because I take the computer to my toilette or where I have a big mirror, open SmoonStyle.com, search what is the appropiate and start playing with colors!
    And is interesting too, the products no? Because, we need to know what are the cosmetic products that we are using on our faces.
    So, thanks for this beauty space ^^

    All the best! And for more years of SmoonStyle!

    Greetings from Rosario, Argentina :)

  57. Hey !

    Congratulations for these three last years. It prooves that it works ;)

    What I like the most is definitely the make up tutorials. As I'm a redhead, this blog is full of tips and advices. And, what I must admit, is that I like you so much that I often come on your website to know the news.

    This blog is fresh. I really enjoy it when I come on it.

    Fingers crossed for the end of your pregnancy !
    Boy or girl, that baby will be like his parents : absolutely lovely.

    Keep rocking as you do !
    Best regards from France !


  58. Anonymous4.9.13

    I like the fact that this blog is made by a woman chasing her dreams. Making so many things, music, photography, makeup, giving advice to people out there but most of all Inspiration. Simone, you've been inspiring people for years now and that's remarkable for me.. I Wish Best Luck to the winners and the best for you and your family, Simone. Be all well, and Greetings From Greece!

  59. First of all, congratulations!!!

    What I like most about the blog is that it shows us what a nice person you are. Needless to say that the beauty tips are very helpful and photos are always awesome but the important thing is the fact that you share them with us.
    You're not a distant and arrogant rockstar like most of the others. You are one of us and we see that everyday with the help of this blog.

    So, thanks for being one of us ;) And take care of the baby!

  60. Hello, Simone:
    The best part of Smoonstyle, is that we can feel you're closer to us in every post, pics, kitchen recipes, beauty tips, travel you made. That's the more important for us, is a way to know you a little more. And about the beauty tips you share I've been learned a lot, that's make us feel closer to you. Dear, I really wish you the best in this new experience as a mom, I wish you the best for you, Oliver and the baby!, you are a great singer who had teach to me the meaning of talent. Thank for this 3 years closer to us. Hugs!!!!

    Gladys R Cisternas

  61. Hello!
    Congratulation for this blog's birthday.
    First time I went on it, that was for your make-up advices. Then I realised that Smoostyle was the Epica's singer's blog, and I was so surprised! (I didn't know that we just could follow the blog :X)

    I like your music, but if I stay here and read all your posts, it's because I like the person you are. You're so lovely, and what I like most upon Smoonstyle, it's the simplicity, the kindness and the... well, I suppose I must call that "humanity", of your writing. No matter that it's about make-up, travel, or music, reading you is always a pleasure and makes me smile ;)

    Thanks for beeing here, and bringing kind of sunbeam.



  62. What I like most of SMOONSTYLE is that we have the oportunity to lear about make up (I love that topic), cooking recepies, places, etc; and we can have the most beautiful pics of you. You are one of the few people who let us have the oportunity to share all your knowledge about all the things you know.

    You are a inspiration to me, not only with epica when I have to develop a proyect; after SMOONSTYLE I learned how to make my self up better, beacuse to have a good appearance is very importand at the moment to take the final proyect in the university.

    So, thaks a lot for all the things you give us, Kisses from Colombia :)

  63. What I like the most about SmoonStyle the make up tips, and the fact that I know a little more about you Simone.

    Kisses from Brazil.

  64. Gefeliciteerd!
    What I like most about Smoonstyle are the pictures of the beautiful places you have visited. I wish I could visit them too in the future. Of course, I like all the beauty/make up posts, as it shows that, even though you like metal, you can still be beautiful and girly, and that inspires me.


  65. Dear Simone,
    Congratulations on your 3 years smoonstyle. The thing I like the most about your blog is the perfect balance you create between you and your blog followers. I hope that your blog will have many many more years of you.

  66. Congratulations!I really like your blog because it inspires me, and it's nice that through this blog we get to know some things about you and what you like.I think that you have a nice taste for fashion and makeup,and also the way you combine the colours is great!
    I like the pictures of Minou, it's a very cute cat.
    I am always excited when i see a new post, I also like the pictures you take,photography is a hobby for me as well.

    Wish you all the best,and many years ahead of blogging!

    Laura from London

  67. Dear Simone!:)

    Congratulations on those 3 years!! :)

    This blog always inspires me,it's like an obsession to me.I have to check it out every day! You can always show us some exciting things,you're posts are fantastic!:)
    I like all kind of posts because of different reasons. Ok,maybe my favourites are posts about travel and beauty.I'm in love with travel posts becouse I'm not able to travel too much,but in this way I can travel with you to those beautiful places! Thank you so much! :)
    I hope you keep writing on this blog! Thanks for the inspirations,wonderful pictures,good recipes and beauty advices! :)

    Best wishes to you and your baby! I'm sure she or he will be as wonderful as you! :)

  68. I can't believe it's 3 years now. I remember the first time I visited your blog. I'm a big fan of Epica and I loved the idea of your blog. I enjoy travel photos, beauty products reviews and make up :)

  69. Hello Simone!
    I'm a silent girl, so I'm not used to comment a lot in your blog, but I'm always visiting your blog,twitter, facebook and instagram... because the only reason is that for me, you are such a great person! I don't know how to describe what you trasmit to me, and what you mean to me.. since I know you, you've become for me like a model to follow, you know the main reason is because I love Epica, I love your music, and of course your voice! Then when I knew that you were a girl like someone else... you know with tastes of make up, clothes, like someone else, and the best thing is that you like to share everything of you to us, your fans! It means a lot! Because you're not only thinking of you, you are very nice with your fans just because you always are letting us know what you really are besides Epica. I don't know how to answer what I like the most of your blog, cause I like everything! but maybe the things I like more is what you tell us about news of Epica or when you make some tutorials and make up looks, I really liked that, when you were doing some movie make ups! You should do more like that! :) And now what I would really like to know and see here is more about your baby! <3 I still can't believe you're going to be a mommy! and of course the best!!
    Thank you so much for being such a great person, never change!

    My best wishes always for you!

    Brianda =)

  70. Anonymous4.9.13

    3 years already? OMG! Happy anniversary Smoonstyle!
    I actually would have a lot of reasons, but I think that these three are the most importantly:
    with every post you give us (as fans) the chance to know you behind Epica, as a "normal" person, and I found this very kind and sweet :) The posts about healty food inspire me every time (yummy) and I really really like the posts about the make-ups..it's the proof that wearing a lipstick or a mascara makes the difference..and makes me wanna try and change!
    So..thank you very much!!
    I wish you all the best :')

  71. Congratulations, Simone! You've been dedicating on SmoonStyle a lot during those 3 years!

    It's hard to pick only one thing I like the most here, but it may be the makeup tutorials, your face of the day.

    Cheers from Brazil!

  72. I like the posts with pictures from around the World!
    I've been wondering what happend to your YouTube channel? I miss your videos!!! I learned who to use the curling iron from your video!
    Best wishes!

    Hugs and Smiles

  73. I think I like the most the simplicity with which you tell things.
    I was wondering what subject attracts me the most but it's really hard to choose, because you're great at keeping this blog alive.
    The subject I like the most on this blog is hmm... how to call it - your activities? I like when you tell about places you have visited.

    Kisses, Ann

  74. once somebody ask me... if you were in an island and you could take three persons with you, who would you take and why?
    so i said. i would take my boyfriend because i can not live without him and because i need some one to cuddle with at night, then i would take my cat because my cat makes me happy, and finally a would take to simone simons because we could have girly time, exchange recipes, makeup each other, check what is new in the fashion world, colors and tendences, share beauty tips, discuss about makeup brands, and of course we will spend hours and hours talking about her life because all that she does is my inspiration, and if she takes minou with her, we could play with our cats :) ....

    for me this blog is like having you here with me, its all i need because we have a lot in common. every time you write a post i feel like if im part of your life and i want to thank you for share your life with us, your fans that loves you.
    i just want you to know that you are a very important part of my life so important that if i were on an island, without a doubt i would take you with me :)

  75. Well, what I most like in here is that sometimes, it helps me learn something, to be more feminine that I normally am. The first time I really wanted to use makeup was seeing a post about some shades of Fyrinnae's eye shadows. Pyromantic Erotica was the one you're using and... Today it's my favorite in all the 4 lands.
    If i'm not wrong, it was on 2010.

    So, Thanks Simone! For bringing the "woman" in me. (And also the man sometimes xD)


  76. hello dear simone ! congratulation for your pregnancy and for the blog's birthday <3!
    what i love about smoonstyle is that it makes me feel like more than just a fan of epica and of simone .it makes me feel like a close friend to you as i know more about your everyday life,clothing,make up and travels.
    i also love make up tips,product recommandationsand and the beautiful pictures you share.
    greetings from morocco !

  77. Anonymous4.9.13

    Hello! I like this forum because my girlfriend loves it and it makes her happy, and I want to enter to win the gift bag to give it to my girlfriend Maria Fernanda :D

  78. I simply love your blog! i never liked fashion or beauty blogs because most contained styles that aren't affordable for normal people. we share the love for german drugstores and because of your blog i found the perfect body-lotion which helps my try skin and isn't expensive. you, as person, also got me to love my natural ginger hair! i never liked it but now i am proud of it and your blog also shows me what i can do with my style.
    beside this, i always also love Epica. <3

    I wish you all the best, with this blog, with Epica and in your private life!

    lots of love <3

  79. Hi,Simone! I read this blog from the beginning, and my favorite posts are about make-up! I like to doing make up and I think that it will be very good if I will be have good cosmetics, because in Ukraine the most products are having bad quality.
    Thanks for this contest:)
    xo-xo :)

  80. I just love the beauty of your photos, and beautiful scenery of the countries you travel

  81. Hi dear Simone *-*
    Congratulations for SmoonStyle 3rd birthday!You deserve it and I wish for you more success in your career and blog
    I love your blog!I like very much the tips of beauty and clothes but I enjoying when you write about your personal life.This shows for me that you are a simple person like us and this inspired me to be better.
    And also,I love when you write about places that you visited!I have the wish to travel around the world and visit many countries that I can,each tip of place that you recommend it's a place that I pretend to visit.
    So please,never stop the blog.You have no idea how this is amazing for your fans and how this contribute to us in a somehow.
    Thank you for your dedication and for always being kind to yours fans.

    Ps: Sorry for my english,I have to practice more,rs.

    kisses and hugs from Brazil ♥

  82. I love your tips and advice and a lot of things and products can be bought in the Czech Republic. I love Balea! And I like makeup posts because I am a huge makeup lover and you always have beautiful makeup, mostly I love that colorful ones :)

    Greetings from the Czech Republic :)

  83. What I like is all the beauty tips that you give,all the beautiful places you visit on tour and see that you have a normal life like us.
    I admired you for being a brave and happy women, I wish you all the best in this new chapter in your life as a mother.
    Keep going with the blog and hope come more years to share tips with us
    Greetings from Costa Rica

  84. I like the way you write on every post. So friendly, simple and warm. It is easy to follow and after reading your posts, especially the ones about your travels, I feel like you are just a friend of mine, telling me about your life. So...It is nice to know you :) Take care, have bright sunny yellow days!

  85. Congratulations on the successful blog! :-) I really like to read it, I especially like the travelling diaries and photos of your tours, since I do not often travel so often myself ;-) All Epica news are cool, but I also find your beaty- realated topics interesting and useful! (I recently bought the Balea- Bodylotion you recommended and I really like it :D )

    All the best wishes for the future from Austria,
    and have fun with writing the blog for 3 more years or maybe more ;-)

  86. Hellooow, congrats on the 3rd year birthday, time goes by fast! :)

    Well I'd say the thing I like most is that by this blog I get to learn about things that you like and it's great to feel that you like sharing this with the rest of the world. It's inspiring and you always seems so shiny, you're like my "good mood dose" whenever I visit this page so, thanks :D

    Keep up and may your blog still be there many many years from now!



  87. Anonymous4.9.13

    Hi Simone,
    Happy Birthday Smoonstyle! Your blog is on the most viewed sites list on my computer :)
    I love it's simple language, how it brings us, Epica fans,closer to you, and your personal likes and hobbies. It's really good to get to know the real Simone, not only the singer Simone :)
    And of course, I love the beauty tips,which have served me well many times, the recipes, the sweet photos of cutie Minou. Overall, your blog is great! Thank you for 3 great years! Keep up the good work :)

    Love and xx from Brazil,


  88. Wow, drei Jahre schon, Glückwunsch! Ich lese deinen Blog nun seit ca. zwei Jahren und habe mir vor einem halben Jahr endlich einen Google-Account erstellt um auch richtig dabei sein zu können xD
    Natürlich würde ich mich auch sehr über ein Give Away Paket freuen ^-^
    Was ich am Meisten an deinem Blog mag ist, dass du dich deinen Fans mitteilst. Und zwar nicht einfach so. Manche prahlen mit ihrem Privatleben und Fotos und was weiß ich. Aber du gibst uns Tipps mit Make-up, Trends und Rezepten, du hälst uns auf dem Laufenden was Epica betrifft und oft (soweit es dir die Zeit ermöglicht) antwortest du auf unsere Fragen. Es ist schön, dir zuzusehen, wie du auf dem Boden geblieben bist und den Kontakt zu deinen Fans suchst und pflegst.
    Außerdem freue ich mich immer wieder über Katzenfotos^-^ habe selbst zwei Katzen, die ich über alles liebe!
    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie alles Liebe, Simone <3

  89. Hi dear Simone !

    Happy birthday to SmoonStyle and thanks for this really nice blog and photos ;)


  90. I love your blog because i love to know the other Simone, the one we can´t see on stage, i love how you share your other passions and stuff you love to do, it´s awesome for a fan like me to read about you and being more connected to one of my favorite metal singers :)
    wish me luck <3
    I love make up, food and clothes too <3
    Congratulations for the 3 years blogging!!! I remember when i read your first entry, i was pregnant, my daughter will turn 3 soon too <3 wujuu lots of celebrations here!

  91. Hi Simone :)

    I enjoy your blog a lot, your stories and photos always brighten my day.
    before seeing you I had no idea how to do my make up!
    I enjoy the movie make up most,that is really creative.
    All the best,

    Femke (another Dutchie)

  92. Hello Simone! I'm Cansu! I'm happy to following this blog since 3 years, happy years together! You'r giving me amazing advices... Make up, travel, perfume, fashion, music news, beauty products and your make up is really like naturel. I'll learn this one day from your pretty videos! Hope to do make up with your beauty boxes one day! And you'r very beautiful lady when i see your photos, videos ( you'r really very funny ) I'm being positive everyday when i'm in your blog! I'm searcing for your advice to do everyday. And you'r really great cooker ( and healty foods ) sometimes i'm trying to make them but i'm not good... I'm trying and buying your all perfumes in your blog! They has very beautiful smells! I love smell so much. In Istanbul you liked my perfume, it was amazing thing for me! (: ( Lancome - La Vie Est Belle ) Love you so much, take care a lot! Thanks for everything, hope to see you again... :)))) XxX

  93. Anonymous4.9.13

    Hey! I really love the looks you create, I hope to see more of them. Also I love Kryolan and it's always nice to see what products you have used :) Also, I am suscribed here and also follow on bloglovin! A really nice giveaway, I will be thrilled if I get something :)

  94. what I learned from you in these three years is to be a woman entrepreneur, you're a great inspiration for me and many other women who like to keep themselves sentirsen well, congrats simone, all there on your blog I like, the products we recommend and you tell us a little about your personal life is great for many fans of the band as yours, as I am a big fan of Epica: 3, always be my favorite singer, no matter if I win or not only I want you to know that I support you in all ... again congratulations for these three years and continue to give us your fashion advice ...

  95. I loved the post and how envolved you really are with people around the world!

    What I like the most is the pics that you take during the tours, it's very interesting to have your particular view of places.

    I like the makeups too!

    I'm curious to know your baby!
    Hugs from Sao Paulo, BR

  96. I like how down to earth and relatable your writing is--shows you are a real person, and I trust what you say even more. Many public figures either pay someone else to write, or only write to promote their latest album. I like that you share your life, especially recipes with us :)

  97. Hi Simone,
    First, congratulations for the 3 years of SmoonStyle, your blog is a inspiration for us who appreciate your talent as a musician and person.

    I like everything, makeup, beauty, kitchen, travel, your road with Epica.

    I wish to you and now for your baby, health and so much happiness.

    Love, Natasha!

  98. It's a very girly site :3 three years!!!! :O running time..I check this day by day and sometimes I read your archives in the beginning :) I most like the makup contest which based on your promotional photos of Requiem For The Indifferent album. It was a challenge for me but unfortunatelly I sent my photos to a wrong mail address...:-/ so I don't have any chance to win the meet and greet with you and the band. :( I hope that will be similar time for it. By the way all posts are superb and I'll be a constant reader.. You're a kind of role model for me in dressing, makeup style or hair.

    Keep it up!

    P.S. I wish you and Oliver a lot of strength and health to your baby. Big love and embrace from Hungary!!

  99. Hello, Simone!

    Firstly, congratulations for your blog! You are really doing a great job with it and you are making us feel closer to you, by showing us bits of yourself... the metal singer, the everyday woman, the artist. :) You should know that we truly appreciate this!
    As for me, I read with pleasure every post you write on this blog, but I do prefer the beauty and travel ones (you take awesome photographs!).

    Wish you all the best, good luck in everything that you want to accomplish and take good care of yourself and your little baby! Keep us posted with the pregnancy, we are also curious and excited! :D

    Rock on! <3
    Cristina from Romania

  100. hello simone!, I love the idea you want to get closer to your fans, even a little, showing what your passions, besides the music we love, such as makeup, I like your style!, and photographs!. i love your cat!!, I have 4 cats in my house! haha. I wish you well with the new addition to your family!!, hopefully likes the music as well as their daddies!, greetings from Argentina.
    with love,
    Dianela Ferrero.

  101. I have many reasons to LOVE the whole blog, but I especially like the make-up tutorials, I've learned a lot with them.I started to be interested in make-up stuff after seeing your blog. Congrats!!I also enjoy enjoy your trips around the world when you're on tour with Epica. I Hope Smoonstyle to stay among us for the next 333 years!Kisses from Brazil :D

  102. Anonymous4.9.13

    Congratulations for this 3 year!

    What I like about the blog is to know a small part of your life behind the scenes.
    And, by the way, talking about favorite post, I love travel post as I come up with ideas for future trips for me!

    A big hug to you and your belly, good luck in your new future life,

  103. Dear Simone,

    Congratz for blogging 3 awesome years! I hope you still enjoy reading the comments :P
    I love your entire repetoire of your blog, but I especially love the city trip photo's and all your amazing make-up work.
    You just could fit in for every stylist/make-up artist on this planet^^



  104. Congratulations for the 3 years Simonita...! I like your make up tips! Through your blog I discovered many new products..
    x :)


  105. Anonymous4.9.13

    I love everything I read here. Your photography, your essence, the places you show and of course, everything related with make up and fragances. I love your videos and I miss them a lot! Thank your for sharing with your fans these side of you, so beauty and well designed (yeas, I also love the design!).

    Regards from Spain and best wishes for you, Oliver and the baby-bump!

    I hope I can be the lucky one who wins one of this three gifts! I am subscribed to all your channels and websites ;)

  106. SmoonStyle is very funny with the tips of makeup, this page is of better, thanks for all Simone and Rebecca Brayman, you are wonderfull girls!!

    This page have good tips for a diet and good recets...

    We want more tips of food, make up and more, more, more....

    All is Wonderfull and Simone like mom...

    Congratulations for 3rd Birthday of Smoonstyle!!!

    We want more Smoonstyle!!

    Mexico, city LOVE THIS PAGE!!!!!

    Congratulations future mom!!!! =D

  107. Congratulations for this third year with Smoonstyle!!!
    What the most I like from this blog are the makeup´s reviews, I really love makeup and hair care products so I always read Smoonstyle :D
    Also Smoonstyle makes you so much closer to your fans and I love it.
    Greetings from chile!!

  108. Hi Simone, honestly I like all the things that you shared with us, I like the tutorials, your makeup is amazing, your greetings. And I like so much that I know things about my favorite singer. Thank you for all your words.

  109. Anonymous4.9.13

    Not exactly sure where to subscribe, but I'm a bloglovin follower so I hope that counts as well..

    What I like most about your blog.. Hmm.. I like seeing the life behind the artist (who happens to share the same interests, yay) and you being so honest and open about it. It just goes to show that being a girlygirl and a metal fan do go together, and most importantly, that nothing's wrong with that. Oh and I always enjoy your beautiful pictures!

    Thanks for sharing your skills and talents with us for the past 3 years! I hope many more will follow :)

  110. Hey, Simone!

    Time goes in such a crazy rhytm - 3 years? Really?! :)
    Firstly, it was so great to see you in Helsinki - you all are awesome! What I like about your blog the most? Of course, like every girl I simply love your make-up tutorials. :) also I enjoy very much small moments of your life, that you share with us, especially trips and photoshoots. It feels so good to know you at least a bit through this blog, and as far as I can say - you are the person, who definetely is worth to be an example to others! :)

    Many kisses and all the best to you and your beautiful baby from Finland! :)

  111. Hi Simone!
    Congratulations on the 3° Anniversary of your lovely SmoonStyle! ♥ Regarding your question, it all comes down to knowing you and your world better. On the one hand, I remember that three years ago I did not know you or EPICA. It was not until last year that I discover you and your inspiring music.
    As an ''epican'' newbee, your blog was such an amazing source of information, besides the fact that I love the unique way you portrait every aspect of your music, tours, new announcements and so on.
    On the other hand, even though I like metal music, I am a very girly girl :P and I always love to balance those two things, and I think that by getting to know you and your blog I found out so many resources when it comes to fashion, make up and several new styles as well. You have been a huge inspiration for me (and for all your fans I am sure!).
    Troughout this little time that I've ''known'' you, I have learnt to love your passion and the way you manage to strike a balance between being a musician, a role model and now a mommy! ♥

    Lots of love and admiration from Argentina ♥ ♥ ♥

    Antonella :-)

    PS: I love your Instagram account as much as I love your blog. I admire the way you dedicate time to share with us fans your aspects from your everyday life, from travelling around the world to taking care of Minou, that cute kitten of yours =^.^=

  112. I simply love everything just looking and also big inspo in make up as for ginger now I'm not so afraid of colour in my make up
    All the best, only good,nice and friendly people in your life and keep rocking

  113. when I'm about to visit your blog I'm really looking forward to see a make-up tutorial or a nail polish you might recommend! Or even a favourite clothe of yours! :-) Oh also I really love the new lay-out,I think it's really fresh! :-)
    Take care! :-)

  114. Congratulations for these 3 wonderful years.

    It is hard to say what I love the most in the blog. I love the beauty posts and makeup tips, it is really nice to know which brands you like and what you recommend. I also love the travel posts, the pictures you take on your travels really make me want (even more) to travel all around the world when I get the chance.
    And as an Epica fan, I cannot forget to mention the backstage posts, it is simply amazing to see how everything works behind those inspiring songs and exciting shows.

    Congratulations once again. You deserve all the best.

  115. I like everything of this blog because this blog teach me many things about make up and beauty .I really like Epica and "SmoonStyle" makes me feel more close to you Simone beacause I love make up and metal like you. This blog identifies me like woman and musician. I really love all the things of your blog!.
    Greetings from Argentina and congratulations!

  116. Hi Simone!

    To get a 'behind-the-scenes' look at your thoughts about makeup, food, and travel is really cool for us female metalheads. :) I'm also pretty clueless about makeup, so reading tips from a singer I admire is awesome and fun.

    Congrats on three years! It's great to see your fashionista side!


    Love and rain from Seattle, Washington, USA <3

  117. Congratulations, dear Simone!

    This is a great opportunity to tell you my insight of your blog. It is one of the few I read, it is very bright, fresh, informative and just makes me smile. It is unique in its way, always interesting and trendy. I love your beauty updates, your product reviews, and, of course, looks! Especially I enjoyed the movie looks, you are a great make-up artist, aside from being an amazing singer and stage artist. You are also a great photographer, and a model, of course. Love pictures of Minou! And the recipes! Healthy and easy to make, thank you for sharing that as well!

    And I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your personal interests, knowledge and skills with us. In this way you get closer to your fans all over the world and we get closer to you. We are always looking forward to something new not only in your music, but also in your life, we love to know more about you with every picture or post.

    I wish you lots of creativity in the future and all new inspirations!

  118. Congrats Simone!! (Happy Birthday Smoonstyle!),

    Everything in this blog is perfect, but my favorite section is "Beauty". Your makeup is amazing, I am not able to makeup that way, but I try it, je je. Congratulations once again.

    I wish the best to you, to Oliver and of course, to the lovely baby that is coming.

    Best wishes,


    P.D.: Sorry for my English.

  119. Happy B-day to SmoonStyle!!!!

    and,of course,thanks to you for this wonderful give away!

    the thing I love the most of your blog is the simplicity of your posts they're just like a bestfriend advice!!
    I love especially the beauty tips!!!

    Have a nice week!

  120. Congratulations Simone! I like makeup and healthy life posts.
    I love your looks, you are really really beautiful.


    Kationa N

  121. Congratulations Simone! :) I'm happy with You! :)

    What I like the most about the blog? Simone, you're my big inspiration! I first heard about you when I was 14, I haven't known what should I do with my life, then I started listen to Epica. My soul was overfloued of fantastic music and your beautiful voice! When I read your biography, I had the idea about classical singing and I made it work. After that, you started with your stuff here, so I read your blog and I was impressed! Another special interests - I thought, that fashion is my passion and music is my analgesic to help me with my complicated life. Now, I'm only 18 and I worked as a journalist in famous Polish newspaper editorial, I applied to artistic school and I'm a philosophy passionate, really introspective person. And of course, I'm still singing and it keep me alive. Recently I became a model and I think, that's because of You, your fantastic blog, warm words in every post. Thanks for inspiring me! Your blog is full of your creativity and imagination.

    I wish you all the best with the sweet little one ;*

    Kisses and hugs,

  122. Gefeliciteerd met het drie jarig bestaan van je blog! Ik vind je blog sowieso erg leuk, deze blog laat alles uit je leven zien. En zo kunnen wij ook meekijken. Ik vind veel onderwerpen wel leuk, vooral over make up, je baby en je kat. Een leuke, persoonlijke blog.
    Ook is het leuk om te zien dat jij als metalhead gek bent op typisch vrouwelijke onderwerpen, beauty, fashion. Maar ook tof dat je fotografie leuk vindt.
    En ook is het hartstikke tof om te zien dat je tijd in je blog besteedt voor je fans!
    Ik zou zeggen, ga vooral zo door =)

  123. Hello Simone Congratulations on the 3 years anniversary of the blog :D, what i like about the blog is the makeup looks and of course the travel pictures :)
    Thank you a lot for the giveaway

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. I love the video makeup tutorials, you apply make up on such a soft beautfull way.

  126. I love your travel posts on the blog... for those of us who don't go abroad so much, they're a great way to see/experience other countries.
    Plus I think it's great that you're using this blog to show that you can be into metal and fashion/beauty at the same time :)

  127. You've been an inspiration to me. I never cared about fashion or make up, my self-esteem were too low. But when I started to visit your blog this passion grew on me and now I see the fun in being girly. And my self-esttem improved a lot! So thank you, dear :)

  128. I love your product reviews and also seeing the other side of one of my favourite singers :)

    Happy Birthday and good luck with everything!

  129. what I like the blog are definitely the makeup and articles on travel, it's fun to see through your impressions around the world who have not seen, but we can be little travelers following your adventures around the world.

    the makeup items are very practical, always surprised with new colors that we use and very fun and original tickets for us.

    I hope your baby and you are healthy <3

    bye bye :)

  130. Happy birthday to your blog! it's been a pleasure to read it over the last 3 years!
    Maybe it'll be too obvious, but I really love your posts about special make-up looks you create, it gives me so much inspiration, and I think that thanks to you and your good taste I got to know many good make-up products and looks. But If I should pick only one think I love the most - it would be something more simple and personal, like your posts about your trips and vacations to beautiful places, and of course the amazing pics you upload to them! it gives the opportunity not only to see further beyond your well-known hobbies, but also to know a little bit of the simple and calm side of your life. Oh, and it's also great for people who want to plan trips and do some sightseeing :P

  131. Hi Simone! I'm a fan of both, Epica AND makeup so this is kind of the best blog ever!!! :D.. Kisses from Argentina!!!

  132. Congratulations my dear <3

    I love the blog because gives the chance to check out a part of the life of my favourite singer, woman and inspiration. I find myself in little pieces and moments you write down, interests n exciting stuff. It's nice, kinda the sensation of staying in a lovable tea room with pastries and nailpolish talking with our closest friend about what's goin on and best news :)

  133. Congratulations for these three awesome years of Smoonstyle and, of course, for your pregnancy! :)

    My favorite thing about your blog has to be the fact that us, Epica fans, get to see another side of the strong, wild Simone we see on stage, we get to see the girly bits. I absolutely love your makeup tutorials and look-of-the-day because they're a great source of inspiration for someone with pale skin (I never seem to find color combinations that match my skin tone). Another type of posts that I enjoy reading are the ones you write when you're on tour. It's always nice to see pictures of pretty places and hear you talk about the fans from different countries.

    Fans in Romania are waiting for another kickass Epica concert :)

  134. I love that you give the blog your style. Whatever you are writing about, makeup, clothes, food, traveling, music, I can always tell it was written by you, even you pictures have a certain way to them. You give a little of Simone to each post and that is always nice, Smoonstyle :)

  135. Hello Simone! :) Congrats on the anniversary! :)
    I've been a huge fan of Epica and a fan of you for years :)

    What I like the most about this blog?

    - watching all your posts, photos and videos !
    - I like all your posts about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, traveling ....
    - I also really like seeing your Instagram photos ( I am a huge fan of Minou too ;D )
    - I LOVE all your posts and photos of your every journey and of your personal experiences ( you give us a little piece of your personal life and that is really lovely from you :) )
    - thank you Simone for inspiring me with your beauty and lifestyle posts :)
    - I really enjoy reading :)

    I wish you a good life, a lot of happiness, love and I also wish you a very healthy new family :) (aaand we all are waiting for news of a little baby :) )
    Cheers from Slovakia ;)

    All the best, Veronika

    P. S. : please come back with Epica to Slovakia :( I really wait for you ....

  136. 3 years already?? Congrats!
    I really love your fotds, as they're always a good source of inspiration for my daily make up; i've also loved through the years your tour related posts, they help to keep the "magic" alive before and after the concerts! Wish you all the best and hope to see you guys soon live!

  137. First: Happy Birthday smoonstyle.com!*!*!

    What I love about the blog is the variety of the subjects. And it is a very different way to be closer to one of our idols, you! It is very sweet of you to share us what you share.

    Also, some products I bought because you mentioned them, so we are all trusting you here, which, somehow, makes this blog a journey for all of us!! Yeah... (By the way, all good products.)

    (I'm taking my chance here, but good luck everyone!!)

    Iracema, from Portugal.

  138. I like everything of this blog because this blog teach me many things about make up and beauty .I really like Epica and "SmoonStyle" makes me feel more close to you Simone beacause I love make up and metal like you. This blog identifies me like woman and musician. I really love all the things of your blog!.
    Greetings from Argentina and congratulations!

  139. Congratulations Simone!! I LOVE that post in which you did a 50 facts about myself and would love you to do more! I also adore your posts about makeup!! All of them!! It's nice to know what you're using and what you like <3

  140. Happy birthday, SMOONSTYLE! Here's hoping for many more!

    My favourite thing about this blog is definately all the make-up tips and tricks. I love playing with new products, and there are always so many lovely and fun ideas on this site.

    Getting an 'insider's look' to the life of one of my favourite singers of all time is pretty awesome, too. ;)

    Cheers from Canada!

  141. I have been a big fan of Epica since I was eleven or twelve and you have been an inspiration since then; I am now nearly nineteen. I have only just started following this blog through facebook in the past year and my favourite part is getting to know more about you as a person and learn about your intrests; I enjoy the makeup tips as well. Also, I am so happy for you starting a family! Thank you for having this giveaway and helping through hard times with your music! :)

  142. Congratulations, Simone!
    You'se so great, and I love the fact that an Amazing diva as yourself share all of your beauty secrets and tastes with your fans worldwide.
    Keep on, you're great!
    Oh, and I'd love to gel one of these boxes ;)
    Kisses from Bahia - Brazil

  143. I like that you as a metalhead and a singer in metal group, showing in a cute way with this blog your feminine face. This is so different Simone from the one which we can hear on the cd's or see at the shows. I think you are the only one metal singer which is doing it with that great style

  144. What I love the most? Probably the ability to get an insight to your world as a woman! It's always so interesting to read beauty blogs from different women around the world because they all share different beauty products and lifestyles - with you it's not different, but with a slight twist - it's YOU! I've always been a fan of Epica, so I feel very connected to you and it's really refreshing getting to know you on this level.

    Also I'll take this opportunity to wish you a happy rest of pregnancy and a easy, pleasant labor!


  145. I love the way that you play with colours, I always try them on myself. You are an inspiration, in music and fashion. Keep on the briljant blogs!

  146. Hi Simone! What I like most about your blog is your opnion sincere (not purchased) about products. When I bought the products indicated by you I do not regret and I agreed with what you said about them after use, as the oil bath from L'Occitane Almond, eos lip balm ... Kisses do Brasil

  147. Hi Simone!!! I love your travel post as much as your make ups looks or reviews, actuall I love it all!!!
    Big kiss!!!

  148. I love reading about the Epica tours, and places you see! It's also nice to get some make-up/hair tips :).

  149. Dear Smoon, the reason I love Smoonstyle is not only because we get to see another side of the Epica Simone but, because it gave me self confidence. I really want to thank you for that. In previous years I had no self esteem and was terribly shy. I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to find my inner girly girl and my outgoing personality ;-) I've learned so much and use it in my everyday life. So thank you Simone for that. Also, congratulations on your 3rd anniversary of SmoonStyle! May there be many more! Cheers!

    With much love,

  150. Hi Simone! I'm from Brazil and I follow your blog for some time. I'm a fan of the band Epica and in particular of your work.

    I like your blog as a whole, because you transmits how talented you are, whether in makeup tutorials that I simply LOVE, your recipes, photos and wonderful beauty tips. You are a excellent and beautiful model!

    With this range of talents, I'm sure you will be an exemplary mother!

    I wish a lot of health to you, your baby and your family.


    Brazilian kisses.

  151. Gratz!!
    I like the tutorials and reviews. Too bad some products are not to accessible here in Brasil.

  152. What I like most here are the make up tips... I like to come here and get ideas for color combinations and things like that!

  153. I love everything about your style! I'm always trying to copy your makeup and find similar clothes in Canada.
    Keep posting and sharing your tips!
    Rachel, Toronto

  154. Wow, 3 years already?

    I love the makeup tutorials and product reviews, as well as your photography. Hopefully there are many more years of SmoonStyle to come!

  155. I love the makeup posts. All the looks are so beautiful. I get such inspiration my my own makeup!

  156. Hi Simone, Happy 3rd aniversary. I'd like to tell you that I LOVE your blog because you are really creative you just don't post about beauty you have travel, home and food! But to be honest what I most like of your blog are the beauty posts.
    The way you do make-up it's really awesome I love to see how you makeup yourself and I also love to see your makeup tutorials.You are a magnificent woman you are my inspiration in makeup and in life. I love you (in a good way) I love your voice and the music you do with Epica. You're awesome.

    Love and keep blogging I love every post.

    María José Ramírez. (Salvadoran)

  157. Hi! congrats on your third year! I love beauty products reviews because sometimes when i want to try something and im not really sure about it i can read reviews and see pictures! it helps me to decide.

    I follow via Google friend connect as Marissa Aizprua.

  158. Congrats on 3 years! I absolutely love reading your reviews and the tutorials. I also love the fact that you incorporate other elements into your blog besides beauty.

  159. I Love The make up of course, cause I want to be a make up artit and the make ups are really good for inpiration, you have in your blog the things I love the most, cook, traqvel, fahion, mekeup, epica and ofcourse make up o is cool =)

  160. All sure, everything about make-up! You are fucking amazing doing that! ♥ ♥ ♥

  161. Hey Simone! Happy Birthady SmoonStyle!!

    You are my inspiration. "Smoonstyle" is the base of my make up now. I enjoied the content of this Blog. The make up looks, the tour or travel pics I really like of your Blog .I just enjoy seeing you and your life! :)

    Wish you the biggest of luck, happiness and health for you and your family!

    Greets from Argentina!

  162. Happy 3-year-anniversary, Smoonstyle. Time really flies, right? I still remember the first time I enter this blog, read the very first entry and follow you ever since. Although I am a guy, but I am really really love your fashion, make-up blogging, along side with some Epica trips. There's many thing here, more "Smoon" here, I guess. This blog really brings you closer to your fans, and that's why I love this.
    Wish you & your family all the best!

    from Vietnam with love,
    Tung Dao

  163. Amo tudo sobre maquiagem e fotos aleatórias do seu cotidiano.

    Beijos, amo você!!

  164. Congratulations!

    My favourite posts of the blog is the ones about travels. Epica tour or your vacations, all of them! I love also make up very much and of course your cute Minou. It's amazing you share interesting parts of your life besides Epica. Keep up good work!

  165. OMG a lot of comments! D: haha
    Congratulations, Sisi! :)
    I follow you since the beggining of your blog :') What I like the most... hm, hard question! But I guess what I love the most is to see your love and care for us, your fans, everything you do for us!! I love to see beauty posts, specially makeup posts!! But of course I like to see ANYTHING from you, I am happy to see your face and words through this social thing haha!
    Thank you for your love! I love you so much <3
    Inspiration everyday I get from you!! :D

  166. Anonymous5.9.13

    Congratulations! It is always interesting to read every new post on your blog. I like most the posts about traveling, Epica and with many pictures - you do amazing pictures!

    Keep on rocking!

    I follow via RSS, every post comes to my mail, hehe ;)

  167. Anonymous5.9.13

    I like to watch pictures of you because you are beautiful! I also like all the makeup tutorials and other stuff. Just to read how you have been! :)

  168. Hi there! :)
    Well, as a girl I enjoy most the make-up tips, and yeah, also your clothes & style inspires me!
    Wish you successful another 3 years and more and no haters on the Earth! :)

    Lucie, Czech Republic

  169. Hi!

    Congratulations for these three years of the blog!

    I really like all the outfits and the really beautiful landscapes that you show on the blog!

    Kisses from Bilbao,

  170. Anonymous5.9.13

    Hey, congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of Smoonstyle! Time flies, doesn't it?

    My favourite part about your blog is reading about your travels, and the experiences you have in the places you go. I also adore the photography you show us when you make those posts. You've got a good eye, and my favourite posts without a doubt are the ones where you share a nice story along with lovely photos. :)

    Looking forward to many more great years of Smoonstyle to come!

  171. I adore the news about Minou ;-)
    All of the photos on your blog are really beautiful. I just love watching them !
    Hope to see a new face soon.... metal baby !!

    Bisous from France !


  172. Hey!

    Congrats on the three wonderful years of SmoonStyle, I've been following it from the start! :)
    It's great to have a little insight into what kind of products you yourself use in your everyday life, and it's nice to go though the products with which you create the different make up looks. Your looks, thoughts, and sunny spirit are just a wonderful inspiration, so thank you for that :)

    Greetings from Finland!

  173. The thing i like most about this blog is the human part of it, if you could say it like that. How we can follow you wen you go on trips, you give us updates about the baby ( Congratulations on that! :D )and food recipes.
    It makes you seem more normal, and it makes me feel like i could be like you once if i work hard enough, and to me that is an encouraging thought! :) Thank you for making such a wonderful blog!

  174. Happy B_day to SMOONSTYLE,and wish you many more
    I really enjoy your blog,you create most beautiful make up looks,and I allways get inspiration. Keep rocking and wish you all the best to you and your baby :)

  175. Congrats Simone xD I really love celebrity/movies make up posts and make up contests. Your photography is also amazing, especially landscapes :) I love make up and metal like you so this blog is a sort of "middle-earth" in which you combine your passion for music and fashion ;)I love Epica, your beautiful voice and your style!
    I wish a lot of health to you, your baby (maybe a boy? xD) and your family!

    Kisses from Italy

  176. Congrats for the SMOONSTYLE's anniversary!
    I adore this little virtual world: it is a window on yuor life, your passions and we have the fortune to see over the window's glass and admire your semplicity, your simpaty and sweetly.
    Your posts are very interesting and useful for us: your tutorial are great!
    I love the backstage of your life...

    I give you a sweet embrace

  177. I love the makeup tutorials, they are really useful. Your ideas and beauty tips are very inspiring. SMOONSTYLE is full of glamour(in your posts,pics....)beauty and authenticity something that is present in all women...
    Congrats on your third year and I hope you can celebrate a lot of more birthdays¡!

  178. I love your blog because we have the chance to get to know you better and this is really cool!

  179. I really love your page because I found myself. I mean, my makeup was very bad before your blog :) . I found Epica and I found my voice. I was singing really bad, but I didn't know that. Then I met with Epica and I realized that I can sing only opera.

    After Epica, I met with your smoonstyle blog. I met with real makeup :) . I opened a blog like yours. I started to makeup. And now, I'm the makeup artist of my family :) thank to you!

    Thank you for everything you gave me. You changed my life. You changed my future and changed my standpoint of my life.

    Love to you and your family!

  180. The think I like most about the blog is know how are you (and the baby, of course), Epica uploads and your travels around the world (besides your making up uploads) because you are showing your human part, not only the musician part, and that's a thing that not everyone does.

    Congratulations for the blog and for the baby!!

  181. Hi Simone, I've been following you for the past two years, and fell in love with the blog! I love all the beauty tips and experiences around the world you share with us. I think they are really helpful! The best thing about the blog is the metal head + beauty/fashion combo ;) I have your same likings! Kisses from Italy x

  182. Hello Simone,
    I´ve been following your twitter as an Epica fan and then this blog from the beginning and I can´t believe myself that it´s been already three years. For me this blog, your creative outlet besides the music stuff, was kind of important in a way that I learned to be more expressive and more daring in my style (not only make up wise). Before your blog you were already some kind of role model for me (besides Tarja and Floor ;) ), as I used to be in a band myself, playing the bass and singing. I would copy your make up from Epica pictures and videos (I even dyed my hair copper red at some point when I was 16, I´m 22 now). But the most important thing for me is, that you showed that even in this world of hard style music there can be this kind of beauty that doesn´t need to impress with crazy make up or over the top or provocative costumes. Or that one doesn´t have to lead some kind of "true metal" lifestyle when in a metal band. That it is possible to retain feminine beauty and interests and still be kicking ass. Congrats!

  183. The reason I read and view your blog (instagram and twitter) so much is because of the inspiration it has given me, not only to looking more beautiful on the outside, but also the inside. Your (healthy) habits have encouraged me to make healthier choices in my lifestyle, with the food I eat and the things I do.

    I really want to thank you for the inspiration you have given me and sharing small parts of you daily life not with just me but everyone who comes here. Sometimes it really makes my day.

    Amanda, Australia.

  184. Congratulations! l like posts about food! Thanks for the recipes! Really useful :-)
    Also I like posts about make up. Thanks for new ideas for make up!
    Your blog inspires me :-)

  185. Congrats Smoon! I like your tutorials, I think that's a complete blog. I wish that your post would be more continuous, but I understand the circumstances. One time ago, I was the oportunity to write you an email and you answered me, and you sent me the condolences, that talks good about you, you're a great person, very closer to the fans and that is something to thank. I hope this blog fulfills a lot of years more.

    Kisses :****


  186. Hi Simone! What I like most about your blog are the cooking posts. I cooked the spicy carrot soup.. very tasty! Then I like the "beauty bin" and the "movie star make up" posts.
    Greetings from Italy :*

  187. Hello Simone! Congratulations on the three years your blog has been around! I have been following the blog for over a year now. I love how the blog gives us beauty tips as well as keeps us connected with you throughout your Epica tour and your life in general. I also enjoy seeing your modeling photos too, for you are truly lovely! <3 By the way, congratulations to you and Oliver as well!! Have a wonderful day xoxo

  188. I like everything on the blog is very complete!description of the makeup, which helps a lot for those who want something of quality, places to buy, prices, also like the travel photos are beautiful places, gives an idea of where to go when traveling abroad, clothes, perfumes, body products, hair ...
    Apart from being a singer in a metal band! That I adore so much!

    With love ♥
    Camily from Brazil

  189. Hi Simone,
    Mijn favoriete onderdeel van je blog zijn je Face of the day posts! Ik lees je blog altijd met plezier.

  190. Liebe Simone,

    Immer wenn ich online bin, ist mein erster Schritt, dass ich dein Blog anschaue. Ich liebe deine Fotos. Ich kann nicht so gut auf English, aber ich lese immer deine Einträge :) Was ich am besten mag in deinem Blog ,sind die Make up Einträge und die Fotos über deine Reisen.Es war schön zu sehen, dass du an SZIGET FESZTIVÁL warst, weil ich in Budapest lebe :)

    Ich hoffe, dir geht es gut!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen:

    Ivett aus Ungarn

  191. Hi Simone, first, congratulations on the 3rd years of your blog and more to come. Second, I like when you post a makeup post, and the baby post (which has become my favorite on this blog) and you always help me about the product quality and its prices. And when you're going for a trip you take photos of beautiful places, it motivates me to be a good photographer in the future. And I like to see posts about hair products and all. It is good. Keep it up with the blog, my favourite morning blog! Have a nice week.

  192. Anonymous5.9.13

    Congratulations Simone!
    What I like most about the blog are the beauty tips. I always thought you are so beautiful and talented and kinda wanted to be like you... You really inspire me to do the things I like and to bring up the beauty in me.


  193. Anonymous5.9.13

    The part that I like most is where you reveal your beauty secrets (that personally I was very curious ) advising us on products not necessarily super expensive, based on your experience and not on commercials and also a place where we can get make up ideas for every day.^^

  194. Dear Simone!

    It’s astonishing how fast time can pass! One of last year’s day is just like yesterday. It is heartwarming to read how many people are waiting impatiently day by day your posts. :) On the other hand, it isn’t surprising at all if we are talking about such a gorgeous person like you.
    To be honest, it’s difficult to name my favorite topic on the blog because everything which relates to you is interesting. Perhaps I prefer the most your writings about you and your loved ones. „20 Facts About Me” was a real pearl among the posts. Not to mention the lovely updates about your baby, and hilarious Minou. Furthermore, as my passion is baking, I love your kitchen activity.
    Finally, congratulations to this nice anniversary and I wish you many more joyful and exuberant years!

    Greetings from Hungary!



  195. Dear Simone, congratulations for 3 awesome years of Smoonstyle! :) I'm always very excited when you add new posts.

    I like in this blog the most that I can learn more about you, your hobbies, interests, what do you like. I have opportunity to expand my knowledge about the world, fashion, make-up, Epica and more. You're my greatest inspiration and I'm so thankful that I can learn a lot from you. You travel very often and thanks this blog you show me how beautiful is world and how awesome places exist. I love seeing your photos and be able to experience everything with you. I can see all these treasures on your pictures what gives me desire to travel around the globe. This blog makes me happy and I think idea to create it was totally great. :) I'm able to spend a lot of hours on reading your stories and advices in many fields. It's wonderful that you have many passions and you want to share them with us. I'm waiting for new impressive posts, everyone is interesting.

    Thank you for that, thank you for everything! :)
    All the best for you and your family, hope you and your baby are healthy. Congratulations for you and Oliver. <3

    A lot of love from Poland, Julia. ;)

  196. What I like about your blog is that we can see the personal side of Simone, a woman and a fashion lover. I think the metal connecting with fashion is great, also demonstrate art photographs, I guess it's like seeing these places through your eyes.

    Besides I love your voice, I love makeup, perfumes, fashion and get ideas from your post.

    Cats are a plus;)

    Congrats 4 your blog and the coming baby.

  197. By the way happy 3 years anniversary. Smoonstyle rocks

  198. Congratulations to your anniversary and your baby.
    Personally, I prefer the travel posts since I do not have the possibility to travel that much and the pictures are really beautiful. I love you sharing those experiences with us.

  199. Congratulations :) Three 3 years... :)
    I would absolutely like to join your giveaway.
    What I like the most about yout blog is that I get inspired by the very suitable looks you show us! (And my boyfriend is always surprised to see your pics on this blog when I show them. He likes to see the difference between your personal looks and performance looks)

  200. Hi!
    Congratulations, this blog is just amazing!

    I love the fact that I see you on stage (lately, at Graspop Metal Meeting, what a great show!) and then, here with your life, your make-up styles, your pictures,...

    But what I prefer the most is you show us we can be feminine, beautiful and a metalhead and that redheads can wear a lot of different colours make-up (because, it can seems stupid, but I was scared to put colours on my face before I discover your blog)

    I wish you the best for your baby and you!
    Hope to see you on stage again!