Brown Smoke Look

by 11.9.13

Bronzer has always been a product that I skipped in my make up routine. I thought that fair skinned can't really rock bronzer, but I was wrong! I use bronzer for several things now. For instance: my eyebrows, my crease, as a blush or if I want to warm up my skin.

I only own two bronzers and both are miniatures, Laura Mercier's Dune Bronzer and Nars Laguna bronzer. Both work great for my brows, but LM's has a nicer consistency. Nars' is very dusty, and I don't know if that is because it is a sample?

Products used for this look
  • Diorskin Forever 020
  • Kryolan Dual Finish Powder W3/W4
  • MAC NC20 studio finish concealer
  • MAC Paintpot Quite Natural
  • MAC Mulch eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner in Sepia Ink
  • Maybelline False Lash Mascara Waterproof black
  • Nars and Laura Mercier bronzers on the cheeks and face
  • Revlon Colorburst Soft Nude as a base and MAC Posh Tone on top

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  1. I loved this look! I will try it! although I not will be so amazing as you! ;)

    XOXO Paula.

  2. I really love this look! Indeed looks a lot like one of my favorite looks to go to work. I also note that many products that we use both are the same.
    Also I am not a huge user of bronzer, having very fair skin.. I often use a blush a little 'more natural color for a little bit of contouring (usually Mac Harmony).
    But yeah! There are many ways to use a bronzer, depending on the kind of look that we want to recreate! We just try not to overdo it, we with fair skin, to avoid appearing like some girls I see walk into my store with that awful gap in color between the neck and face at least 4 color tones = (
    ..but it is obviously not your case, Simone! XD

  3. You look simply beautiful! This look is very similar to the one I'm used to wear everyday! :)

  4. Oh my God you're so beautiful and the bronzer suits you so well

  5. Hi,your make-up is really nice, I use bronzer to.

    I tried to send you a message but do not know if you got it or not ...

    I wanted to ask if you've used once backing from Revlon, I am looking for a good foundation for very fair skin, also asked whether we could suggest how to choose a good rose for skin and how it is best applied.

    Yours sincerely, stay nice and warm :)

  6. Wonderful results Smoon! This is just crazy, you know? today I decided to wear green and light green as smoke look, and normally I never use them because I felt they don't work for me, but I gotta say, that I really liked the results too :)

    Have a nice evening!

  7. Those tones fits perfectly with your skin and eyes color. It Highlights your skin tone and match with your hair too. Beautiful as always!

    P.S: It doesn't matter if your Baby is a girl or a boy. I wish you the best for having a healthy baby. He or She will be very loved by all :)

  8. So beautiful! :)

  9. Beautiful, I think you look good in dark but gentle colours.
    Also orange shadows go well with your complexion.

  10. Anonymous11.9.13

    It looks spectacular on you & your eyes stand out. I have to try it even
    Without blue eyes. Love you Sisi.

  11. Beautiful Simone, as always!

  12. I absolutely adore this look on you! The colours suit you amazingly and your hair looks GORGEOUS :O
    You're such a goddess ^_^

    Jackie xo

  13. A beautiful look!
    The lipstick color blew my mind away! I love it :)

  14. One of my favourite make up looks! I love the dark shades on the eyes and the way you make them stand out, but the whole look still seems soft and natural. Bronzer is a make up item that I've never purchased, because my skin is very fair and I'm not sure if I can make it work...maybe I'll try to get a sample to check it out!:)

  15. Cool!!! Love it :D

  16. I think she looks like Sabine Dünser in the second pic.

  17. OMG this look fits you so so so good, Simone!!! Really :) I really liked it, maybe more than your normal day look :) Your hair looks incredibly nice!!! It seems you are still pregnant... can't wait to see your baby if you are willing to show him or her! :)

  18. Ahhh, you're so beautiful in this make-up and hairstyle *.*

  19. Anonymous22.9.13

    Linda linda linda Sisi!!

  20. Why do you make-up yourself? You're wonderful in any case, next time take a photo while smiling please. Do you have a something about diets?
    ¿Por qué te maquillas? Eres maravillosa de todas formas, la próxima vez toma una foto sonriendo por favor. ¿Tienes algo sobre dietas?