Black and White Bump

by 13.9.13

Summer is stepping aside for autumn and my belly needs something warmer. My maxi dresses have served me well during my pregnancy, but had to make way for oversized jumpers and cardigans. 

This super cozy sweater that I am wearing is from C&A (last year). I also own one in black.

Are you also looking forward to autumn? What do you like most about autumn? 

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  1. Prachtige foto Simone. Hoe lang heb je nog te gaan? (vast niet heel lang meer).
    Veel geluk en succes toegewenst :)

    - Clayton
    Paramaribo, Suriname

    PS: Kan niet wachten tot volgend jaar voor nieuw Epica muziek!

  2. What a lovely bump Simone! It's still very hot in here but I'm already looking forward for the change of season, back to scarves and cozy sweaters :) lots of love for you and your baby!

  3. This is such a lovely picture!!!
    What I love the most about autumn is the nice weather, which isn't too warm and isn't too cold, not to mention the beautiful colors concept of yellow, orange and browns *-*

  4. Dark lips and leathers come along with autumn for me!
    Good luck on your birth Simone, best wishes to you and to your family.

  5. OMG your baby bump is Huge Simone. I suppose the bump would look big on you since you are quite short & slender. What I like most about Autum is that the tempture starts to cool down. I hate the heat, anything above 15'c & I'll feel like shit. I can't wait for the tempture to go below 0'c. I also love the way the leaves go, orange & yellow is your fave colour you must like the Autum trees too? I live in the Scottish highlands, there's a good mix of seasonal & evergreen trees around. It will be winter soon, nothing better than sitting in the garden with a cup of Bovril at -15'c alone with your memories. Take care Simone

    BTW I watched a interview of you. You were talking about your time in Dubai, I love the way the people of Dubai pronounced your name. I found it very sweet.

  6. Dear Simone,

    Looking foward in Autumn to the Retrospect Release (always need new Epica music on my ipod, by far Epica for me is the best music to workout to especially the album Phantom Agony (my absolute favorite), Manchester United season being in full swing and good times with my friends/family.

    So very excited that you are going to be a mother, I know you will be a great one, from how you took care of the Epica boys on the road, your child will get all the love he or she will need. So happy to hear that your pregnancy has been extremely healthy. I know when that day happens you will be surrounded by the ones you love.

    Happy that Epica is going to be releasing a new album very excited about that. I wish the best of luck for you: raising, taking care of your baby in between recording the new album. Have a pleasant time doing all that, I love Epica and you, Oliver and your baby be healthy and happy in this joyous time.

    Love from NYC to a very special individual,

  7. C&A? The chain store from Brazil? Great!


    Ich wurde im Herbst geboren und bin daher ein echtes Herbstkind :) Am meisten liebe ich die unglaublichen Farben, die man im Herbst in der Natur sieht.

    Michelle <3

  9. Anonymous13.9.13

    OMG Simone you look precious! you're one of the most beautiful moms that i ever seen
    I'm so sure that you will be a fantastic mom. I really hope that your baby ( hopefully be a girl :D)
    Be healthy, happy & beautiful! My wishes come form my heart.

    Take care. Love you :D

  10. Oh! you belly :3 there nothing more tender to see a pregnad lady, to me is a beautiful simbol of life <3.

    I live in Colombia and obviously we don't have seassons :(, but what I most like from autumn os that the landscapes are beautiful, I'd like to have the oprotunity to expeince by myself, the fallen leaves and the cold days and too many things haha.

    Dear, you look awesome with thet belly, huge belly :)


  11. Somehow Summer passed so fast here this year, and I feel I was not able to fully appreciate it. I'm therefore quite in the mood for Autumn, for its stunning colors and for the first mugs of hot chocolate! I think it's a really romantic and inspiring season.
    The picture with your baby bump is so cute! I also send you my congratulations for the 3 years with this blog. It's so nice to see it 'grow' through the years.

    PS: Over a week ago it was my father's birthday and we went to the pastry shop to buy something for him. Among the other things, I saw a big macarons' box and it made me think about you! I wonder if you've had any new 'candy discoveries' or any new candy addictions lately. It's definitely a passion we have in common ;)

    Take care and enjoy the arrival of Autumn!

  12. Anonymous13.9.13

    That a beautiful picture Simone! I wish all the best to you in the end of your pregnancy! You deserve. Anyway, here in Brazil is winter and looks like summer! It's crazy the temperature here! One thing that I like in autumn is the foliage, is lovely to take some pictures of nature.

  13. I love that suddenly I can wear all of my goth clothes and be complimented on them. I love the weather and the crunchy leaves to stomp on. And of course, Halloween!

  14. Ugh, I hate autumn -.- It's rainy and stinky all the time. But colours of this season often looks amazing.

    And I'm heaving this Jumper, too. I think it was in the shop last year. I bought black one and wearing it right now.

    Love, Ann

  15. Beautiful Simone!
    What I like about automn is that the temperatures are lower
    and most of all : the leaves that are changing of colors
    Altough it s a bit sad at the end of Automn when all the trees have lost their leaves !
    Best wishes, love from France
    bisous !

  16. What a beautiful mom-to-be! :D This pullover fits you so well!

    I LOVE autumn! OK, it's rainy most of the time, but there are so many beautiful colors! Just have a walk in the forest when it happens to be sunny, and you can see... it's just magical!

    Take care dear Simone!
    Lots of love,

  17. You look beautiful, congratulations and I'm looking forward to the new álbum!! :)

  18. The last picture is sooo cute!! Can't wait to see your baby!! :)

  19. You look great, I'm guessing that the due date is approaching, your belly becoming go down. This is clear sign ;) Autumn is great, even when it rains has its charm, it is not too hot and the air is refreshing. I feel sorry for you that you went through the whole pregnancy in the summer and the heat-I can not imagine that my daughter is May 30 and I could no longer withstand the temperatures.

  20. You look adorable!!! :3

  21. Very nice photo, you're beautiful :) Well I'm working in the C&A (Hungary)and there is some pretty piece to pregnant women^^

    I does't really like autumn :( because of the fall in temperature and the rainy days. Maybe there is one what I like in it. If the autumn arrives the Halloween is coming closer. In the last year I organized a Halloween-party in my house, it was a masquerade and I was a pumkin with my copper red hair :D

    I think you'll most like this season hereafter, because of your baby's birth. Otherwise I'm very curious about his/her name. I found a website where you can find names for "autumn-baby" :D

  22. Oh, I love autumn! Just love to wear jumpers, sweatshirts-warm clothes. And Autumn is so beautiful-especially in Poland in October. ;) Trees are brown, yellow and orange. I just love this...

  23. Anonymous14.9.13

    Felicidades! =D

  24. Anonymous14.9.13

    Beautifil photo Simone!! u look really cute, i feel so happy for u and Oliver! i wish u de the best. and in my country we do not have seasons, so...

  25. When I was pregnant in autumn I always wore empire waisted mini dresses with warm leggings or even skinny jeans. Your figure is still quite slender even with the bump so it'd probably look cute on you too. Absolutely gorgeous photos- I hope your little one's grand entrance is smooth and easy. <3 You're a lovely mother!

  26. Just one word: Linda! ♥

  27. oh simone yo're so beautiful whit your baby :')
    I love U *:

  28. Such a perfect photo Sisi! So beautiful ♥ Love U!

  29. Woooooow you baby bump is cute as ever!!!! I guess you already are 9 months pregnant!! :O can't wait omg!! congrats, Sisi!!!! My favorite thing about autumn is the weather and nature :)

  30. You're so cute!
    Like that sweater too!

    In autumn I like RAIN! I can use all my umbrellas <3

  31. hmmh I like autumn because of my birthday!! haha . but I also like autumn because of the magic landscapes at my city :)