How to: Fix broken powder

by 14.9.13

During traveling and sometimes my clumsiness, I've broken or dropped powder make up. Eyeshadows, blushes and recently my Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. In the past I often threw them away or tried to press them back in place. MLM was lying in a corner for a long time. I didn't want to throw it away, but pressing a large powder is more difficult than a smaller eyeshadow. You can use coins and a tissue to fix eyeshadows.

YouTube guru Michelle Phan, posted a video on how to fix broken powder make up. In her video she is fixing a powder blush. I tried her technique with my MLM and it worked! Thanks Michelle!

Here you can find the video: Fix Broken Powder
She also has a great one for: Broken Lipstick
I tried to fix two lipsticks, I succeeded with one. I will have to try another time.

Here's my try at fixing MLM and I love the result! I can continue using it without highlighting my whole room and beauty desk. Plus I won't look like Tinkerbell in the end.

It did smell a bit like alcohol in the beginning, but that has faded totally now.

Closed and broken inside. I forgot to take a picture of the broken state. It was completely shattered.
Some alcohol is needed. DO NOT DRINK THIS! I got mine at the pharmacy, not at the supermarket.
Add some alcohol in the cup and pour it over the broken product. Let it sink in and mix with a spatula.
Smooth out with a spoon. I added some more alcohol.
Finished smoothing the surface.
Let it dry overnight.
Ready to use again!

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  1. This is such a useful advice!
    But I didn't understand if it's also good for fixing my broken eyeshadows, or there's another way for this?

  2. It's not only clumsyness....for me it's also bad luck. My cream blush and cream eyeshadows NEVER fall down. Powder ones DO...ALWAYS! They "fly" every time I open the bathroom cabinet. I will give this a try...cause I am mourning my "Satin Taupe" eyeshadow....:'(

  3. Thanks for this post, Simone! Does the alcohol change the colour of the product? Say, if you have a powder in light, would this technique darken it?

  4. Great tutorial, huh. I often "broke" my cosmetics so this advice was very useful.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I have recently broken my powder, so this video is useful for me!

  6. Oh :o So useful!

  7. OMG Thanks a lot Simone! :D this is very useful, I've broken lots of them and it was complete a mess...

  8. woow!! I also watched Michelle's video before haha it is very funny :P Her boyfriend is so handsome, have you seen him?! haha good tip! THANKS!!

  9. Grat post! thank you for sharing this! :)

    Natalia xo

  10. Nice tip i have one broken lipstick i should repair it, thanks.
    My last post is Cruelty without Beauty i hope you check out. Because this subject is really sensitive and also i hope day by day I hope day by day people start sympathiser about using cruelty free beauty products.

  11. That's a great technique, but unfortunately it didn't work for me very well. My blush broke a few weeks ago and I fixed it this way, but after that it wasn't so much pigmented like before, were flawing and then broke again. Does anybody have any idea what was the problem?

    By the way, Simone, please let me recommend you an amazing hair product! It's an Italian brand called 'Serical', and they have a hair mask with milk protein in it. The package is ultra big (1000 ml), its price is more than affordable and the cream smells pretty divine! I guess it isn't available worldwide, but when you and the guys will visit Hungary again, I gladly bring you a jar of it for the concert. :)

    Hugs & kisses from Hungary!


  12. Anonymous20.9.13

    Very nice tip! Do you have other products from "the balm"? ^^

  13. It's good :) Thanks for it ^^