Baked Beauty - Fruit Tart

by 14.7.15

This post is for those that follow me on Instagram and Twitter whom I bombard with very tasty pictures. Here is some more for you to enjoy. ;) 

This is my fruit tart, made with love and with the digital help of Dulce Delight. 

It took some time to make and is always gone before you blink your eyes. Good that I made a couple of pictures to still drool with you guys.

The video I used for making this delicious (I hear her say it with her voice, it's so cute!) fruit tart.

Thanks Raiza for sharing your delicious expertise and congrats on joining Food Tube!


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  1. Alena Motionless14.7.15

    This looks so delicious! Definitely going to try this out ❤💋

  2. Samantha Amparo14.7.15

    I'm not good making but I want to eat it! :)

  3. The cake looks very professional, photography has great quality and a good approach, but I'm not so fond of the fruit. I prefer something with chocolate and cream. xoxo

  4. I love the green ones! I just bought a pair for myself with the transparent matte frame in a 56mm. I found your blog via Google, because I was trying to see what the green mirror frames looked like on a real person. They are soooo beautiful!

  5. Massiel17.7.15

    Looks tasty :)

  6. Maud Lepioufle20.7.15

    Sublime ♥ Sa a l'air délicieux