New Summer Shades

by 6.7.15

My all time favorite accessory for summer are sunglasses! You might have guessed that already since I do kind of collect them. I use any occasion to wear them. I would wear them at night if I wouldn't be so blind when it gets dark outside.

One of my favorite brands is Ray Ban. They have a huge selection of shades. They fit all faces, amazing quality. You can't go wrong with Ray Bans. I gifted Oliver a nice pair for Christmas many years back and he tells me they were the perfect gift. Ray Ban is also very innovative, they come out with new cool frames and lens colors.

Two new sunglasses that caught my eye are the round folding and the wayfarer folding. It was love at first sight! What I especially love about them is that they can be folded into tiny packages and come with a cute little case. Perfect for small handbags. They even fit in the pocket of your shirt and blouse.

Round Folding Flash is made out of gold metal. It has beautiful embellishments that makes them look very luxurious. Despite the fact that you can fold them together, they are very sturdy.
The lens color is brown mirror pink. I love mirrored lenses. This color suits my complexion and hair color very well.

Folding Wayfarer has a matte black frame with green mirror fuchsia lenses. I love the matte look of the frame and the fuchsia mirror. It dressed up any outfit. Such a fun color. Lots of my friends asked me where to get these.

Both glasses are statement accessories that will dress up your look and keep your eyes nice and protected from UV while looking super cool!

When I was at Graspop, Belgium, I grabbed Tim to do some shoots with my new sunglasses. He is always up for a spontaneous photo shoot. Love how the pics turned out!

Ray Ban Round Folding

Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer

I got my sunglasses at SmartBuyGlasses. They have great customer service, super fast shipping and fair prices. With each purchase you save 5% that will be subtracted 4 weeks after your purchase on your following purchase.

Copyright @Timtronckoe
Thanks Tim!

Round Folding lips: Kryolan Lipstick Matt 'Venus'
Wayfarer Folding lips: MAC Cosmetics 'Candy Yum Yum'


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  1. Julija Nazarova6.7.15

    Hi Simone! Are your orders from smartbuyglasses always in stock and arrive on time? I have tried ordering from them before and they accepted the payment, but then contacted me to say that the item is not in stock, so had to request a refund. It was a shame as I lost my favourite pair of sunglasses and it seemed like they had the exact same pair. Have you tried ordering older models from them? Thank you in advance!

  2. disqus_1968RM2KCa6.7.15

    i love rayban too!they're unbreakable and I am a mess,I put them in the bag like I do with home keys but they resist! lol

  3. Simone Simons6.7.15

    Hi Julija, they need to have the 'Fast Shipping' icon. I ordered some with and some without. The ones without took a bit longer. Normally shipping within Europe should 3-4 work days.

  4. Massiel6.7.15

    I really love Ray Ban and those look amaizing! Nice shots from Tim. You look great! :3

  5. I love the Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer best :D
    I don't mean to pry, but are those your engagement and wedding rings?

  6. Simone Simons6.7.15

    Wedding ring and a ring I got from a fan.

  7. Lucrezia Gentili6.7.15

    Really stunning sunglasses. My dad has Ray Ban Folding Wayfarer but with no pink mirrored lenses. May I ask you where do you find your stage clothes?

  8. Make up Addict6.7.15

    Nice raybans ! I ve got a lot of raybans too and I ve gifted one for my fiance and he is a fan. Do you like celine sunglasses too?

  9. Alondra Celeste6.7.15

    Definitely beautiful💄
    Nice sunglasses 👓

  10. Tal Peleg6.7.15

    I love Ray Ban! These folding glasses are SO cool, I never seen anything like that! And the pictures are amazing.

  11. It's amazing how the glasses are folded, never seen these Ray Ban, they are very innovative. Otherwise, this guy Tim who took the photographs you at the festival, is a potential genius! You're beautiful, you seem to never grow old.

    A big kiss from Argentina and I apologize for my bad English.