Chit Chat #6 Orange is the New Black

by 22.7.15

Orange is the New Black is everywhere. Every time I am on Netflix it is popping up. I managed to postpone watching it until a few days ago. After finishing Penny Dreadful (waiting eagerly for season 3), it was time to find a new series to entertain the brain. 

I swear I thought that Katy Perry was playing the lead role. Sometimes I still do, even though I know that she is definitely not Katy. Where these two separated at birth perhaps?

The story in a nutshell is about Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is sentenced for a year in prison for a crime that she committed a decade ago. She smuggled some drug money for her girlfriend, Alex Vause, played by Laura Prepon.

The cast is very interesting and all of them are great actors. As the series unfold you get to see why the main characters are in prison. I won't spoil too much about the series because I want to avoid the risk that some of you are still new to it. 

The first episode was kind of a hard one to get through. Jason Biggs is a bit like Daniel Radcliffe. He can't shake off American Pie like Daniel always will remain Harry. For me he will always be 'Mister Super Glue'.

Now, after a couple of episodes, I can say that it has grown on me. My favorite characters are Alex and Sophia, two very different personalities but both very charming.

I've been to Alcatraz many years ago and was really taken by the ambiance, not that I want to live there, but I found its history and the thought of confinement compelling. 

Have any of you visited Alcatraz? A must see when you are in San Fransisco. It left a huge impression on me and Oliver as well.

Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in 'A-Go-Go'

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  1. Maud Lepioufle22.7.15

    Very nice on you ^^ This lipstick is very cool
    Unfortunately, I've never visit alcatraz, but it looks impressive

  2. Christien de Vries22.7.15

    Hmmm maybe it's time to check it out. :)
    By the way, your hair looks so volumnious (or whatever you call it...). I've some pretty blonde locks, but blowdrying nor the curling iron can do the trick for me. Do you have any tips, since my hair is almost as long as yours^^ \m/

  3. Bruna Castro22.7.15

    OMG! I do not believe you watch Orange is the new Black and Penny Dreadful. I love these series <3

  4. Diego Balarezo22.7.15

    Hi Simone this lipstick is very cool wonderful colour Penny Dreadful is a good serie i'm watching the second season

  5. Tal Peleg22.7.15

    "Orange is the new black" is so much fun... although it's about prison life, somehow it was one of the most light and funny series I watched in the last few years :) it says something about my series choices I guess... :-p So different from OZ (which is one of my favorite tv shows ever).

  6. Tal Peleg22.7.15

    "Orange is the new black" is so much fun... although it's about prison life, somehow it was one of the most light and funny series I watched in the last few years :) it says something about my series choices I guess... :-p So different from OZ (which is one of my favorite tv shows of all time).

  7. daniel marin22.7.15

    Hi Simone

    I love you so much
    You are my idol :) lml
    Queen of Metal

  8. Jessie Line22.7.15

    Arw yes, i can't believe you watch it :)
    Its my favorite serie at the moment...i finished season 3 already and now i start new :D

    my favorite charakers are Alex & Sophia as well and ok i also like Piper a little bit ;)
    For me they are so unique persons with their own style...and i have to say Alex is very hot too *hahaha*

    so enjoy watching:)
    and about your lipstick...amazing like everything...i can't believe there is some lipstick in the world you can't wear ;)
    all colors are made for smoon :D

    Have a good night, hope without too much thunderstorm (in my town in the middle of germany its like the end of the world Oo)
    Sleep well!

  9. Monika Novotna22.7.15

    Penny Dreadful is great I have DVD with season 1 and I watch season 2. Orange is good too I like characters Alex and Red- Kate Mulgrew is great actor too. I read book Orange.

    I never been in Alcatraz. But I visit with school prison in Pardubice Czech Rep. one time and enough for me

  10. I don't imagine you a fan of the series. You should see 'The Following' if you like Edgar Allan Poe, I think it just takes two seasons, is a police but very well made and has a loving fabric background.You're right, the orange is everywhere now. The dark tones of orange are widely used in autumn as well. Excuse me if you do not understand very well, I suck with English, but I write in my native language: Spanish. I love you, you're my favorite Metal singer.

  11. J@m3s23.7.15

    Please release The Classical Conspiracy DVD
    sorry couldn't resist.
    Very interesting read btw. thanks.

  12. Solange Simons23.7.15

    Hi Simone!
    I've never seen orange is the new black, but I've heard it's really good. I would like to see it.
    I recomend you Game of thrones ;) I'm in love with that serie <3 It's amazing!

    I love you!

  13. Диана Манапова23.7.15

    I love the color orange))
    You to goes this lipstick)) very nicely!

  14. Fay Seidenman23.7.15

    Hi Simone,
    You won't believe! yesterday I went to shop then I ended up buiyng only a lipstick, and guess what? exactly the same colour as yours!
    It's been a long time since I decided "I need orange, and not just any orange, THIS orange". I was inspired by the actress Olivia Munn, as I saw her pictures on the web, wearing an amazing orange dress and the same lipstick colour...
    Wearing it in the same day as you did? wow ... I am happy, I even was jumping everywhere and shouting "yay" when I opened your blog and found your post... yeah, the "crazy fan" syndrome :P
    Anyway, this coulour is just magic, and the way it goes on ALL skin colours is just AMAZING. from Lupita Nyong'o and Rihanna to Jessica Chastain and Simone Simons ;)
    And for me, the best way to wear it is exactly as you did, with a very light eye makeup, perfect!

    Love xoxo

    PS: I LOVED Penny Dreadful!

  15. BettyBoom23.7.15

    Oh Simone, OITNB is awesome! Now, after 3 seasons I have nothing to watch. Just have to w8 almost a year for next season.

  16. Yoel Jusid23.7.15

    I'm too watching this series, I'm waiting to leave the new season. There is another similar series "Orange Is the New Black" called "Wentworth" about females in prison, look at internet if you like the history. Sorry if I confused vocabulary, I am using the translator haha

  17. I haven't watch Orange Is The New Black yet.. but you are looking divine in orange ;-)
    I currently am binge watching Once Upon A Time. I waited about 4 years to finally start watching it. But at least I have enough to watch until a new season starts :)

  18. Elise H24.7.15

    I really like Orange is the new black, though I'm finding that season three isn't as good as the first two. Sophia and Alex are my favourites, too! Chang's backstory is excellent, though.

  19. Shanti24.7.15

    Hoi Simone,

    Penny Dreadful is inderdaad een leuke serie, ik ben helaas al bijna op het einde.
    Als je nog nieuwe series zoekt, deze zijn erg vermakelijk en goed:

    - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell (qua sfeer komt het erg overeen met Penny Dreadful)
    - Utopia (NIET de nederlandse versie!! ;), dit is een Britse serie van Channel 4)
    - Humans
    - Mr. Robot

    Hopelijk zit er iets leuks tussen!

  20. Ana Dobrota24.7.15

    Just started watching it, still on season 1.
    Funny you should mention Daniel (Harry), I do find some similarities between HP & OitNB series :)