Wooden Watch - JORD

by 29.7.15

Being 'on time' isn't my strong suit, but I am working on it every day. Having a watch surely helps and besides knowing what time it is, you can always use it as a beautiful accessory that will fit any outfit you're going for that day.

My newest watch from JORD is a beautiful automatic timepiece made out of real wood. That is something you don't see everyday. Top it off with rose gold and I am sold! I love the combination of the warm brown koa wood and the rose gold. It fits together perfectly.

The watch I am wearing is the Cora 'Koa, rose gold'. I had my eyes on the turquoise Cora as well, but in the end I thought that the rose gold would fit my color scheme better. It almost has the same color as my hair.

Clockworks are very fascinating to watch. I love that there is a little window in the display. You can see the clock working. It is very calming and takes me back to the video of 'Quietus'.

Now I have to make sure to look at the time and not at the clockwork, or else I'll still be late. ;)

Thanks JORD for the unique watch!

Wooden Watches by JORD

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