Maredo and More

by 17.10.10

During our last European tour together with Kells (fr) and ReVamp, we went twice to a restaurant called 'Maredo'. The first time we went was in Berlin, the second time it was in Vienna.

Since most of the guys are absolute carnivores, Maredo seemed a good choice for all of us to get our kicks. However, I decided to go twice for the Salmon-Spinache-Gamba dish. I don't eat a lot of meat in general, maybe twice a week at the max. The salmon was juicy and the spinach was nicely spiced. I enjoyed it so much that I got Floor (ReVamp) to order it as well when we where there together in Vienna.

Here's what my meal looked like:

Coen wanted to know what I was eating.
Here are some other pictures which were taken that day;

Floor and me on our way to Vienna
'Cyclops Floor'
The Opera Toilet was a sensation
Almost bought this sweet suitcase....

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  1. Anonymous17.10.10

    Love it!!!!!!

  2. The salmon sure looks yummi.
    You're so cute with the bee suitcase.

  3. Nice pics! I want this suitcase!

  4. That photo of Coen made me to giggle xD
    Anyways,lovely photos <3

  5. Lovely. I like your enormous H&m shopping bag :D!

  6. OMG! You and Floor in the same place? So perfect!

  7. The bee suitcase rules!!!! Please the spanish fans want to see Epica and Revamp, come to Spain ;))))

  8. Woooow you had a lot of fun!!! Loved your suitcase :)
    Hope to see you soon in Mexico :)

  9. Omg.. the suitcase had wings and a sting too!
    so funny xD yet kinda cute i guess...

    Ur lookin awesome ^^

  10. That bumblee bee suitcase is amazing! Looks like you guys had fun!

  11. Anonymous17.10.10

    This made me so hungry!!

  12. Hahaha i really enjoyed the pictures. I saw the first one picture of Floor in her facebook profile, really beautiful.

    Regards from México!.

  13. Anonymous19.10.10

    I Love Youu muito linda as fotos .maurinujunior - Twinter

  14. Oh my god thar suitcase, is so kawaii!!*____*

  15. Nice blog and nice pics :-) We had such a great day in Vienna!!!!

  16. Anonymous23.10.10

    I'm not a big fan of seafood and fish, but the presentation of the dish is excellent.

    The 'opera bathroom' sounds rather epic, and now I want to go there to see what it's all about and experience it for myself ^_^.

    I love that suitcase!!!

  17. The Opera bathroom is great! xDDDD I loved the pic, probably because I was there last summer.