by 27.2.11

Dear Smoon surfers,

Coen and his wife Linda Janssen, welcomed a perfectly healthy baby girl on the 28th of January. She is the first Epica baby and she is such a precious little girl.

We've all seen the photo on the Epica main page, but it is almost impossible to capture the sweetness on camera. In real life, babies smell so good, their skin is like silk and all their little sounds are sweet music to the ears.

On Saturday the 26th of February, I met Cato Dianne Janssen.

Cato is pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable.

I am very proud of Coen and Linda, they did an amazing job. I wish them all the luck, happiness and health. I feel privileged to know her, and look forward to witness her growing up.


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  1. Awww she is so cute! I'm so happy for them!

  2. it's true, Cato is a really cute baby girl! and by the pics it seems that she's really friendly.

    I'm very happy for both Coen and Linda =)

    take care!

  3. Awwww.. Gosh! Little angel! You look good with kids, Simone! =)

  4. Yeah, she is absolutely cute and beautiful!
    I'm happy for them and I hope this child will be as talented as the father - and the ones surrounding him XD
    My cousin is 1 year old now, and every little sound he does, is like music to my ears too. And their laughter? Most beautiful thing in the whole world.
    I simply love children!

  5. A little angel :') She's so sweet and I'm happy for Coen and Linda.

  6. She's cute. A little angel.

  7. Awwn, she looks so cute! I'm very happy and proud of Coen and Linda, and of Epica too, for its very first baby!
    She has beautiful and kind parents, so she'll probably turn into a gorgeous woman and a good, healthy and joyful person, of course.
    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Janssen!


  8. Anonymous27.2.11

    The photo of your hands is so touching!
    Congrats to the Janssens family!

  9. awww cute!! congrats to Coen and his wife!!

  10. Cato is so cute! And so lucky to have Coen as father and all of the epica boys as "uncles" and you as "aunt" Simone :)

  11. wow simonita u look so sweet with the baby =)
    Congratulations to Coen & Linda ....

    Take care pretty :)
    Miriam Denisse

  12. She's so cute! :)
    She will be Epica's baby and all of you are a kind of aunt and uncle for her! :) she will grow up with music and a lot of love from everybody! :)

    I love babies, they are so cute :)

  13. I'm amazed! she's so cute.
    How is it to be a aunt? :P
    Congratulation to Coen and Linda! ^___^

  14. *___________________* Cuuute!!!
    You are all very sweet! Simone and the baby are beautiful!
    Best wishes to the family!

  15. Awww, she's a really beautiful baby. I love the second picture. Congratulation to the parents! :)

  16. Awwww so cute!! Congratulations to Coen and his wife Linda Janssen, and to Epica of course, having a baby always is very interesting.

    By the way, you look so tender with a baby in your arms.

    Regards and Congratulations =).

  17. What a beautiful baby girl :3 she is the cutest thing :) Congratulations ant for asociation :)

  18. I hope the second epica baby will be yours :D
    take care simone♥

  19. Cato looks so cute and innocent :) I wish her and Coen and Linda all the best!

    And you look so happy with baby in your arms :)

  20. She's simply wonderful, I'm so happy for Coen and Linda...Great EPICA tou rule \m/
    ps: will Simone be the next mom.........?

  21. hello:).

    is a beautiful baby.
    congratulations to epic for baby.

    I love epic!! :D

  22. Oh gosh, that pik with your finger and the little hand is soo cute *_*

    congrats Coen and Linda :3

  23. Aww she's so cute! Congratulations and best wishes to Coen and Linda. :)

  24. Simone, you look so beautiful with that baby!
    you are well
    I love you!

  25. How adorable! I can't wait to have children of my own, but my degree comes first. :/

    Do you think you'll have babies?

  26. That's amazing and so sweet!! I'm so happy for them, and you look so happy in the photo with Cato! She's adorable.

  27. *o* so cute
    the baby is beautiful!, congratulations :)

    and you look very sweet with the baby in your arms

    kisses Simone! I love you!! :)

  28. She's very beautiful, congrats to Coen and Linda! I was born on the 28th of January, too. :)

  29. awww you look adorable i think you would be a lovely mother simone^^

  30. Aww... cuties <33
    Well, kids are not for me. Lol.
    Don't have enough patience for that.

  31. Anonymous2.3.11

    The Baby is so CUTE!

    Congratulations to
    Coen and Linda! ♥

    They have a beautiful and Happy Family!

    Greetings From Chile


  32. WELCOME TO THE WORLD! I wish all light, health and peace to the couple and the little Cato! And you, sweet girl, when is having a baby?

  33. The baby and you are beautiful! *_*

    Kisses Simone! (K) :)

  34. Aww!!! She's so beautiful and shines like an angel.
    She looks like Coen.
    Send them my congrats, please and a Big Hug to Cato.

  35. Awww wat een snoepje!

  36. Really cute little girl! Congrats!!!

  37. The baby is beautiful!!!!

    Congratulations Coen and Linda!!!

    Simone: very sweet with the baby!!