Touring like crazy!

by 10.5.11

Yesterday I was home to repack my suitcase for a new tour with Sons of Seasons and Mark's second band MaYaN. The last couple of months have been quite hectic, but a lot of fun. I've been touring with Kamelot and Epica. I am seeing so many nice places and meeting lovely people.

Today I am in Cologne, where I will sing the Haunting for the last time. I cannot join for the other shows because they are overlapping with the SoS and MaYaN shows.

I will be performing with both bands on stage. Will be something different compared to Epica. SoS' new record; Magnisphyricon has already been out since a couple of weeks. I made a little trailer on my youtube channel: SoStrailer

The debut from MaYaN Quarterpast will be released on the 29th of May, but you can hear the music before that already.

Here are the dates for the new tour. It would be great to see you at the shows. You'll have an evening filled with lovely tunes.

nl13-05-2011Baroeg *RotterdamThe NetherlandsInfo
nl14-05-2011Escape *VeenendaalThe NetherlandsInfo
nl19-05-2011ParadisoAmsterdamThe NetherlandsAlmost Sold Out
nl20-05-2011AtakEnschedeThe NetherlandsInfo
nl21-05-2011RomeinLeeuwardenThe NetherlandsInfo
de25-05-2011Café NachtlebenFrankfurtGermanyInfo
nl26-05-2011EffenaarEindhovenThe NetherlandsInfo
nl27-05-2011DoornroosjeNijmegenThe NetherlandsInfo
nl16-07-2011Zwarte CrossLichtenvoordeThe NetherlandsNo Info
*Are try out shows. Zwarte Cross and Paradiso are without SoS

Suitcase Kisses,

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  1. "Will be something different compared to Epica." Both MaYaN and SoS are quite different from Epica,much more heavier,especially MaYaN.I've listened to Quarterpast,very very amazing xD I just wish I could go at any of these shows...oh,and I envy the Ducth people going there.They're always lucky when it comes about their amazing bands.
    Anwyays,I hope your forgive me that I always complain here,which is the wrong place. :')
    This tour will be great as well,you and teh guys will do an amazing job on always.
    Good luck with your packing :)
    PS:'Suitcase Kisses' is brilliant :")

  2. Come back to Spain plizzz!

  3. I will be at the show in Veenendaal! Really looking forward to it :)

  4. Kind regards! Come back to Peru and give us more from The Divine Conspiracy!

  5. Marks has a nother bad?? wow, I want to listen the cd :D have fun
    Simone! take care

  6. Come to Porto Alegre again with SoS! o/ :D

  7. Ik ga naar zie MaYaN tot Lessines !En na, èen kleine Graspop festival vrijdag, 24 juni voor EPICA, zaterdag voor Lacuna Coil en Moonspell, en zondag voor Opeth !!
    Maar u nummer 1 in mijn hartje!


  8. jep, heb zin in de concerten :-) Baroeg, Paradiso en Doornroosje ben ik in elk geval bij. ^^

  9. It must be nice traveling so much! I hope you don't get homesick. =)

  10. I miss you in Uruguay Simone! I love you so much! You come back soon again! ♥

  11. Beautiful Simone! I love you!♥
    You come back soon again in Uruguay! I miss you! You are my life :)

  12. Hee Simone!

    Kon ik al niet wachten tot het Epica concert in paradiso, hoor ik dat Mayan in Escape komt (5 minuutjes lopen :p) Hoop maar dat ik daar ook heen kan!

    Cya 19 mei ^^

    Xx katja

  13. Just keep rockin girl ... Just europe this time? Hope you get down the equator again soon. Take care . Love,

  14. Niet eens in Groningen! Hmm dan misch maar eens naar Leeuwarden...

  15. come to argentina please !! one song (the haunting) was not enough :(

  16. Ihr kommt nach Frankfurt ins Nachtleben? :O wie schade dass ich an dem Tag bis 20uhr arbeiten muss!! Wäre zuuuu gerne gekommen :( Wünsche euch einen tollen Auftritt!

  17. Glad to hear that you had a good time!
    And have fun with the next touring trip :)
    However, you will be deeply missed in Oslo this Saturday! A lot of the fans here were looking forward to seeing you :/

  18. I wish I could be there!
    I'd love to see all of you live [SoS and MaYan, and you with them ofcourse!]
    Have fun touring, once again :)
    I loved the trailer you made BTW.

  19. Hi Simone! ^^
    Well, I think is a little difficult you remember me, but I'm a fan from Porto Alegre...
    I tried to sing for you before you go, but I can't, I was nervous...because you're my inspiration to sing and is so rare to sing for an idol.
    I hope you come back again with Sons of seasons and Mayan.

    P.s.: If you want see and listen...there's a cover from Epica that I sing:

  20. Hola Simone
    You are a very busy woman and I think you deserve vacation^^ but it's also nice to go see new places and people lol

    SoS is a very good band and Magnisphyricon it's so good I like it.Congratulations for them \m/

    So of course I can't wait for hear all the songs of MaYan I think it'll be a great success ^^
    I hope see you soon in another show with epica o Mayan becouse it's a honor hear you and see playing the band (:

    Sweets kisses Dear Simone

    Miriam :)

  21. The haunting *.* have a good tour!

  22. Thank you for sharing!Loved MaYaN's Sound! \m/

  23. Hey Simone,
    Ik en mijn vriend komen naar Paradiso.
    Word vast weer een feest.

  24. Hi,Redhair!

    I thought of you when reading a story in the Brazilian magazine "Nova " ( the MAC released a whole line inspired by Wonder Woman! Lipsticks, blush, shadows, and everything great about makeup!
    Packaging is beautiful and the editing is limited! I remembered you right away ...

  25. Hey !!
    Hope you have fun on tour, I've seen your video on youtube and well I guess I already have my answer. ^^